Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
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Kirby Dirt Meter Vs Shark Rotator Lift Away Pro
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Sarah Phelan: dyson dc04

Rodney Pendegayosh: kirby always wins hands down!

Christopher Selph: Excellent video, I have my Sentria for most everything in the house, and picked up a Dyson DC35 for $150 for the kitchen, car, and small messes. Much better than getting the kirby down my apartment steps, or busting it out for small messes. It worked so great I even bought my mom one.

JR: Don't forget - you can send a dead Kirby in for a $100 rebuild.

Steven King: Nice video the Kirby always wins! I'll subscribe man. Check out my video of my Kirby gen 3. They are superior! Sweet.

Steven King: The newer machines are made for quick surface cleaning. The Kirbys are made for deep penetrating and concentrated cleaning. They take a little longer to do the same surface area yet they pull up twice the deep dirt and gunk. They have to be set right. But note the nozzle and brush roller design on the always superior Kirby.

Gunzee: Right when I left college my job was selling Kirby's. I remember this test we used to do, remove the bag and put a black cloth there held with a rubber band. Then spread salt on the customers carpet. We'd use their cleaner and tell them 90% of the salt is still there, it might look clean but it's not. Then with one pass (the customer could do many passes with their machine) using the Kirby it would get all the salt. One lady had bought a brand new vax, she'd just used it once for our test. I helped her pack it up so she could return it.
Another test we would do was using the cloth again vacuum the foot section of the bed. The amount of dead skin it would collect was crazy. Doing that on a child's bed or better yet on a cot usually resulted in a sale.
The Kirby's were great, brilliant build and excellent performance. I'm currently looking to get one but have no idea what to go for. Any suggestion on which one to get?
Ps. Nice clip, I like how the shark really massaged the carpet. The brush and suction were visible on the return pass. 

iri1shman86: For what Dyson wants for one of their vacuums you mine as well spend another $400 and buy a Kirby. It also doubles as a carpet shampoo'er which if you think about it it's worth it. The shark is good too and doesn't cost nearly as much as the Dyson or Kirby but the Kirby also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you think about it you'd probably save money buying a Kirby.

Jim Walker: I paid $100 for a G6 that will still pick that carpet up off the floor when the front it raised.  It will also clean up very well after a Rainbow or Hyla :)

tknier88: Kirby.... Heavy duty, I have my old beast of a vacuum and it runs like a champ... Plus if it breaks down I can order parts and do the labor myself.

My wife doesn't like the weight but it is what it is...

Jordan Moza: Dyson vacuums are ok

Jordan Moza: The shark and Kirby did not leave any thing on the floor but the dyson left 6 pieces of paper

scott owen: KIRBY ALL THE WAY

JDozaJr: Notice how fast he went with the Kirby and it still picked it all up.  I paid $1200 for my Sentria II and that was with the Shampoo/deodorizer, and every attachment known to man.  Along with the most powerful motor, being made in the USA and Hepa filtration you can't beat it.

MaxxFordham: +caramelchaos  Oh, well that's true, Kirbys do have that much going for them.

MaxxFordham: Oh, I like the sort of "crisp" way you divided the usual phrase "back and forth" with "and one pass..."! :-)

Reggie Kendrick: I just used my Kirby Sentria to shampoo my living room rug today.  It did an excellent job so I'll never have a need for professional carpet cleaning unless I sell my house and want them to do the post cleanup.  As far as vacuuming, I have the same opinion... the Kirby is excellent.  It's made in USA, it's not plastic junk and I know it'll be around for years to come.

Chris Hendersen: Kirbys are an expensive sweeper but I will always stick behind them . Other do complain about the weight but when using them they do have a speed or control that does the work for you .. I have had a Kirby growing up and then have had a new one only once. They are just like anything else . If you take care of it and have it tuned up once or twice every 5 yrs and that will last you 30 yrs . Yes if you can get a new one for under $1,500 then think about it I think that Kirby is the best .. I do have other sweepers for other things but the Kirby is the one that I would count as my best .... I think others don't like them because how they are pushed onto people . But once you have it . You really like ...

JustinHuman: Having sold Kirby Vacuums for a short time and owned one for a very long time, I must say they are, without a doubt, the best performing and most reliable vacuums on the market. They are worth the money, but I would still try to pick up a well kept used one for the sake of being frugal. That all being said, they are HEAVY. Self propelled, yes, but that doesn't help with stairs and moving it while unplugged. I recently bought a Shark Navigator Plus, and so far I am very impressed. At $120.00 and sporting a 5 year limited warranty, I'm thinking this will be my everyday use vac for quite some time.

Ryan Logan: @thet0ddfather the Kirby is self propelled practically pushes itself. 
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson 5 out of 5

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson