Windows 8 On Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

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Tablet-PC Fujitsu Stylistic Q550: Windows 8 Customer Preview Review [Full HD]
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Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 - 2011 Windows 7 Slate Tablet PC Australian Review
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Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 - Windows 7 Slate Tablet PC - Part 2 - Hardware Review
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Windows 7 Tablet Review
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Windows 7 Tablet Review
Windows 8 on Fujitsu Stylistic Q550
Windows 8 on Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

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dan damur ayettey: how to get the umts work on the  Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 running window 8*?

MicrosoftFan: Hello. I too have a Q550 running Windows 8 Professional and I must say that it is much better than the original Windows 7. The only thing I could mention (maybe you have had this problem) is that sometimes when I boot up, it will give me a driver error but I restart and it's all good. What do you think about the Windows 7 vs Windows 8 on this machine?

H. Petersen: How does it run videos?

asehlanea9: BEST DISCOUNT\xwv6FN Product Description Fujitsu Q550 The Fujitsu 10.1 30GB Stylistic Q550 Slate Tablet PC is an ultra-portable tablet equipped with a high-definition 10.1 milt-touch capacitive LCD display with cinematic WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution. It runs the Windows 7 Professional operating system with an Intel Atom Z670 processor capable of a 1.5GHz processing speed. It ... For more details please copy the Amazon link below in your browser:\xwv6FN

MEHDI CMEHDI: better on windows 7

KYVisothSambath: Can the softwares running in window7 can be installed/run normally in window8? I'm afraid that the softwares that i used to use in window7 cannot be installed in window8, such as AutoCAD, SAP2000, Robot Structure,....and some other old software versions. Is the current window8 stable yet? or does it have some bugs? Thanks for the review.

MEHDI CMEHDI: hello is windows 8 better than WP7 in Q550 THANKS

hbjoroy: @OdaviidS Well - I have to say "almost there". It is usable - but I am having issues with the touch-experience. It is probably a beta-driver-problem, but it is annoying. The experience with One Note is good - it performs well, both in Win7 and Win8, problem with Win7 is that it requires a patience you shouldn't need with a modern computer system. The battery life is fantastic, so - almost there... I think I wouldn't be nice if i reccomended this, not with Win7, and not with current Win 8.

OdavidS: @hbjoroy how is the tablet for web browsing? Im thinking of buying one esp for taking notes [writing] and web browsing. Btw, Im a college student. What are your thoughts?

Kirkaiya: @Arwengrim Thanks! I am a long-time developer on Windows (over 12 years), and I used to work at Microsoft, so no worries, I'm used to dealing with bugs in pre-release software ;-) In any case, wouldn't be able to use the Q550 as dev machine, the single-core Atom just isn't enough to use Visual Studio 2010 effectively (I have a Core i5 ThinkPad T410s for that). I'm just interested in having a "test bed" for testing out software, and it sounds like this would make for a great budget test-pad!

hbjoroy: Thank you for sharing this - I have a stylistic q550, and didn't get it running using the vhd dualboot technique of Scott Hanselman - this makes me want to try to scrap win7 and try win8. The machine is too slow on win7.

Kirkaiya: That looks pretty decent, especially considering the Q550 is only running on a single-core Atom CPU. I'm thinking about buying one on eBay (~$600 new) just to load Windows 8 Dev Preview, to use it for a test-tablet for apps I might write, and also of course just to have a tablet for weekend trips and stuff. Thanks for posting this - I did a search on Fujitsu Stylistic 550 +"windows 8", and this was practically the only video result. Mucho appreciated!
Windows 8 on Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 5 out of 5

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Windows 8 on Fujitsu Stylistic Q550