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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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AndreaOlivieri83: Bellissima!
Double0Kevin: Who cares? Is the one in Hollywood suddenly not fun because there are 2? Your complaint makes absolutely no sense, AT ALL.
The Curier: pero según tengo entendido eso es un tecnicismo no? si la y genera el valor 0/-12 en vez de un cero directamente debería haber un problema, tal vez en el procedimiento? Gracias por responder,
Christian Daher: nice watch, except nobody has seen it so far. Wasn't it supposed to be out for sale by dec 2013?
nonamedyet: These videos you uploaded have been so useful for me. Danke sehr!
travelvideo: Meaning what??
denizmax433: The both of you sucked ass in these battles

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