ASVAB Knowledge - Free ASVAB Math Prep

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ASVAB Practice Test Problems -  Free ASVAB Math Review
ASVAB Practice Test Problems - Free ASVAB Math Review
ASVAB Tips/Prep
ASVAB Tips/Prep
ASVAB Knowledge -  Free ASVAB Math Prep
ASVAB Knowledge - Free ASVAB Math Prep
Word Knowledge ASVAB Test 1
Word Knowledge ASVAB Test 1
ASVAB Help. Some Tips and Tricks!
ASVAB Help. Some Tips and Tricks!

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David Figueroa: I was taught to only add or substract when they are from the same family: Ex. .1+1+OH= 1.1+ OH. Couldn't touch the OH.... I'm really confused´╗┐

TheSnippadan: how did you come up with the 12 in 5*12 ?

MsTae911: @falandrariley92 thats wat im trying to figure out

yan perez: 5,6" 5x12= 60 60+6=66 66x10 660/100=6.6 66'-6.6=59.4' 59.4'/12=4.7 I need help I thing this is fine if some 1 can help me please

3mily2: really confusing.

TheSnippadan: nvm i got it this is soo easy when u jus take a nice long look at it

kimboi32: life saver

Stephen von sleeth: 12 of 5=60 (add the 6" thats left over)= 66 of 10 =66% - 6= 60% than divide 60 with 12 = 5'.

alhely sanchez: AHHHH! :/

falandrariley92: how did you get 1.1?

falandrariley92: @shadowkill7 ohhhh thank you very much

Kimberly Di: so confusing lol

lalosfun: Omg i hate math!!!

David Torres Cruz: 5'6 - 10% = 5'0

Leonard Sandoval: how the hell am i going to do all that in under a minute

TheSnippadan: hi i am is cuz that was pettie cool

Enrique: @falandrariley92 1:10, 1OH + 0.1OH

mrsanchez141: 66 in - 10% --> 66 in - 6.6 in = 59.4 inch ?

TheMrblue2169: omg i hate math how the hell can u tell how short he was before what if he was shorter then that smart ass it would be easier to tell u how much he grew in in two years with his orginal hight
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ASVAB Knowledge -  Free ASVAB Math Prep