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Joshua Puariea: at 150K arent you losing your ass a bit on money. repair list seems a bit extensive to be worth it

Jasob Morgan: U made it hard on urself some of that didnt have to come off but hey watever works for u I guess

Dacota Fox: Dude this video is awesome. Its very informative! It helped me out quite a bit

Lawrence Lentini: Thanks for the video. I spent 5 hours trying to get one of these off yesterday. Would have taken one hour on my truck, not fun...

katariffik: hey. badly need a bit of video direction for 02 2.4 liter cavalier z24 clutch replacement. was wondering if you've seen one or have made one? or something similar? i can find lots of 2.2 liter videos but theyre always older cars then what i need to get an idea.

Jasob Morgan: U just drop the front cornre of the frame and jack up the bodytill u can slide it out 

darloz2: So I need to sell mine then. Needs clutch and waterpump. Hey any body want to buy a 97 convertible?

luke1968c10: great video. helped me a lot did the same job to my cavalier. your tips were lifesavers.

Kasey L: Did you like the bellhousing bold on the backside that bolts into the tranny? haha, that's my least favorite bolt of the 7 2.4L swaps i've done. By the way. You can get to the torque converter bolts by taking the starter out. Should have asked for advice before you started the job. Lol.

MustardTiger: why the freak cant i find jack crap on removing my slave cylinder on a 1998 pontiac crap fire I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A CAVALIER GOOGLE STOP freakING SHOWING ME CAVALIERS.

Classic G-Body Garage: Since never Kid Camaro. Classic G-Body(Garage) is what I call my channel. No where do I claim that a Cavalier is a classic. If you knew anything about GM cars they are classified by the body type. A,F,G,J etc. Classic G-Body refers to a particular body type of cars GM built which my channel is heavily based off of. A Cavalier is a J-Body and I happen to post my trans swap to my Cavalier on my G-Body Channel. I can't stand it when people rant about assumptions cuz it makes them look bad!!! LOL

Classic G-Body Garage: Well its done and have driven the car 7,000 miles since I finished it. I was able to get to the torque conv bolts under the car. It was tight but managed. You live and learn.

Classic G-Body Garage: Yeah this is my first and probably my last trans job in one of these cars. It wasn't fun and if I do another one by chance then I will pull the entire motor and trans together like you said. I have put 20,000 miles on the car since I did this job so things are going well!

Classic G-Body Garage: If I were to do this job again I probably would have pulled the motor considering I did the water pump and timing chain too. If it was just the trans I would still have dropped it out of the bottom.

badbradj: Because, other than body panels, they are excactly the same car. Just like the Camaro and the Firebird, it's been like that for years...

MyOLD36chevy: The Chevy cavalier is different then the two Pontiac Sunbird's I have worked on but I would defiantly drop the engine transmission and sub frame. I did the engine swap right on the floor then mounted every thing to the sub frame then lifted the hole thing up in to the car.This was not as ease as it sounds or fast but I believe it was the best way to go. I don't believe the newer are designed to be repaired just replaced !

Eddie1962150: I learned something, Why I have seen so many of these cars in the junk yard with a dead trans. It's a lot of work and just doesn't seem worth it.

86stang50: Any ideas on a 1997 cavalier 2.2 automatic 3 speed that goes into every gear but won't move. park works but reverse and drive and the 1 2 options all are like nuetral.

MrHeebz88: I wish this video was out 3 years ago when I did my tranny in my 99 cavalier. I am not a mechanic in the least. I did this exact job with limited tools/limited knowledge. Finished the job in 5 evenings :).

parkers23crazypeople: This may sound destructive but if you ever do this again and are swapping the trans, just take off a cooler line first idle the car after its in the air and bleed the trans dry. That way you can just yank the trans off and have more room to deal with the torque converter to flex-plate bolts. No mess, because the converter will be just about completely empty, and its not like your using that trans again right?

Classic G-Body Garage: @daafies2 Yeah my neighbor was shooting his guns.

Classic G-Body Garage: awesome! Glad my videos helped you out. Thats why I made them.

100SpokeRiderz: when you get that sub frame welded back up you might wanna sand blast the whole thing & have it powder coated or maybee cover it with bed liner or undercoating cuz RUST never sleeps

Classic G-Body Garage: It all depends on the car. My car was completely worth it, even at 148,000 miles it had at the time I did all of this work. I bought it from the original owner with 88,000miles. It was and is well maintained by me, no rust on the body, the interior is flawless and it gets an average of 31mpg city/hwy. The car didn't cost my anything more than a set of tires, brakes and oil changes from 88k to 148k. All of that with the price and gas, not to mention no car payment.

tremer88: what junk, screw GM

dogbyte555: Wow. What a job.

Classic G-Body Garage: Trans is blown or extremely low on fluid.

Michael M: Take the engine with the tranny out from top...........

c8kwalk: I've got a 2000 z24 , clutch slave gone. yours is auto so would mine being a 5 speed be the same procedure? Thanks.

itlnstln21: its the same thing...

