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linkuei83: Why people moan about Transformers, it's not a movie where it has to have some deeper meaning. It's about giant robots fighting. That's what i liked in all 3 movies so far.
Silvia Quirós: genial! pues lo haré! gracias por verme
bmbpdk: Hi, thanks for this video, it convinced me to get the SB-700, it will primarily be used to indoor Motor Cross shot and a few portraits. For Motor Cross, i have free roam on the track, so im gonna use it close up on low power, camera in burst mode.
Evander Wallace: Opening song? 
urmina21: would you recommend a savannah to someone who never had a reptile
Bryan Little: Don't really understand why you would spend all this money in upgrade parts for an old ass Mac G4...
Sandro Algra Barradas: As far as I know, the hoatzin is not considered a living fossil. The earliest specimens date from long after the the extinction of dinosaurs. All birds start to develop claws in their embryinic state. A gene then kicks in to switch that development off. Hoatzins have the same gene but it only starts working weeks after they hatch. They need their claws to climb trees, until their wings fully develop. Just because an animal looks ancient doesn't mean it is, this is more likely an example of reverse evolution. The most ancient birds are probably the ratites (emus, ostriches, cassowaries...)

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