Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver

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A old or new blackhawk?
A old or new blackhawk?
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black hawkというアプリをやってみた iPhone5アプリ紹介
Blackhawk inspection
Blackhawk inspection
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535tony: I love Blackhawks! Have them in 45LC/45ACP, 357 maximum and 30 Carbine. Super Blackhawk in 44 Mag too.

6236003: That accent. LOL

Diesel Lover: In a world of Glocks and Dracos, Id use this gun

Bart Sims: Great video love my SA Rugers.

Bart Sims: transfer bar does not block firing pin, it transfers the hammer blow to fp only when the trigger is fully pressed.

Kelly Montgomery: f'ing excellent! thank you, sir

Colt Mag: Great video as usual Sootch!   The  firearms I own are multiplying because I am watching too many of your gun videos:)    The decency of your videos is the reason your channel is the best in my opinion.

pagan poet prophet: what compatible rifle would i pair up that would use same ammo as my blackhawk pistol ?

Terry Dean: I own (am married to :) ) an old 1969' made, Super Blackhawk in .44 magnum... It's an old 3 screw answer still has original Lockwork - which I will NOT have converted BTW- and that beautiful revolver is on me 24/7 ... esp here working cattle on my spread:)

Dan 123: Way too slow to load and unload, I rather get a more modern revolver or pistol.

littleteethkeith: Ordered one the other day. It will be at my FFL on Tuesday.

MaxxforceTech: This is probably one of the most informative and enjoyable videos I have seen on YouTube. Keep it up!

badweetabix: Sorry Scootch00, but you messed up big time on the transfer bar. The transfer bar does not block the hammer from striking the firing pin - it actually transfers the hammer's energy to the firing pin to fire the gun in that the hammer hits the transfer bar and the transfer bar hits the firing pin. This is a safety feature because the bar is only raised into position when the trigger is pulled and sits in a recess otherwise so there is an empty space between the hammer and the firing pin.

intense_pickle: in a SHTF scenario, having 2 of the convertible models in .357/9 mm and in .45LC/.45 ACP would be ideal, as finding ammo will be a crap shoot most of the time.

Diktator Alexander: Scootaloo, how long have you had that Blackhawk?

TankJockey38: I like that hat, it suits u

Gary Campbell: Just bought one. 45lc with 5 1/2 in barrel. Love it ! It is also easy for my wife to use. You know, just in case.

littleteethkeith: Can you shoot +p ammo through those?

John Constantine: pretty good

Nick L: Good job . I have one and it's a good a good gun. I like the hat.
Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver 5 out of 5

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Ruger Blackhawk Single Action Revolver