Turtle Beach PX22 Works With PS4!

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Turtle Beach EarForce PX22 Gaming  Headset Review works with PS4
Turtle Beach EarForce PX22 Gaming Headset Review works with PS4
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!
Turtle Beach PX22 Headset Review (PS4. XBOX ONE. PC. PS4. XBOX 360)
Turtle Beach PX22 Headset Review (PS4. XBOX ONE. PC. PS4. XBOX 360)
Turtle Beach PX24 Headphone REVIEW
Turtle Beach PX24 Headphone REVIEW
How to use turtle beaches px22 on ps4
How to use turtle beaches px22 on ps4

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Jorge Guallpa: px22 or px24 or stealth 500??

Dc KniiFes YT: Thanks Bro all the other videos didn't help !

Lowlife Mushroom: Couldn't you just plug the usb and the 3.5 into the tv and then buy an adapter cable for chat? Worked for me for the x12s but they broke and now I'm buying px22's

Benji_TV: Hey my name is Benjamin too and I have this headset

Walton Rodney: Does the mic monitoring work on the PS4?

Mastermind420ish: thanks man

PartyPoisonkillJoys: thanks for the help settings part help alot

Ahmed Nordi: Are u muslim? That question i i know a litte bit strange but just asking:)

xbox627: Looking for this answer for two days thanks

Nick Munlin: thanks. this helped a lot and saved me a lot at the same time

Vexterminatedthalo Skilla: Bruh i have the problem i hear everything on the left ear and nochting on the right ? Can you help me out ????

The Gaming Chicken: You earned a sub man!

ChihiroGaming: Nice Video. Nice Headset B)

Andrés Armijos Romero: The amplifier works? i mean, can you change the bass and the treble with ps4? can you hear yourself?

Kevin Vo: In my opinion the PX22 its not worth it for its price. It sounds amazing it you use the amplifier but the sound quality drops really far back when you add the controller to it and adding the controller to it is the only way to use the mic.

One Eyed Ghoul: Hmm. My friends find the Mic to sound better when I have the Px22 Amp connected, but when I do have it connected it sacrifices my audio.

Taz: Thanks man, this vid really helped me out, one quick question tho, when you do this, the cable that goes into the ps4 controller isnt that long and you cant really sit far away from your ps4 because it's also connected in there. Do you know if there is a solution to this?

D0omC0okie: +Ernest Benjamin Quick question bro, does the game audio come through the headset as well? 

drago10029: you said the px22 controls weren't worth it?  the ps4 volume options don't come close to the ps22's options on the adapter.

David Castillo Osuna: Is the microphone also serves to the ps4 ?
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4! 5 out of 5

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Abigail Kuziel: hey Jeff. Happy to hear about this swap. I am working on getting a 96ej22 into my 04 legacy wagon. I could really use some help. Did you use the original wire harness from the 02 ? how did you go about making all the connectors needed available. any useful info would deff be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Tony Marinelli: Is it me or does Catie's leave a slight film on your hardware like it does mine? I know that Proraso does the same thing. Anyone else?
Vince Yutuc: Turnover pass.

Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!