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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Audrey Potato: What kind of camera did you use?
Slavi Sha: The next time don't use rotating plates. Use cylinders. Rotating plates require very high torque, and that's the reason why your first models kept flipping. Cylinders require much lower torque, give less drag and give stable, steady and non-pulsating airflow.
XeoKill | Battlefield 4: I don't think this was a good comparison... Compare this to a 6 year old PC and then you have a fair competitor.
Arizona Nomad: I know mine needs changed. I think this is supposed to be a one way check valve isnt it? Only supposed to let gasses escape the crank case. I cleaned it off and I can blow through either end. 
N2NappyHair: Love it!!! Ur rockin ur twa w/sum big hoops, my fav.I like ur wigs on u but I luv ur twa on u.Very pretty it fits ur face well.Both looks are nice on u.I need 2 make me a blonde wig cuz it is gettin cooler here in Miss.Wish me luck on makin it,lol.
SAI VYSHNAVI: than you sooooooo much
MitchellM15: Over here you don't have to because it's all automatic revving on most trucks, ours aren't at idle. Only the FLs really that need it - RLs / ASLs are all auto unless the fuses are played with.

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