How To Fix A Honda Odyssey Automatic Sliding Door

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How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door that will not latch
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Honda Odyssey power sliding door problem
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healthyamerican: my driver side power door wont shut completely and it beeps when you put it in drive....also you have to push it to get it to close or it keeps backing up and opening...anyone know how to fix this? stuck

N, Nasko Tatic: If you replaced just roller's piece, why did you remove that door's panel, if you did not replace latching mechanism or motor?

Sonshing Yu: Why only Honda power slide doors broken. the Toyota never broken?

Ronneil Camara: Thank you Dayne for this video! Today, our 2004 Odyssey's right sliding door cable broke. I was watching your video and was confused what that white circle thing was that you were pulling. I wasn't sure if it was for pressure. Is my problem more complicated?

Aaron Tracy: There is a kit on eBay. Search "Honda Odyssey 1999-2004 Sliding Door Replacement Cables (Kit or Service)" The kit comes with everything you need for the repair to solder it. Solder is stronger than a screw on end (But you have to use special solder and flux to get it to work on the stainless steel wire). Yes, I sell it and this is a shameless promotion of the kit. But it works. I know you can go and get the cable yourself (you need an 81 inch and a 62 inch) but if you want to save some time and hassle it comes with good instructions.

CFDBlakestr: What tool set model is that ? I can see Husky but I don't know what model number. I love how compact it is and would love to pick one up...

luisparch: no ententendi

Kory Kiewitz: That's nuts what they make you go through to fix a common problem. I am going to do mine but I sure hope I can pull it off without having to take the interior of the van apart like that.


Kelly MOran: thanks so much

Gresham Bouma: What was the switch you spoke of in the door?

cee bee: Just finished my the replacement for my passenger side roller. Excellent video. We have our door back again!

Ronski & Echo: its good info. but it makes me dizzy :(

Nicky Lawson: you are the man! part numbers and everything. Thank you

First Vette: I kinda wondered about that; I did the Driver side as in the Video and realized that I didn't need to loosen/ tighten the Cable (the reel adjusts itself automatically the first time you open the door with the power assist after installation, nice system).

Joe Blo: I didn't have to disassemble the interior.  I was able to remove and reattach the cable ends with my bare hands.

Clarice White: one of my doors is locked and I can't get it to unlock. Any suggestions?

MrStimpson38: Thank you so much for this video, and more importantly, the labeled links for the parts. I just ordered a driver side roller and am anxiously awaiting its arrival so my van isn't sitting outside with a door halfway off. What a nightmare I thought this was going to be when I figured I'd have to take the van in and spend a few hundred dollars, but because of helpful videos like this one I'm just 70$ away from a working van. Yay for YouTube!

The Car Doctor: Thank you for a well crafted video!

Maurilio Garcia: gracias por el video me ayudo muchos 

Elizabeth Shaw: Hey guys! Thanks for the awesome video. We're planning to fix our Odyssey doors over the holiday. Do you all know, by chance, if the parts linked in the comments will fix an '08 Touring?
How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door 5 out of 5

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How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door