Classic G-Body Garage: Much easier to pull a manual trans from the bottom than an automatic. A manual trans is lighter and I con't think you need to pull the subframe either because the trans is smaller.

TheCaddy84: AWWWW i hate those bell house bolts that are in backwards. having to take the oil filter out to get a straight shot through the pass wheel well. Oh and that one with the extra bolt on the stud holding the bracket. Every time I do a trans or motor swap on any Cavalier I say it will be my last one. I just pull the motor though to do a trans. Why? I dont know. Good luck man and thanks for the refresher vid.

wafrederick: The back bellhousing bolt is easy to get to with a 3 foot extension bar and 18mm socket.I do it this way.The 2.4 quad 4s,do not turn backwards or you will bend valves.Turn the crankshaft as you are tightening a bolt.If that subframe is rusted out,throw it away and find a good used one.

Classic G-Body Garage: No your exactly right. If you were to take this car in and have this job done it would have probably out priced the value of the car in most cases or more than someone is willing to pay and thats why many cars end up in the junk yards. I use to be a mechanic but this is by far the biggest project I have handled on my own personal daily driver. If you have good mechanical ability and have a good sense or like to figure out how things work then you can take cars apart and put them back together

Classic G-Body Garage: @dogbyte555 You think this is bad, just wait until you see part 2, Water Pump Removal!

urstupid: Holy crap, pull engine/trans all at once, out the top. Do not listen to this video.

Classic G-Body Garage: I honestly don't know what the problem would be since the trans worked fine with the original engine. Did you find out what was wrong?

TheCaddy84: To me it is because I can just pull the trans with the cherry picker seporate of the motor plus you can do all gaskets and freeze plugs I just did a 1995 with the 2.2 and it was cake pulling the motor first. I also live in the city on a 4 lane main road so I have to learn to do em fast or the city will send me tickets. I hated them a fue months ago but that was because I had done 2 tranz and 2 motors on 4 seporite cars in a month. Now I have a chevy 350 custom to do finialy. Are you doing one?

MisterMattyMo: I wonder if it would have been easier to remove the whole engine-transaxle assembly from above instead of taking the whole front end off. I believe Haynes manual calls for that type of procedure. (Although I believe they have you remove the master cylinder, which would mean bleeding the brakes, but I would take that over removing the struts and wheel assemblies.)

c8kwalk: Are you serious man?? Is it much easier to just pull the motor?

Classic G-Body Garage: @100SpokeRiderz ended up buying a southern subframe that I am going to blast and paint.

braydensdeals: hey, love g bodies, got a couple myself ( check out my channel) had a 99 cavalier 2.2 recently that i blew the clutch on. was able to drop the standard trans without droping the frame (known as the K frame) like your vids please check out mine too man!

jeffsfleet: I can't stand it when a car doesn't fit into someone's view as collectable, or "Classic" they have to rant and bitch about it. Haven't you ever heard of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" Also, you need to check your terminology, Kid. Most people consider a "Classic" any vehicle that is older than 25 years, no matter what it is. There are plenty of people that will tell you that any Camaro built after 1969 should be crushed. Certainly not me! I love all cars. Keep your opinons to yourself.

Classic G-Body Garage: Awesome suggestion! Would have made it lighter and less of a mess when it fell off the jack in the garage! Hope i never have to do it again tho.

David Ammerlaan: Wow. Brave man.. also, is your neighbor shooting his rifle or something?

Classic G-Body Garage: Hey dumb ass, open your freaking eyes!!! I guess you really are blind and stupid. I dropped the subframe and swapped the trans from the bottom. PAY ATTENTION! If the cherry picker is confusing your little brain, its there to support the weight of the engine when the frame is out. My Cavalier videos have over 63,000 collective views and are on my channel to help people performing a job like this. I put 28,000 miles on the car since this job. Do yourself a favor and remove yourself from YouTube.

Eddie1962150: Hum, OK, I have to admit I do see your point. But at the same time this does seem to be a pretty good size project. I take it you must be a mechanic with a lot of experience. I've worked on a lot of cars over the years. Brought a few back from the dead. I do believe this would be over my head. A lot to keep up with. I guess what I am trying to say is this would be over the head of even a good shade tree mech. Would me. I would have to pay someone. This would be big bucks I think.

c8kwalk: Ok thanks for responding back.

Classic G-Body Garage: @tremer88 Yeah the rust is not cool but in reality, screw salt and snow! I ended up buying a southern subframe

6ktp9: Man, you wanna believe this is alot of work, just got done changing the 2.4 in wifes 01 sunfire gt, the only problem I have now is that the car just isn't getting the power to the tranny, high revving with barely any go, tranny worked great with the original motor. Blew out piston #3, car only has 138,000 kms on it. What could be the issue w/tranny?, I just can't seem to resolve it. Getting tired of working on this car. Thx in advance, great vids btw!!
1997 CAVALIER Z24 TRANS REPLACEMENT PART 1 Classic G-Body Garage 4.7 out of 5

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