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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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AriaNycyus: Dingodile, the master of the underworld XD So a yes hahahahahahaha
Michael Gorman: nice review im gonna try him out becuase of it
djmeagaaim17 .: Kinemon is at my house.
KmS iDevastate: Hi TheHacker0007. I have a brief question for you on this. Chocolately seems very interesting, and I'm going to learn more. I currently build installers using InstallShield Professional for my company and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on if Chocolately would have advantages over InstallShield (for a corporate environment). If you could throw in your opinion it'd be great! Nice video BTW. The first video I've seen on your channel but I'm subscribing.
Haghenveien: Sé que a mucha gente le encanta, pero a mí la Healthy Mix no me va nada bien. Me pasa una cosa muy rara, es como si la piel me la escupiera. Es una sensación muy desagradable. Además me saca muchísimos pellejitos. Me gustan muchos productos de Boujois pero esta base no.
Spokenword05: I just watched your video and you did a great job for your first time.  I love your eye makeup, too!
Wildkiller98: Why is this song not on iTunes?!!??!

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