Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson
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JDozaJr: Notice how fast he went with the Kirby and it still picked it all up. I paid $1200 for my Sentria II and that was with the Shampoo/deodorizer, and every attachment known to man. Along with the most powerful motor, being made in the USA and Hepa filtration you can't beat it.

Reggie Kendrick: I just used my Kirby Sentria to shampoo my living room rug today. It did an excellent job so I'll never have a need for professional carpet cleaning unless I sell my house and want them to do the post cleanup. As far as vacuuming, I have the same opinion... the Kirby is excellent. It's made in USA, it's not plastic junk and I know it'll be around for years to come.

tknier88: Kirby.... Heavy duty, I have my old beast of a vacuum and it runs like a champ... Plus if it breaks down I can order parts and do the labor myself. My wife doesn't like the weight but it is what it is...

Jordan Moza: Dyson vacuums are ok

MaxxFordham: +caramelchaos Oh, well that's true, Kirbys do have that much going for them.

JustinHuman: Having sold Kirby Vacuums for a short time and owned one for a very long time, I must say they are, without a doubt, the best performing and most reliable vacuums on the market. They are worth the money, but I would still try to pick up a well kept used one for the sake of being frugal. That all being said, they are HEAVY. Self propelled, yes, but that doesn't help with stairs and moving it while unplugged. I recently bought a Shark Navigator Plus, and so far I am very impressed. At $120.00 and sporting a 5 year limited warranty, I'm thinking this will be my everyday use vac for quite some time.

Jordan Moza: The shark and Kirby did not leave any thing on the floor but the dyson left 6 pieces of paper

scott owen: KIRBY ALL THE WAY

MaxxFordham: Oh, I like the sort of "crisp" way you divided the usual phrase "back and forth" with "and one pass..."! :-)

Jim Walker: I paid $100 for a G6 that will still pick that carpet up off the floor when the front it raised. It will also clean up very well after a Rainbow or Hyla :)

rommell83: Kirby is without a doubt a good vacuum cleaner, but at about $2,000 they should clean your house without any help!

Ryan Logan: @thet0ddfather the Kirby is self propelled practically pushes itself. 

soundgarten707: Kirby G3-puts those other junk foreign models to shame. My last Kirby is just to heavy for me to push. Handed down 2 generations and still kicks ass

Seth Brewer: i thought Dyson has twice the suction than any other vacuum right ahahahaahahaahahahah

welshwizard822: some people are so negative, Kirby been around a long time, that speaks for itself. Our Dyson 07 is and almost always has been poor pickup. New motor a couple years ago which helped but too many seals to fail. Kirby wins 

Chris Hendersen: Kirbys are an expensive sweeper but I will always stick behind them . Other do complain about the weight but when using them they do have a speed or control that does the work for you .. I have had a Kirby growing up and then have had a new one only once. They are just like anything else . If you take care of it and have it tuned up once or twice every 5 yrs and that will last you 30 yrs . Yes if you can get a new one for under $1,500 then think about it I think that Kirby is the best .. I do have other sweepers for other things but the Kirby is the one that I would count as my best .... I think others don't like them because how they are pushed onto people . But once you have it . You really like ...

keemakafuunyboy: The kirby is the crap! Idk why it's not sold in stores

caramelchaos: Kirby isn't just a vacuum. When you buy the cleaning system you get a vacuum, shampooer, sweeper, floor buffer, air compressor, upholstery cleaner, spray painter all in one. And that's just some of the things it does!

vgentry83: @zmanifest @logdog321 Yes the Dyson may be 10 years old but the Kirby is still older and still kicks the Dyson's butt!!! #Kirby4life!

MrTpengineer: Kirby G3: Made in U.S.A Aircraft aluminum construction 1/2hp or 1/3hp motor (depending on model) simple to service and use One as it sits at a local town hall is 60 years old and still works great!

aftab parwaz: dyson dc07 is old now dc28 is better :D

VacBin: Yep!

omegasignas .: The generation series weigh 19lbs, but are self driving, so there really isnt any strain on the user

VacBin: Quite well, Thanks!

THET0DDFATH3R: Keep using that kirby.....tell me how ur back is treatin ya?

Matthew Reese: Nope!

MrTpengineer: If the drive is working then it should be fine, it's made out of aluminum so dunno why you think it's heavy.

andrew donohue: kirby vacuums are not sold in stores because they would never dumb their product down to cheap sub $300 levels, now i would never suggest buying one new at $1,700 the market is flooded with these machines anywhere from $50-$600. $50 will buy an old vintage machine that you can fix up cheap and $600 would buy an almost new machine. i have a kirby heritage my mom bought for $100 15 years ago; some cheap maintenance and its still going strong today, it is 30+ years old as old as the owner lol

FeeLtheHertZ: Kirby's' made in the U.S Dysons Made in Malaysia Shark is probably China

Joseph Perrone: I have a Shark lift away and it is by far the best vac,look at this vid and how he was able to move so much faster with the shark and still pic everything up

JeffTheLoser: Kirby wins all the way hands down if you want to save yourself from having to replace your carpet over time.

J.R. Woodz: You shop to buy things that work not for a vaccum that sweeps dirt around on the carpet.

dustin stroh: dyson sucks KIRBY ROCK OUR WROLD

VacBin: @Parwaz786 I totally agree with you but due to the fact I don't want to buy a DC28 when my kirby will do better any day I cannot test it unless someone loans or gives one to me.

Nick Tech Talk: And yes it is the crap

Bill Tracy: You obviously have never used a modern Kirby. They actually have a motorized assisted movement that makes it a breeze to push back and forth.

Eric Cartman: where im from they have two stores you can buy kirby from but u'll have to pay more. and kirby is way better

jorge hernandez: I have a 1965 Kirby Dual Sanitronics that I tore down and rebuilt. I had the armature and the field coil rewound with a higher grade copper and I can honestly say that my Kirby just kicks ass!!!

Nick Tech Talk: Because they are expensive but watch my video on my versus with kirby and dyson and you will see

zmanifest: Well it may sound gay to you, but it's a nice sound to me!

Missy Bryk: KIRBY rules!!!!! it sucks the dirt from the carpet not just the top like the rest!!

Daconthocon78: kirby is the most expensive on earth and there arestill kirbies that are over 20 years old.

matthew hilker: The Kirby is made in the USA they are made in Ohio I have been to the plant

VacBin: China!

09809709879876678698A: You can pick up a retail $1,700 Kirby on ebay all day for $300 for a couple year old one or much lower for a vintage, they last forever either way.

hulkhatepunybanner: All of them?

David Sweet: Kirby won! shark and dyson lost. There can only be one winner.

hulkhatepunybanner: Where is each of them made? USA, China?

jordan sutton: in 20 years the kirby will still be running strong, while the other ones have long died. So it is a big initial investment, but it totally pays off in the long run, and it is far more then a vacuum. I adore our kirby, BUT it is very heavy. but its so easy to push because it has a transmission, and its sturdy. its totally worth it!!!

09809709879876678698A: Rolls Royce vs. Hyundai vs. Chevrolet
Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson 4.4 out of 5

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Kirby Vs. Shark Vs. Dyson