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Leonardo Figueredo: gostei muito dessa esplit, de mais melhor q as outras.

carlos sucena: concordo é um lixo
Rating: | Ar Condicionado Split 7000 btus Frio P07F - Electrolux 3 out of 5

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Jeff Smith: Great vid. It looks like the remote may have needed a steering trim adjustment... seems you had some trouble steering... lol
Rafael Chan: mepudes pasar los programas por gmail
Jacob Meyer: How do you load the MD-11 in cold and dark state in FSX? I sometimes do get it in a cold and dark state and sometimes don't, but when it is, FSX just sort of crashes.
Efe Abay: WAAAAH zo spannend!!!! Ik wil NU de nieuwe afleveringgggg!!!!!!!!.
angeloscuropuro: Nice
Randall Peterson: It was interesting to hear someone else's thoughts on the Tempest 170. I personally own a T170 Pro, my wife paddles a T180 Pro (she likes the larger roosterpit opening), and we have owned both a T165 Pro and poly 165 in the past. I have paddled and owned many different kayaks through the years (NDK Romany & Explorer, Valley Aquanaut LV, Valley Avocet, CD Gulfstream, CD Cypress,) and have to say that the Tempests are about my favorite to paddle. The Tempest 165 does not turn much, if any, easier than the 170 but both carve turns very well when edged and when edged very hard using a paddle brace will actually throw water off the stern. My wife's 180 Pro turns very easily for an 18' kayak, in fact much easier than my 16'9" CD Cypress. As far as the tendency for the bow to "punch through" waves rather than ride over the top, the 170 and 180 do much better than the 165. To summarize, I think the Tempest series is one of the best all-around sea touring kayaks made. 
sdw261: I've got mine set on #60 for deer hunting. This will be my first year hunting with it. | Ar Condicionado Split 7000 btus Frio P07F - Electrolux