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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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charlieandjackXD: its LED's
Mo Al Maliky: The same thing happened with me.
soccerkins: The music sounds a lot happier now that it's clean.
brandon190100: i have one perry the platypus stuffed animal from Disneyland only can get it from disneyland
DrummerBoy0109: First Last and all the above
Ford6.9/7.3idiDieselFan: Potholer like usual is a lousy debunker, and of course a shill for big pharma like this video! Vaccine are a direct link to autism, there is no way around that fact. Autism may be from just one particular vaccines, from the combination of vaccines, and accumulative toxins from the combinations of vaccines. Stay away from vaccines and don't let those vaccines pushers bully you! These vaccines are a train wreck!
Farinchi Manzuki: You see, Phil was asked about what he thought about homosexuality and he answered truthfully. What's wrong with that? Would you rather him lie?

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