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Wisper Magic: I did one and turned out great i had all supplies which made it so easy and thanks to you i managed to accomplish making this awsome couch for my dolls 
TechFan: Which Gamecube game do you wish you could play right now? I'm dying to play Smash Bros Melee on my Wii!
Alex Gonzales: can you use this as knee pads?
iAimbot Robo: So bad I pity 
hairodynamic: bowser <333333
Googaify: Could you recommend it over Asus t100? I've run out of time and the desicion's still not made!:( Is it better than Asus t100? Is it worth buying? I was going to buy Asus but I've seen it personally and it has a small cheap uncomfortable keyboard, while I need a very comfortable one - I will use it a lot. I also wonder if 10,1 won't be too small for work - mostly word and internet. I think 11,6 would be a better choice but I'm not sure about it. Please help, I will appreciate it sooo much
Gary Ohnsorg: I love this game. Metallia is DELICIOUSLY evil (and sexy as all hell) and her lines are totally hilarious. You know, there might be something wrong with me. I didn't bat an eye at what Metallia did to her first major enemy (heck I even laughed because it was so over-the-top and absurd!), but I got seriously PISSED at the (rather harmless, but extremely humiliating/embarassing) prank Metallia had performed on her near the middle of the game.

Bobcat Backhoe Attachment