The Paintrifuge - Paint Roller Cover Cleaner

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The Paintrifuge - Paint Roller Cover Cleaner
The Paintrifuge - Paint Roller Cover Cleaner
Cleaning a paint brush
Cleaning a paint brush
How to Clean A Paint Roller Fast - Paint Roller Cleaner
How to Clean A Paint Roller Fast - Paint Roller Cleaner
How To Clean A Paint Roller Fast - Homemade Pressure Cleaner !!
How To Clean A Paint Roller Fast - Homemade Pressure Cleaner !!

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kelvin reynolds: ha!-stick it in an airtight bag and tie a knot in the bag-10 seconds. beat that

Clayton Grant: It took you a few minutes to clean that? Gimmie a break.

Ferz Nator: none of the roller cleaners i have seen convince me, nothing beats spinning the roller inside a bucket using a hose, than pay $20, $30, it takes a minute, oh you get wet? jeez at least you are not made of sugar lol

Mike Money: what a rigmarole! by the time you finish setting up the stupid bloody thing you could have done a jigsaw puzzle. Less than 5 minutes!!! wtf? get yourself a homeright paint roller cleaner and you can do it in 20 seconds.

ThePaintrifuge: @TXas101 Thanks TXas101, I am one of the inventors of the paintrifuge. I would like to know if you would like us to use your testimony on our web page. We can put in a spot with your company name for advertising. Just thought I would ask. Thanks again and hope you keep enjoying the paintrifuge. Steve Long

razorrider639: I bought one of these and it works great- didn't have to hook anything up

BradMr1975: can i use this thing in a 5g bucket ?? i have extensions for the drill already

Babylon King: Is that all right next to impossible??

Madamoiselle Marie Antoinette: What's that red smudge on the like bar? I'll clean that for you

AlexG Fitnessvideos: Whats the price?

Brian Whittaker: @Brianwhittaker23 If you cant clean a roller nap with faucet or water hose or a 5gl bucket then your not a painter lol.Your way it takes water,special socket,drill.My way water!!!Not bad for a moron huh

sKiTzMiCk69: Nobodys gonna buy this crap mate so give up your get rich quick scheme is a failure so get off your fat arse an do some real work

C Swiss: looks like way too much effort! how does this save money when your painters are on the clock spending time cleaning refills when you can just buy a new one for $2 or less,. by cleaning your refills your practically losing money

Brian Whittaker: If you repeat using your same roller setup without removing the roller cover.You will end up having to CUT that old cover off the frame and throw the frame away.Frames cost more the covers!!!The inside of the frames are ment to free spin.If you never remove the cover while cleaning you will never get all the paint out of the inside of the frame.Anyone saying they own a REAL paint company and they have their painters use this is a moron and i have a Solar Powered Flashlight i would like to sell..

Brian Whittaker: If your a painter cant get a roller cover clean with a faucet or a water hose then your probly not a painter yet lol.He says faucet doesnt have anough water pressure...That container has 0 water pressure!!!

renan ruiz: well look the aqua wire bruss invention and people tell me what they think

S. Roseykins: I like this guy. :) He's honest.

Mike Money: wtf?? you need a battery drill and two loads of water and you have to carry around a 2 gallon plastic container? get yourself a homeright roller cleaner and you can forget about all the other stupid complicated cleaners that DON'T EVEN WORK!
The Paintrifuge - Paint Roller Cover Cleaner 3.3 out of 5

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The Paintrifuge - Paint Roller Cover Cleaner