Yamaha Raptor 350 Rev Limiter

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Yamaha Raptor 350 Rev Limiter
Yamaha Raptor 350 Rev Limiter
Yamaha 350 Raptor/Warrior No Spark. Rev Limiter Stuck On
Yamaha 350 Raptor/Warrior No Spark. Rev Limiter Stuck On
How to fix Reverse Rev Limiter on a Raptor 660!
How to fix Reverse Rev Limiter on a Raptor 660!
yamaha warrior 350  idle/rev & sparkplug check
yamaha warrior 350 idle/rev & sparkplug check
How a KX250F Rev Limiter Should NOT Sound
How a KX250F Rev Limiter Should NOT Sound

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Tiago Lourenço: yes i have didnt install anyting

crazycapitalT YT (Tyty): Does it come with a rev limiter? Stock?

austin bowling: He's not "killing" the quad,the rev limiter was made so you can't blow the quad up as fast,you can hold it on the rev limiter for about 6-10 seconds,really depends......

Shark Rider: como faço para acontecer isto?? quero meu raptor 350 assim tb

Caleb Simpson: Not sure if the 4 wheeler or the guy is gayer😂

llaw31: Everyone saying these quads don't come with rev limiter is on crack ! Stop chilling with rob ford ! Every damn bike has a rev limiter to stop you from blowing up durrr!!! For any knowledgeable person about bikes knows if you do upgrades it's best to get a cdi unit with a higher rev so can get more out your bike..... Today's youth is just ignorantly retarded 

Jeffrey Zimmerman: That's not a rev limiter. He is floating his valves;

caddyman110: Your freaking stupid, Whats the point i. trying to freak up a good quad

Victor Vieira: Where did you get that graphics kit?

idan1210: Sick capres

Nathan Lyman: @fishthenorth the 660 would be a great nicw comfortable bike the 350 is way small for somebody 6ft trust me I know, I'm 6ft5 lol the rappy is great bike I love my 660.. now 686 12.5:1 C.P. ratio full dual monasteries and bored carb with port and polished head

Andrew Gapen: Ok ok I get it.....you know how to blow you'r engine

FishTheNorth: i cant afford a nice 660. im 6' tall, would the raptor 350 be a good fit?

RyanKielly: Heeeey, instead of killing the bike, you could give it to someone who will actually take care of it.

Jeffrey Zimmerman: What a retard

Usernameinvalid16: Thats not a Rev Limiter that called Valve Float. That VERY BAD, Its when your valves move so fast that they arent closing at the Correct time and what is known as Valve Float. Keep doing that and you will end up with a set of broken or bent valves and a Destroyed piston. Or just Easy term as Blown Up Top End.

Alejandro Flores: are you stupid?

Usernameinvalid16: Some do.

Usernameinvalid16: Do all Year 350 Raptors have rev limiters?

12sem12: yea they do. motocross bikes have one to but i dont think 2 strokes have rev limiters
Yamaha Raptor 350 Rev Limiter 5 out of 5

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DanneRage: Can I find this song anywhere and listen to it? It is really good!

Yamaha Raptor 350 Rev Limiter