Fire Making Tools - Tinder

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Fire Making Tools
Fire Making Tools
Fire Making Tools review . camping hiking backpacking emergancy kit how to
Fire Making Tools review . camping hiking backpacking emergancy kit how to
Fire Making Tools - Tinder
Fire Making Tools - Tinder
Making a Stone Age Hand Drill Friction Fire With Stuff Gathered on the Spot
Making a Stone Age Hand Drill Friction Fire With Stuff Gathered on the Spot
Emberlit Fire Starting Kit & Tools
Emberlit Fire Starting Kit & Tools

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VTEC_LOL: @GearBuyersGuide free stuff... ...why else?

w2aiq: you're supposed to shave that stuff into a little pile, it catches much easier that way

Cairo M-N: itdidnt light because you neeed to break it up to get the air oxigen in it

Gear Websites: @PaulTardino OMG what should be done about this ??? Has the Ministry of Videos been informed comrade? 

Paul Tardino: For someone making a video on firestarting tools, you seem to fumble around a lot and not really know what you are doing. just saying. 

Gear Websites: @Yanxfan2330 why?

Isaac Gartenberg: you should have a contest giveaway

laxwork: @GearBuyersGuide clever , I never thought about it. Is more easy an helicopter to see u in the forest if u r wearing green and u have problem

Gear Websites: @laxwork yes

laxwork: all you in the forest why r u wearing green color clothes? is more safe if u lost there? 

LeonRFpoa: lol I have tried to use a firesteel for the longest time and never once got it to do crap, then yesterday I managed to start my hobo stove like second try. Was a real gasp and clap moment, it's not just a myth!

GETMONEYFU CKBITCHES: i like wet fire more than fast fire but there pretty much the same but wet fire can be on fire on a wet surface and it stays light, u can do it with fast fire too but it doesn't stay light long but u wouldn't need light for that long anyways. :-D 

Gear Websites: @bestSVMS yup, sort of shaving some off seems the best way to get it lit

FrankyZ: with the wetfire, youhave to scrape it off a little bit?

Gear Websites: @MrLol9669 I grew up when there was the first plastic bags ever made, called the baggie, since then everything else is a copy 

nuclearcowboy7: He has no patience he just throwing sparks around randomly.

Gear Websites: Good question.. I go back and forth.. I do like the blast match, but the standard kind has less to break .. I guess I'd pick standard two part flint & steel if I could only pick one, but I like the compact one piece of the blastmatch so it would be a difficult decision

Juan Miguel: what do you think is better? the blastmatch or the standard flint and striker?

Gear Websites: I agree, now that I've had them for a while your way does work better

Gear Websites: yup, we learned that too...after this video, LOL
Fire Making Tools - Tinder 5 out of 5

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VTEC_LOL: @GearBuyersGuide free stuff... ...why else?
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Butts N Racks: Lol its a beast

Fire Making Tools - Tinder