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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Tad Ka: Darren, maybe you could tell me more about the intake manifold, I can't find the answers anywhere... I want to know what the 4 round and the four square holes are for and what the swirl flaps are and just basically what goes on inside of an intake manifold. I know EGR valve is where exhaust gas is introduced into the air but what happens after that?
Charles Johnson: I have one, and every time you turn on the key....pure ear candy!
Vedran Noneofyourbusiness: It's certainly no Pavarotti.
Оля Ярен: Скажите,пожалуйста,цепочка на часиках не темнеет?
hipcatwho: Oh that is a nice boat 40 or 50,000 dollars and yes you have a 2,000 dollar boat. what a find.
Tohma: Actually AP has been very lenient with sizing like Elisabeth unicorn goes to 110 cm in the bust and 100 in the waist and adding shirring it could go up even bigger
Aaron Ratliff: I going today to buy this gun...I never was a fan of 9mm but this gun has changed my mind

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