Yugioh Fairy's / Agents Deck Profile

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Yugioh Fairy's / Agents Deck Profile
Yugioh Fairy's / Agents Deck Profile
Yugioh Fairy Agent Deck Profile - September 2015
Yugioh Fairy Agent Deck Profile - September 2015
Yugioh January 2014 Agent Fairy Anti-Meta Control Deck Profile. WITH REAL YU-GI-OH CARDS!!
Yugioh January 2014 Agent Fairy Anti-Meta Control Deck Profile. WITH REAL YU-GI-OH CARDS!!
(UPDATE) Yugioh Agent Deck Profile January 2016
(UPDATE) Yugioh Agent Deck Profile January 2016
Yugioh Deck List - Fairy / Agent
Yugioh Deck List - Fairy / Agent

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Firekyurem12: A good suggestion would be burial from a different dimension because it is an easy way to keep slamming out hyperion's effect, and Jupiter's effect as well. Also, you should add miraculous dissent (forget how to spell it), because it is a good card to bring back banished monsters, and the monsters stay on the field for longer than one turn. 

TJNKay: love the video it helped me to refine my agent deck alot but a couple things i saw that you might want to go over and redo or something 1 is Return from a different dimension is banned now and i dont know wat ur take on it is but insted of call of the haunted ive been using Miracles Wake because theres no cost to bring your monster back but other than those two things it was very helpfull 

Jonathan Mcdonald: Earth Is now at 3 

Koboldion Kelmgray: Miraculous decent would be good

ace flame: i want a fairy deck but i dont have time to build one who can sell me one?

Trevin Michelo: What about the extra

jasen peterson: I have a fairy deck, it represents our solar system

MannyTheGuitarMan: I run a fairy deck as well similar to yours but i run 3 miraculous decent cards because in my opinion it goes great with cards from the sky ex. set mir. decent use cards in the sky banish say master h. next turn use mir. decent special summon master h. from banished cards. good combo in my eyes. works good with other card a well:)

Cbg G: black rose would be easy to get out with earth+shineball and a venus..

DarkMasterz1000: My friend added lightray sorcerer to this deck.

TheLightAmeithyste: Are you ok for make a Chaos Agent ? Plz ??

secretappprentice: Nice deck, I run a similar one with some darklords. I also use marshmallon good for stalling.

YGO FissureNation: it sucks

Dgii Luso: i was thinking if "shining angel" would be good in that deck. pls answer.

chucker173: Does anyone know if a fairy/spellcaster deck would be a good idea?

bjgator85: but i need to get a good amount of subs

bjgator85: and ill throw in an easy always win otk

bjgator85: if you subscribe to me ill show my never lose deck and it would be my first video. :)

bjgator85: its a good deck but i build mine different, i never lose

Mateo Gomez Gomez: add a marshmellow :)
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Gaurav Singh: Does it has bluetooth support?
Langusto Schreiner: not that i'm a fan of these puzzles in any way (i was originally here for video games :D) but i think you should make a video that shows your entire collection.
Connie H: This is a very detailed and informative video but I feel it would have been more effective using a demo of how to apply it, rather than using the same repetitive images. I have nothing against the chap in the video, but I think a bit of variety throughout this clip would have held my attention a bit longer. I also think that people like to see a demo and an end result these days, in order to have some idea as to what's achievable. It's all well and good saying something has certain properties but the reason people watch YouTube rather than just reading a review is partly because they want to see how something performs before committing to a purchase. I would have liked to have seen the product or products applied to challenging walls and to have been able to see the end result in close up. Whilst the info given was informative, I feel I've wasted time with this clip. This feels like a very dated approach to marketing...you've definitely missed a trick here, sorry. And I'm still none the wiser as to whether or not this product actually works. Anyhow, hope the feedback helps.
Ryan Nagy: WOW
Katrina Collier: Thank you Mervyn & Jobsite :)
セザキングのゲームチャンネル: 実況お疲れ様です!!

赤山佳子: エアーがんあ

Yugioh Fairy's / Agents Deck Profile