How To Rehash And Resign Using Modio [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Kitty Paws: you didn't even show where to go to change the ID

The Argument Invalidator: Disliked because you dont talk and put queer music. Talk

XboxLiveModz wellz: my ears...... There bleeding

Ethan Mitchell: on your next viedo show the steps as you do it

alex grmany: can u do it with 5.0 ..............

FeiressWonderhgool: hahahaha angry joe

Isaak Kiparoglou: when I drag it in nothing happens

Nick Karlson: Dude, how do I find the device ID? I'm lost.

edgar velez: how do i get the console id?

MettleGamer: I freakING LOOOVVVEEE THIS SONG!!!!!!! INSTANT THUMBS UP BRO!!!!!! lol Can we be best friends?

FreeRiotPointer: beta

Jaron Krisa: But yeah I don't have a transfer I am gonna have to buy one. any ideas where I can get one?

12volkom21: what the name of the song?

Jaron Krisa: I don't hae a trnsfer Cable D: And I lost my acount to my usb

Jaron Krisa: Can someone help I downloaded my profile to my usb stick and It says it isn't there

mec592: Or get it from game-tuts.... the official website where you are supposed to get it...

DrJGray419: 8:15 Video in 20 seconds modio - filecrop (dot) com/39476323/index (dot) html 1. Open modio 2. Drag and drop file 3. click rehash and resign 4. Done For Xbox files easier if you find the file with USB Xbox file explorer - filecrop (dot) com/74928524/index (dot) html and inject it back in.

MrMrYouSuckAss: my device never freaking comes up any help?!?!??

Nay Pay: the drag and drop option doesn't work for me in modio.. and i when i try to use open save it says that my .CMG file is not the right package?

ParkHard: THANK YOU :D
How To Rehash And Resign using Modio [READ DESCRIPTION] 5 out of 5

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enginesnblades: Do a tee shirt that says "I pay for beta" but have the shirt only have one sleeve.
AgriVidsProductions: Not a clue David.
Kitty The Cat (Dove): And what about the secret level hmmm?

How To Rehash And Resign using Modio [READ DESCRIPTION]