Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver

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Brian Miller: Fantastic revolver. Mine's .41 Mag 4 5/8. Thanks. *BGM.41

Ri Hi: Love this gun.

boomzilla86: all these rednecks make guns look bad. too many rednecks. we need some other people jumping in and doing gun reviews. we need to show that guns are for everyone who wants them, not just the southern hicks.

Kev G: cool video, learned a lot.  Just bought a convertible 357/9mm.  Nice quality of the video too.  Very professional.  You are very good at giving some personality to the video.  Seem like a cool guy.  Thanks Kevin

jondonom: I personally love my Uberti Hombre .45 Colt (dont got the dough for Ruger). Easiest gun to clean after the range.

The Clansman: how available is the 45 long colt? never shot one before i have the .357 magnum version

robert evans: the transfer bar doesn't block the firing actually transfers the energy from from the hammer to the firing pin, and when the trigger is released, it drops down and keeps the hammer from making contact with the firing pin.

Moto Rad: I hate "Long Colt" :( Misnomers make me sad. Thank you for annotating it.

Matthew Caughey: I've been thinking about adding a wheel gun to my collection and I was thinking about a .44 mag but the .45 LC is a round I never considered I know for sure that if I had to drop an intruder the .45 LC would mean business and I admit to being a single action fan ( I never had a chance to use one before) and they are priced pretty fairly at my local goose hill

Cameron Izatt: Love the hat and your videos

Steve H.: Thanks for this video posting sootch00. Really enjoyed it and the subject you covered. I own a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk .44 magnum, 7 1/2" barrel, blued with Bisley grip and also a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley stainless steel chambered in .45 Long Colt, 5 1/2" barrel. Black/gray wood factory grips on the stainless and Cocobolo wood factory grips on the blued model. Love these grips and the timeframe in American history where the "wheelgun" tamed the Wild West!Keep posting the excellent videos!

Gary S: Great video; thanks for sharing. Yes, God Bless American.

Bernard Flood: Nice to see a single action revolver being fired the way it was designed to be fired, single handed. It seems to be a modern trend to shoot a single action revolver two handed as if it were a semi automatic. Alas I live in Ireland where we are denied the right to own a hand gun, 12 gauge shotgun & mainly .22 rifle. You generally have to own a farm or prove that you have a need for a gun, permits are very expensive. I lived in Arizona for a few years where I had a nice nickel finished Ruger Blackhawk .44 magnum.

Jeremy Welch: That's my favorite caliber to shoot is a 45LC I'm thing of buying one in the blackhawk I just bought a blackhawk in 41 rem mag a week ago and I love the gun and cal I deer hunt with a 454cassul which I love as well cause I can shoot 45LC through it I don't much because I just love to shoot my 45LC SA one thing I'm going to do with my new blackhawk is do a trigger job on it I'm gonna put a 30 Oz spring they come out with a 60 Oz Wichita isn't bad but all my other 45LC SA revolvers have 2 pound and less triggers I've just gotten so used to that over the years I don't recommend that light of triggers to folks new to shooting or handling revolvers at 2 pounds a toothpick will set it off but Ben at 1.5 pounds it won't even bend 

kill er: Yer hat gives u more credibility lol im buying one revolver first then the hat !

Joe doe: Thank you for referring the the 45 Long Colt.
I would have one of them, but got started in large bore when there was no "strong" 45 Long Colt.

Loaded mild to wild, the 45 Long Colt will likely get er done.

Bob Denham: I have a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt.  If you could, I would like your impression of it in a video.  I have it for hunting, home defense (I live in Mississippi), and for SHTF/Bug out.

mharm734: I have one with the one hole sight, free spin pawl an action job & oxblood grips.  Its my favorite pistol.

PerceptionVsReality: How loud is .45LC? Some people say it's quieter than .45acp.

DJGuppy321: 1:16 The ruger black rooster.
Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver 5 out of 5

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Sarrixx: So sad this game isn't around anymore :'(
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Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver