Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
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Kirby Sentria vs dyson DC14
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Does Dyson's new vacuum fall flat?
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Christopher Selph: Excellent video, I have my Sentria for most everything in the house, and picked up a Dyson DC35 for $150 for the kitchen, car, and small messes. Much better than getting the kirby down my apartment steps, or busting it out for small messes. It worked so great I even bought my mom one.

JR: Don't forget - you can send a dead Kirby in for a $100 rebuild.

Steven King: Nice video the Kirby always wins! I'll subscribe man. Check out my video of my Kirby gen 3. They are superior! Sweet.

Steven King: The newer machines are made for quick surface cleaning. The Kirbys are made for deep penetrating and concentrated cleaning. They take a little longer to do the same surface area yet they pull up twice the deep dirt and gunk. They have to be set right. But note the nozzle and brush roller design on the always superior Kirby.

Eva G: Bought the Shark today, awesome machine, glad I didn't put the money out for a Dyson. Thanks for your review.

Gunzee: Right when I left college my job was selling Kirby's. I remember this test we used to do, remove the bag and put a black cloth there held with a rubber band. Then spread salt on the customers carpet. We'd use their cleaner and tell them 90% of the salt is still there, it might look clean but it's not. Then with one pass (the customer could do many passes with their machine) using the Kirby it would get all the salt. One lady had bought a brand new vax, she'd just used it once for our test. I helped her pack it up so she could return it.
Another test we would do was using the cloth again vacuum the foot section of the bed. The amount of dead skin it would collect was crazy. Doing that on a child's bed or better yet on a cot usually resulted in a sale.
The Kirby's were great, brilliant build and excellent performance. I'm currently looking to get one but have no idea what to go for. Any suggestion on which one to get?
Ps. Nice clip, I like how the shark really massaged the carpet. The brush and suction were visible on the return pass. 

tknier88: Kirby.... Heavy duty, I have my old beast of a vacuum and it runs like a champ... Plus if it breaks down I can order parts and do the labor myself.

My wife doesn't like the weight but it is what it is...

Donald gray: When did they start putting airplane engines in vacuums?

David Sweet: Kirby won! shark and dyson lost. There can only be one winner.

caramelchaos: Kirby isn't just a vacuum. When you buy the cleaning system you get a vacuum, shampooer, sweeper, floor buffer, air compressor, upholstery cleaner, spray painter all in one. And that's just some of the things it does!

Missy Bryk: KIRBY rules!!!!! it sucks the dirt from the carpet not just the top like the rest!!

09809709879876678698A: You can pick up a retail $1,700 Kirby on ebay all day for $300 for a couple year old one or much lower for a vintage, they last forever either way.

09809709879876678698A: Rolls Royce vs. Hyundai vs. Chevrolet

ChicaWolverina: The Dysons all look like something out of DOOM 3, but they really aren't a true reflection of the better modern type of improved vacs at all.

Bill Tracy: The only problem is you'll end up buying another vacuum cleaner in less than a year when the cheaply made Shark kicks the bucket, lol

Bill Tracy: You obviously have never used a modern Kirby. They actually have a motorized assisted movement that makes it a breeze to push back and forth.

zmanifest: Well it may sound gay to you, but it's a nice sound to me!

jordan sutton: in 20 years the kirby will still be running strong, while the other ones have long died. So it is a big initial investment, but it totally pays off in the long run, and it is far more then a vacuum. I adore our kirby, BUT it is very heavy. but its so easy to push because it has a transmission, and its sturdy. its totally worth it!!!

JeffTheLoser: Kirby wins all the way hands down if you want to save yourself from having to replace your carpet over time.

nathanwwells: You just think your house is clean until a kirby salesman does a demonstration at your house, and thats when you realize just how weak every vacuum you've ever owned has been. id rather pat a grand for a vacuum that will last multiple lifetimes than pay to get a new crappy vacuum every year to two years.
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson 5 out of 5

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson