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sfsinger: Here's the problem I have with the canonization of Mellie: the rape by Big Jerry rewrote the backstory to make her more sympathetic in order to make Olitz less palatable. That was intentional. And I see there's some backend revisionist stuff going on in Shondaland to appease certain people/situations in putting white women characters on a pedestal. (How many people want Quinn dead????) Olivia and Fitz can't be star-crossed lovers without unpalatable conditions that turn an audience off. It would be a mistake to assume presenting them as a couple means their relationship is actually supported. Shonda personally writes for Mellie afterall and decided to expand her character. I understand her grief over her son, but all of this is still designed to lift up Mellie at the expense of Olivia. Because if the point was the end Olitz, then pairing her with Jake should be significant and solid. She should not be caught between a married man with divided loyalties and another guy whose relationship people make light of. She's not in one solid, satisfactory coupling and that is very annoying. Fitz still wants Olivia! He admires Mellie in a way he hasn't, but we have yet to see that translate into their truly coming together. 
KartonStudio: 24:20 jest to nawiązanie do filmu Shawshang jak główny bohater puszcza ten sam utwór tak samo w biurze naczelnika.
Ozi Ris: Pa daj, kakšni idioti sedijo v parlamentu! Neverjetno.
Александр Соколовский: очередное доказательство того что айОС не полноценная операционная система, а жалкое подобие таковой. И при этом я удивляюсь что любители айФонов доказывают что Андроид хуже, бред полнейший! Зачем Эпл это делает, неужели нельзя сделать все по человечески, удобно и гармонично, с нормальной многозадачностью, с нормальной файловой системой данных, с нормальными файловыми менеджерами и со всем вытекающим отсюда функционалом?!?! Это ж Юникс подобная система, зачем её так жмакать и урезать!?!
John Strabismus: I bought 1 of these from your website. It was a very good price, less expensive than Amazon.
sirokichi2010: 往復で500円!! 来年はPeachで福岡にでも行こうと思います。
Nick Guy: Cool video, but I don't get the controversy. How often does a cable actually fail in a data center environment? Granted, I've never worked in a hosting company, but I've managed a few private (corporate) DCs. With good tools, good cable, good ends, and a decent tech, I don't think I've ever had to replace one that worked to begin with, and I could probably even count the number of failed crimps in around ten years on one hand. For that matter, I still use cables at home that I terminated in college. In other words, why not use zip ties? They're much cheaper than velcro, and you'll probably never have to touch it until the rack is completely re-wired for some reason. The only controversy I can imagine has more to do with subtle changes to cable impedance, causing reflections, etc.. At gigabit speeds, I can't say I've ever seen any cause for concern unless the cable was obviously badly abused. All the engineers who have worked on Ethernet's specifications really knew what they were doing, and modern transceivers are exceptionally tolerant of "real-world" conditions. That said, I'd like to see a vertical patch panel sized so the ports aligned per rack unit. Then, the server-to-panel patch cable is like two feet in length, and trivial to install (or replace, should that ever be necessary.) Better airflow and accessibility to the server I/O plate as well.

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