2003 Honda Element Dashboard / Instrument Cluster Light Replacement

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2003 Honda Element dashboard / instrument cluster light replacement
2003 Honda Element dashboard / instrument cluster light replacement
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2003 Honda Element HVAC light replacement
2003 Honda CRV instrument cluster light replacement
2003 Honda CRV instrument cluster light replacement
Honda CR-V Instrument Cluster Lights Replacement (HD)
Honda CR-V Instrument Cluster Lights Replacement (HD)
Honda Element Dashboard lnstrument Cluster Light fix
Honda Element Dashboard lnstrument Cluster Light fix

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thelord: Did this now miles are not showing !!!

Darren Kennedy: Thanks man. 2005 EX odometer bulbs replaced. Worked like a charm.

Allen Pavo: Ajchien, thank you so much for your video!

Milosz Ostrow: Some people report problems removing wedge-base bulbs from the twist-lock bulb holders. To remove the burned-out bulb from the bulb holder, a rubber sheet jar cap remover or rubber-dipped knit work glove may be helpful to get an adequate grip on the bulb without breaking it and possibly lacerating one's fingers.

Install the replacement bulb in the bulb holder with a bit of silicone grease ("dielectric grease") or petroleum jelly on the bulb base to make insertion and future removal easier. Check to make sure it is seated properly with an ohmmeter or audible continuity checker. (It may not make contact the first time one inserts the bulb in the holder, and the continuity check can save one the trouble of having to remove the instrument panel a second time.) One may also plug the instrument panel into the wiring harness and turn on the car's ignition without starting the engine to perform a bulb check before reinstalling the instrument panel in its dashboard recess.

hallmonitor98: i have a 2003 with a burnt out bulb, should I just change all of them like you would headlights?

Nathan Lawrence: Thanks so much for the vid. If I would have known how easy it was it would have been done last weekend :)

Quadcopter 101: Thanks so much for this.  Here's a tip for pulling the old/bad bulb(s).  Wrap with a piece of masking tape to grab onto the bulb.  My odometer lights were out, and replaced in 15 minutes for about $1.67 for two #74 bulbs.

Mscellobass: Thnx

Mscellobass: Yeah my mechanic wants to charge me a lot of money to do that simple task!!!

Butch Wade: Thank you for this great video and post! This worked like a charm. I wish I read all of the comments before buying the bulbs at the dealer. The dealer only sells the bulb and socket in pairs. Thankfully I only bought two. Now I can buy the additional bulbs and replace them all! It's great to see the speedometer at night again. 

djwak59: Thanks for the great vid. Very informative and understandable !
I have an 03 that has an odd problem and hoped that by watching this vid, I'd solve it.
Randomly, ALL my dash lights will go out. Not just the cluster lights, but the radio, A/C dial lights, and the mirror adjustment button. They'll come back on again by themselves. I thought that maybe, a bulb in the cluster could be loose and causing a break in the circuit (?).
Did your 03 ever do this ?   Thanks again for the Element videos.

Gary Tharp: Thanks very much for the great video.!! This will keep me from breaking my dashboard bezel. I've been without the fuel gauge lite for over a year. Didn't know how to get to the bulbs & was NOT going to pay the dealer that much $$$ for this.. I change my own cabin air filter thanks to YouTube videos..

Quake Bot: Just replaced all nine with O'Reilly Auto Parts EIK2721. 10 lamps for 8 dollars. This is the same slim profile 2721 everyone else is talking about.

Mike Lig: do any Element owners out there have a squeak in the dashboard area above the glove box? I am reluctant to pull access panels as that area is where the air bag is but while that squeak is intermittent it is extremely annoying when it appears! Help. Thanks

bradleyhayman: great and helpful vid! I got cluster out, but I'm having real problems removing bulbs from the twist lock bases without breaking them. Using the padded pliers, they won't budge. Super frustrating...

Luis Gutierrez: Can you please post how to change the Subwoofer amplifier????? Thanks

Luis Gutierrez: Explanation very clear, thanks so much.

donald arrieta: great video. but what about the ODO light bulbs reference #

Gary S.: Thanks. Not only did you save me an hour of dealer's labor, you have given me the confidence to replace the two odometer bulbs myself. Suspect they did not burn out at the same time, but the odometer is dark. But I can see the numbers with a bright LED flashlight. If you don't mind, how many miles do you have on your 2003 Element?

CarlosRhai: Thanks. I was too lazy to drive all the way to the dealer so I just switched the bulbs around and fixed the odometer lights that was out. I switched the bottom two with the top two. I will get new bulbs layer on.
2003 Honda Element dashboard / instrument cluster light replacement 5 out of 5

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2003 Honda Element dashboard / instrument cluster light replacement