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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Gary: Can you tell me where you got that wallpaper? Thanks 
Kelsey . Elise: I've said it before, I'll say it again....goosebumps every time....my heart swells and tears well...
foulplayz: Why does the fight scene in this look so much like Kusanagi from GITS SAC fighting a crazy chick with swords in fact the dark corridor with piping looks strait out of the scene where she hunts down Marcelo Jarti and fights his clone not to mention her suit?
AltheLazy: how do you get such smooth latency, so you live in korea or something?
Gaurav Dhande: Do you think kaspersky is better than bitdefender and if yes then please tell me some good reasons about kaspersky over bitdefender...thank you :)
AmazingVentiion: 1:11 Der Pfeil trifft Chris, er stirbt und die Quest ist gescheitert haha :D
Arturo Ramirez: @Josh galvan The Jesus And Mary Chain - Feeling Lucky

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