How To: Activate Droid Razr / Maxx Onto Page Plus Part 1 Full 3G MMS

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Tony Nameless: Please remove this video.
Pageplus is no longer accepting this phone as a 3G.

YOu how have to buy Pageplus sim card and use this phone as a 4G LTE and a 29.95 pin requires to activate the simcard, and 29.95 monthly plan (if you chose to have monthly plan, its 29.95 minimum.)

So these instcutions are no longer valid.

Jeffrey Ruzicka: I got the droid razr utility part to work, but I'm having trouble downloading the 6.16.216 utility. The link is dead. Do you know where else I might get it? Or can I just skip this step?

Alan Daki: Does it matter that my Droid Razr Says 4G on the back?

Raymond Bowman: Howardsforums thread is gone. Anyone know where else I might find his instructions? I have spent plenty time searching, but nothing current is coming up.

getstuff4less: Will this work on a Droid 4 xt894?

Ralph Escobar: Where's the any key button lol... jk 

matthew updyke: Good work stuff bro, everything looks spot on. Its been over two years since I've played with
CDMA and qpst. My first successful flash was was an old Sprint Evo to page plus. Boy I. Thought I was hot hit lol. Anyway I'm. Gonna try to get my RAZR going toromorow per your instryctrions. Thanks again.

auntievintage: i have tried downloading the utility on snoop1979's thread several times and I keep ending up with some sort of virus that changes all of my explorer settings. I can't seem to find the ACTUAL link for the utility that I need to do this??

Claver Baltodano: WILL THIS WORK WITH 4.1.2 VERSION?

salomon santillan: email me 

whodoneit1224: here is a link to the jellybean activation root

salomon santillan: can i speak to you

Chris McDonald: Hello, I am trying to get up the file that goes on the SD memory card in order to do a flash over to pageplus, however it says its and forbidden to access it and I have an account with that site. Do you have those files that you used for this flash still?

Francesca Hyslop: Also Im not seeing the last link you mentioned, you said he posted it down below in a link and i still cant find it, if you could send me the link through a comment or say more specifically where its at then that would be great

Francesca Hyslop: Does your phone have any issues now or did anything go wrong with using your old sim?

Francesca Hyslop: Can I use my old SIM card? Also on the HowardForum it says you can use the free version as well, but when i click on that link which one do i click on to download? It shows 'DownloadDemo' 'GetHardwareID software' 'FreeNV-items reader_writer'? Also when you say leave it icon zipped what does that mean? Sorry to ask three different questions I just want to do this correctly

mr22indubs: do you have to use a new 4g sim or can u use a previously actived card?

yungshadow1990: @mooneyb123 the links provided on snoops page do not seem to work. what do I do please answer me

yungshadow1990: how can I get the mdn # and MIN# if my phone is not active

Carlos: I Can Help You With That, If You Still Need Help.
How To: Activate Droid Razr / Maxx onto Page Plus Part 1 Full 3G MMS 5 out of 5

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How To: Activate Droid Razr / Maxx onto Page Plus Part 1  Full 3G MMS