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worderup: ugh y are the reviews so bad for this game? technical issuescan be fixed with patches... its still amazing
Jeff Quartz: Eh there are a lot of wrong things in this video. He completely disregarded the fact that consoles allow developers to utilize the nature of a fixed platform along with the low level hardware access. This has proven from earlier console generations that consoles can perform 2 times as well as a pc with equal specs, even developers are saying that this is also the case with this new gen. If you want a pc with the graphics of the ps4 you would be paying a good amount more than if you just played on the console.
NMacDowell: Young, early-20s Jensen is so young and adorable and cute and YOUNG
UpToDate | آب تو ديت: اول نظرة اتش تي سي الجديد HTC One M8 http://youtu.be/CDkiVSCK5bE @falsaif #UTD #مراجعات #HTCOneM8
Vinyl Scratch: Nice job. I'm planing on building some pedestals for my Samsung washer/dryer to. the only thing i might do different is make two. One for each. Dont think mine will turn out quit as nice as yours, but i got to do something fast as the wife is on me daily to get those off the floor. Thanks for a great video.
Brad Purvis: Mars I bought 3 Mark III mags and modified them per your vid. Would have helped a lot to provide a close up like you did with the mag vid on extending the mag capacity. Thanks for the vid now I have 5 mags, 2 Mark I and 3 Mark III's...
Ricardo Guimarães: Amigo, o mesmo ocorreu comigo. Fiz todos os procedimentos descritos aqui e nada da MOIP se pronunciar a respeito até a presente data. E o pior que, tive de arcar com as parcelas desta compra junto a operadora do cartão. Ou seja, paguei pela compra e não recebi o produto.

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