NYX Butter Lipstick Lip Swatches

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NEW   NYX Butter Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches of ALL 22 Shades
NEW NYX Butter Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches of ALL 22 Shades
NYX: "Butter Gloss Collection Review & Lip Swatches"
NYX Butter Lipstick : Lip Swatches of ALL 22 SHADES!
NYX Butter Lipstick : Lip Swatches of ALL 22 SHADES!
NYX Butter Lipstick Swatches and Review
NYX Butter Lipstick Swatches and Review
Lip Swatches/ Review- Nyx Intense Butter Glosses   #LipSwatchWeek
Lip Swatches/ Review- Nyx Intense Butter Glosses #LipSwatchWeek

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Sofia M: I find it funny that you think Pops is a mom colour, because I am 19 and I feel like a mom/grandma at heart. I'm really obsessed with mauve lipsticks

Aimee Mcmurry: What color NYX lipliner would you pair with the Licorice NYX butter lipstick?

Marisa Chin: The NYX butter products are so smooth and they come in every color under the sun! I'm really glad I found this video so I could kind of figure out how the colors actually look on lips and not playing the guessing game XD

Jessica Pace: i recently found these at my local cvs, and i had a hard time selecting a nude color, because a lot of them looked the same. i settled on snocap, and i'm pretty happy with it. i have a very similar lip shape and size as you, but for some reason i find that i just can't pull off deep shades and a lot of really bright shades, when it seems they ALL look great on you!

neonvalor: i thought fireball looked the best on you. gorgeous! x

The Painted Zebra (EDS Awareness): Now I want 10 of them haha!! Thanks for all the work you put into your videos

JunkyMcTrunks: This video is so helpful! I live in the middle of nowhere and have to order online, so this was just... exactly what I needed! Thank you!

ilkkavu: Old woman make up.

Rachel P.: i have the shades snow cap and fun size and love them, but after seeing your lip swatches, i think i'd like to try fireball for summer! either that or the shocking coral by maybelline vivids- i think the nyx might be more subtle.

animallover5626: All of those colors looks really good on you!

bedazzled64: Love the swatches, thanks for the lip abuse!  The reds are pretty, my fav is Little Suzie and Candy Buttons is a great everyday shade.

gemma starrs: plz can u still do the nyx matt lipsticks this video was great 

sycandles: Fireball and Hot Tamale looked absolutely STUNNING on you!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! You can totally pull off those shades girl! Seriously! They actually were my very favorite colors on you out of all of them! Seriously! So gorge!

Miko Bella: Great video. Very pretty colors. I love nyx so I have to add this to my collection. You can rock all of those colors. 

Rehanna Singh: Thanks for this vid! I love NYX products and Fireball is a great colour on you

Rebecca Reviews: OMG Kassie, now every time I put on mauve lipstick I feel like I'm wearing mom jeans!

Julie: Love your eye look.

Camille Caron: Really helpful thank you

Kristan woody: Hunk for sure, every time I go to ulta to get razzle, theyre out. 

misslyssx12: I actually thought the mom-color Pops looked the best haha :)
NYX Butter Lipstick Lip Swatches 5 out of 5

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NYX Butter Lipstick Lip Swatches