How To Fix A Honda Odyssey Automatic Sliding Door

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Sliding Door Repair 2001 Honda Odyssey -EricTheCarGuy
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door
Honda Odyssey power sliding door problem
Honda Odyssey power sliding door problem
2003 Honda Odyssey sliding door cable repair
2003 Honda Odyssey sliding door cable repair
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door that will not latch
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door that will not latch

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cee bee: Just finished my the replacement for my passenger side roller. Excellent video. We have our door back again!

Ronski & Echo: its good info. but it makes me dizzy :(

Nicky Lawson: you are the man! part numbers and everything. Thank you

First Vette: I kinda wondered about that; I did the Driver side as in the Video and realized that I didn't need to loosen/ tighten the Cable (the reel adjusts itself automatically the first time you open the door with the power assist after installation, nice system).

Joe Blo: I didn't have to disassemble the interior.  I was able to remove and reattach the cable ends with my bare hands.

Clarice White: one of my doors is locked and I can't get it to unlock. Any suggestions?

MrStimpson38: Thank you so much for this video, and more importantly, the labeled links for the parts. I just ordered a driver side roller and am anxiously awaiting its arrival so my van isn't sitting outside with a door halfway off. What a nightmare I thought this was going to be when I figured I'd have to take the van in and spend a few hundred dollars, but because of helpful videos like this one I'm just 70$ away from a working van. Yay for YouTube!

The Car Doctor: Thank you for a well crafted video!

Maurilio Garcia: gracias por el video me ayudo muchos 

Elizabeth Shaw: Hey guys! Thanks for the awesome video. We're planning to fix our Odyssey doors over the holiday. Do you all know, by chance, if the parts linked in the comments will fix an '08 Touring?

ScubaCat3: There's a shim glued onto the outside of the original hinge that should be transferred over to the new one.  Not really mandatory but it was put there for a reason so I figure it's probably a good thing.

RICHARD BRASS: thank you for this awesome instructional video, I didn't realize the entire van had to be taken apart just to change those roller and brackets, one door already don't work and the other is clicking so I am going to have to do both doors and this video let me know i'll need more time than I have right now.... Thanxxxx again...

James Brown: Thanks for the great video Dayne! Helped me a tonne replacing the centre roller on my 2007. 90 min including 45 searching for the clip ring on the pin after it went flying. Cable was loose enough didn't need to take anything off the inside. Much appreciated. 

mds9185: I cheated. I bent the cable retention tab on the old one to get the cabke out and my replacement was made by doorman so the retention slots were closer to the cable. I simply put one loose cable on one end and the other I grabbed with needle nose and rotated it into place. It was tight but it worked. A little combination of luck and experience got the job done in 15 minutes. 

Peter Greenwald: Dayne, Thanks for the great video . . . made for a great diy project for me and my son.  

VinnyPizza6679: Hey man, thanks for the video, super easy after watching it. Replaced mine this morning, took about 1h45m but that included vacuuming when I saw what the van floor looked like. Thanks again! 

sethtwice: Nice job. Better than most diy videos out there. Check out my channel Honda Street Garage for bigger project videos. Thanks!

Duvelmademedoit: Thanks, I have a 2008, basically the same job, but the tensioner release is a little different.  Mine is all fixed with great help from this video.

Gabe Bonnie Ledford: Thank you, Dayne! This was exactly what I needed to get the confidence to replace the roller on my 2001.
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door 5 out of 5

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How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door