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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Brain Buster: Is that a longboard I see in the background? Bruuuh sweet. Love the room and awesome character. Your art is hella.
TheFireMaster3000: i has that glitch few times
Agato Wesker - The Black Fox: @metaXzero Lol too true. XD
NecroVMX: Well they're all there in the all star version, you must never have found 'em.
MakeupbyMommaGee: thank u so much tiny!
Andrew Varone: Lords of Salem was my favorite. Very subliminally creepy with the end scene imo.
Joeseph Calhoun: Hello, luv your videos but a little concerned about you in this video here. Are you ok, QL? Best, Joe Lockhead

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