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Mick777Oz: I meant to reply not remove my own darn post.
Ester Florencio: Sai com água ?
StyleHaul: Thursday Trend to Try: Purple Lipstick! Don't be shy, StyleHaul's Sccastaneda shows you how to work it in the video below. Tell us: Would you give Purple Lipstick a chance? #MNYFashion 
mbabist01: @norwegianwiking It's pretty much stabilized for more "popular" shells, such as .45 ACP, 9 mm, .223 caliber 12 gauge. HOWEVER, it's pretty difficult if you want .44 Special (I use it in place of .44 Magnum, the recoil is not as great), .45 GAP (.45 for the Glock), 410 gauge, .380 caliber, and .45 Long Colt. You are lucky where you are. Here, there is a daily fear that we may become a dictatorship, and so people are stocking up. Geez, can't even reload!
Radon: IPod touch was made in China '~'
Egg1456: Hey guys look at me im holding something with my hands. BOW BEFORE ME! AWE IN WONDERMENT! WORSHIP ME!
Britny Musson: I think this is my favorite episode.

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