How To: Style Curly Hair

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vnnivxx: I have the same type of curly hair. Thank you!

xokatee104: Awesome video! Ouidad Climate Control has been a miracle worker on my curly hair!

Jessica: I am so gonna try that.

Sara Torres: too much work for mediocre results

Birchbox: Hi! Thanks for the question! We suggest using a primer like Kerastase Elixir Ultime Prime on wet hair. Once hair is dry, we love using products with argan oil to tame hair and add shine. Or you can fight the frizz with a fun hair accessory like the L. Erickson Tribal Print Headband we have in our store :)

dtimed: So I made an enormous mistake a few months ago, and got bangs. I have big hair and alot of curls, but since at the time I was living in denver my hair was tame and manageable. Now I live in Taiwan with 80% humidity and I have a constant poodle poof on the top of my head. Any advice?

nonomi: silk/satin pillowcase helps alotttttt lol also, i put my hair up on the top of my head with a loose ponytail holder. when i wake up, i take it down, and this is when you can apply dry shampoo or add in any moisturizing oils. hopes that helps you, curlfriend! lol

dmkb1996: oops, put a loose hair tie around it so when you s,eep you wont sleep on curls as they will be on top of your head! There are demos on you tube or naturally

dmkb1996: pineappleing is flipping your head upside down and lu

tanyauyeda: If I don't want to wet my second or third hair, I use a spray bottle to dampen it. then use defrizz cream to smooth it out and some hair oil on the ends. it works for me like a hair reboot.

Kate Pacher: My #1 trick is washing with my head flipped over upside down, and putting product in the same way. Makes my curls much bouncier!

TACOinFLORIDA002: what does "pineapple my hair" even mean?

christine randazzo: a satin pillowcase is a MUST - for any type of hair!!

Carey dorizzi wright: With my hair..too many products makes my hair look gross. After I shower, I use Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme Beauty Balm for Hair, distributing most of it to my ends and then running the rest through my whole head. After that I use Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls.Let air dry.For next day hair..I literally wet my head with a spray bottle of water, finger style and scrunch.It looks just as curly and frizz free as the day before! I've tried putting other products in my hair 2nd day, too much

Brittany: You should try youtubing "twist and curl" and "waves w/no heat" to find some curly YouTubers who might have good tips for you. Really depends on the curliness of your hair. If your hair is like the girl's in the video, maybe check out Andrea's Choice, she has a couple vids on this stuff I think.

sowhatifilikeit: We have the same hair! It's great to see tips for my kind of curls. My routine is pretty similar, but I'm always looking for ways to improve it. Thanks for the tips!

Danila Cannamela: Watching the video, I didn't get if Caroline is leaving in the mask or rinsing it.

dmkb1996: I just started going cone,sulfate free. It has been a challenge. My biggest issue is 2nd day hair. I work out a lot. I just cannot keep frizz at bay. Does it take awhile for hair to adjust after going cone free ? I dont like to pineapple my hair at nkght, its bkg enough as it is! When I pineapple my hair is HUGE in a.m.! I always put my products on soaking wet hair.

Tiffany Tanner: I use a cleansing conditioner by Hair One with Argan Oil with a wide tooth comb in shower. I rinse well, but then add a little more conditioner back into my hair as a leave in, squeeze out water with tshirt , scrunch curly style cream and frizz serum, then twist hair in sections to control the curl, let it dry completely then lightly shake it out. I have problems 2nd and 3rd days. My hair gets too oily, but I can't use a dry shampoo that I would have to brush out. Any recommendations?

cutycake: Do you usually comb your hair when it is wet or dry? I know you said you finger comb it when it is semi wet, but do you ever brush it out?
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vnnivxx: I have the same type of curly hair. Thank you!
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How To: Style Curly Hair