Mercedes Sprinter - How To Change Diesel Fuel Filter

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crossman20: A very good teacher Bevoin1970

Vernon Roach: Second video I've watched of this guy and both were excellent filming with precise instructions....Obviously, he knows what he is doing....Thanks for another great video.

Fateh Amen: سلام Thanks a lot more education

Bake been: Worth buying a few O rings and new fuel pipe after a couple of changes as these tend to let air in or leak, Just a thought :-)

Col Auty: Did it, many thanks, no messing video no talking bollocks, love it !

Enoch Furyan: Thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge with us.
...I don't get some people who actually "down-vote" useful information.

Wanderlustman: When I took out the water drain plug on an 2003 Sprinter nothing came out. Do you think my problem is the fuel filter or perhaps the in tank fuel pump? Thank you for this video!

Helen Sutcliffe: thank you for this. a successful first time fuel filter change today. best wishes

Jeffrey Robinson: 316 cdi sprinter Mercedes changed fuel filter takes a while to bleed next morning wont start full of air  filter  z641can you help thanks

John Caton: 312 sprinter cuts out while driving turn ignition off and on again and its runs again for a while then does it again

Scott M: Ordered the wrong filter and it arrived without the water sensor in it but all looks the same otherwise, can i fit this and will the van run ok without the water sensor in?
Cheers guys

Rich Davey: Just watched your video again to remind me how to change filter. Spot on. Hope you are keeping well mate

Big Stan: Hi, I have a 312 CDI is it the same 10:40 semi synthetic you use and do you have a preference in make also the make of filter? I take it the 312 is 9lts as well?  Thanks

Jay Cee: For those that are having trouble with priming the air from the fuel system after a fuel filter change (which i did), i thought i would share what i did to bleed the fuel system, and it worked.

For starters, the O rings, i took the old ones to a place that sells every type of seal you could imagine, and they did not have this size,  - The O rings have to come from a Mercedes Benz dealer as a spare part, they are not a standard size O ring, and if you try to fit anything else other than the Mercedes Benz ones, they will probably tear going in - SO USE MERCEDES BENZ O RINGS!!!! - VERY IMPORTANT!!!

After you have the O rings from Mercedes Benz, make sure there is no dirt where they seat, and put a smear of grease on them, like in this video, or they will probably tear going in.

If you have any tears or cuts in the O rings, the system will draw in air, and the engine will not start and/or run.

After the filter is fitted, remove the middle fuel line from the top of the filter, (the one with the little clip holding it),

Get a small funnel that fits snug into the middle hole in the top of the fuel filter, and fill it up with diesel (about 250ml should do it), then loosen the bleed screw on the top of the filter until you see air bubbles coming out of the sides of the screw (the diesel in the funnel is pushing the air out of the filter, keep filling the funnel if you have to), when the bubbles stop coming out, and all that comes out is diesel, tighten the bleed screw back up, leave the funnel in the top - the funnel still should have some diesel in it.

Ok, the filter is now bled.....

Then, get hold of a fat syringe that will hold about 100 to 200ml of liquid, (i got mine from an auto spares shop) with an end on it that fits snugly in the fuel line that has been removed from the fuel filter (the middle one we took of earlier), fill the syringe full of diesel and make sure there is no air in the syringe at all. Then stick in the fuel line/hose that goes to the middle of the fuel filter (make sure its a snug fit), and start pushing the syringe and push the diesel through the fuel line, when i did it, a few bubbles came up through the funnel full of fuel, i kept pumping the syringe and it moved in about 1/4 inch.

Now the fuel line is purged.

Remove the funnel, and make sure diesel is full to the very top of the middle hole (MAKE SURE ITS FULL TO THE VERY TOP) then fit the middle fuel line back on to the filter.

Then start the engine, dont touch the accelerator pedal, it should fire, mine did

I hope this helps someone out, i had major trouble getting mine to start, it just would not fire at all, when i tried this method, it started within 5 seconds.

Good luck.

Jeff Hayes: If l may give a bit off advice that Mercedes told me change the water trap filter for a non water trap one as it is a common fault for the to say you have water in your fuel after taking my tank off to check it l was given this tip and it worked a treet

Jeff Hayes: Thanks mate

sarah newman: Thanks sooooooo much for showing me the RIGHT way and not the Haynes  way!
The book says start the van. dont worry its self priming!
Self priming my arse!

Madlookin: followed your video...filled the filter, even poured diesel back down the fuel line...started first turn of the key!...something she hasn't done for along many thanks for the vid.

Madlookin: great video...a friend replaced my filter (prior to me watching this vid) van has been running...but now won't start, blown down the fuel line and can hear bubbles in the tank, do you think problem could be filter wasnt purged properly...and what to do?

gpradio: Another excellent video: thanks for sharing.
One question: are there different options for the filter? On my 2000 311, there is no no water sensor on the bottom of the fuel filter (nor anywhere to connect one).  Most dealers I've checked out online assume the filter has the sensor so don't offer an alternative. 
Mercedes Sprinter - How to Change Diesel Fuel Filter 5 out of 5

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Mercedes Sprinter - How to Change Diesel Fuel Filter