Taurus PT1911 Review

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nick worrell: i bought one of these and its a tack driver.

Mateo Sepulveda: picking it up when i turn 21

Mateo Sepulveda: thats my firts pistol boiiiiiii

Victor Sanchez: I like the punisher. But those grips suck dude

armand ryan: One of my four favorite shows in 45acp. The 1911,FNX 45,Glock 21/&30. Have all but the 21 and that one is coming home with me next month.

armand ryan: I like the idea of Punisher mag caps,but those grips....... nah not my taste but its not my handgun.. Do you my friend.

ItsMrDeathWish: how many mags does it come with just one or 2.?

Guns USA: That gun looks like crap with those grips !!

Yas: 7:18 You just killed this gun !

Kwerrauque: The original grips look much better than the punisher grips.

John Milewski: Have the Taurus your talking about. However I have Failure to feed between the 6th& n7th round. Using reloads with 230 grain Laser Cast bullets. Any Ideas?

Caleb Corbin: Why do people make such a big deal about if it is loaded or not. Your not going to hurt me through my computer :). Lol

Lovenpain: I carry mine everyday as well. No problems with the weight. I also carry 3 mags on my right. Love it!

Cameron Bailey: The grips look crap

Billiardpro18: 150ish dollars and you can cerakote it and won't have to worry about those scratches anymore.  Just a thought.  I have a 1911 already and I am considering getting this just to modify with good parts from ed brown and the like.  And who uses a knife to remove the grips?! Dude remove the magazine and stick your pinky in there and pop it out, then remove the other side, then put your grips on there.  No wonder you have scratches.

walter w: the stock grips look so much better,the ones you put on makes it look like a toy

Johnny Taylor: I never leave my house without my PT 1911.

Lester Christensen: I carry my 1911 Taurus 45 every day. I really like it.

blitzkrieg459: I want one in stainless.

TheRealist: That's what I am talking about , a review w/ a few rounds at the range!
Taurus PT1911 Review 5 out of 5

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Bhavin Jangid: that's real trick
Karena Edgecombe: Is there any chance of this becoming a movie?? I'd love to see it
Jo ..: Thank You so much for reviewing this product. It is always so helpful when someone makes a video like yours to help other member's in the community to make better choices when doing research on what products are out there and which ones are actually 😊palatable and which ones are 😝crud in a bag.
I do have a question if anyone out there knows the answer it would save me a bit of leg work 'n research, Q-> Does Wal-Mart Canada sell this product?
Once again thanks for the video share and I'm looking forward to your next video.
Cheers Mate.

pinkypi16 Daniels: I have this figure but I repainted it with better details
fr3dricks0n: she would suck steve jobs dead pickle
mrtrysomething: You are terrible at portal
joy aichbhowmik: Connery is a bad ass😑

Taurus PT1911 Review