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MasseyFilms: Is this a DOT approved helmet that you built on or did you make this from scratch? I live in CA and want one but it has to be DOT approved. Great job BTW!
Firechaor chaotic: Volta a fazer videos!
PurposelyLiving: Awesome toy!! My son and I both got one for Christmas. We both need to do some training to get more accurate. I know different armor colors are coming soon but I would also like to see different color discs so you know who shot you. These things are so cool.
shelbysharp13: all amazing. they seem very well built and useful.
James Healey: We have had a great deal of success with this high precision lathe and very easy to programme with the Fanuc mate. This lathe will achieve tolerances in excess of +/- 2 microns. An ideal machine for toolroom / prototype / and low production departments. Contact the uk supplier for details.
max callaway: Thanks for posting. I did not know about shifting oiur weight or using eye contact. This was very helpful.
Bill Faith: Extreme truck and preformance in dallas jody benton and everyone in this shop does great work and as soon as i can get more videos i will post them

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