Chicken Ranch Brothel Remains, LaGrange, Texas.

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1971SuperLead: I feel a sadness as I gaze onto a building that was used for such a sad purpose and then just left to be vandalized, stripped and weather beaten. There's just no sign of hope or decency anywhere. 

Marty Clabaugh: I would like to find out who owns the land now...

rumandoldspice: @monsieurbleu check out the edited description. nobody in town will tell you where its at. you have to jump a fence.

JRBROOKS42: My grandparents lived in a 100 year old farmhouse from 1971-mid 80's. It was also off of 71, outside La Grange past the Colorado river before you get to Plum. Funny thing is I never knew about the ranch until I saw the movie. It was never spoken of.

Rosy Lee: all the memories left behind, if only that old house could talk.

Banjo Jones: that was good.

forced2dothis: yes its right off HWY 71 down a dirt road.

Alberta Rose: Be cool if they did a sequel to the movie, maybe the plot is some guy running for Sheriff and his opponent is the grandson of Melvin P. Thorpe who is hassling him because his Grandmother was a whore. Burt could take his Grandson to the original location shown in your video, Dolly could be the Grandmother with the saucy tongue who does a lousy job of keeping her past quiet.

munkywatcher: It's across 71 from where downtown La Grange is--the east side. You have to find Rocky Creek Road which extends from 71. I don't know where you turn off from Rocky Creek, but it's close to the highway.

Tim Fowler: Thanks for the upload. Some pretty damn good footage

AirForcedude5: Is this the place ZZ top sang about?

monsieurbleu: i went to la grange recently and i couldn't find what you are showing us. how can i get there from the town? thanks for sharing.

rumandoldspice: @123markym This is all there is left of the original structure. Only the main house was moved to dallas, but the rest was left to rot. There is a pile of old beer bottles and cans and stuff.. Old falstaff, pearl and lone star bottles... from

James Johnson: hey didn't ZZ top make a song about this place?

redmustang03: @overzealousarborist, yep La Grange.
Chicken Ranch Brothel remains, LaGrange, Texas. 4.7 out of 5

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Chicken Ranch Brothel remains, LaGrange, Texas.