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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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DarthWill3: This must be one of the funniest Audio Productions I've ever heard!
drenrin2120: This was a very useful video! I have a question. I own an x501a and the power input jack is messed up and needs to be replaced. I have already found the exact part I need on ebay. How difficult do you think this would this procedure be and what kinds of risk does it pose to the laptop? I'm always afraid of doing permanent damage to electronics.
Khan821000: this moive is a waste of film.
AllyOJustice: What happens if the kid's parents don't let her keep the dog?
jam Noneofyourbusiness: I think you underestimated the 1/4" thickness for prying and just all around toughness - for me that's the selling point on that little bad boy..
Pack man: I always thought Richie Rich took place in California but after doing some research, it actually took place in Chicago though filmed in North Carolina. Strange!

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