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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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MexhomieXlll: Hey jrproductions.. reply to me loll. Thanks for making this video
Agustin Noe Gonzalez: muy buen video amigo, me gustaria un video donde explicaras como puedo hacer que mi motorola fuera un poco mas rapido, ya que se saturo muy rapido y como puedo transferir los archivos a la memoria SD. gracias saludos
Steady2013: U can eat in any of the 3 restaurants , just got back yesterday , weather red hot , only downside was rude Russians no manners Wat so ever !!!
CalmBiker: It the split seat standard over there? Mine has a one piece seat. My best mod was changing the exhaust. The stock one is far too quiet.
Kittipong Srikumsuk: 555+ ขอบคุณงับ~
cydcharisse08: @coronapearooster Actually it basically brews instantly as the water runs under very high pressure. Keurig by comparison lets you wait for at least 1:30 min before you see any action. But indeed this particular machine is quite noisy, I've seen other videos that do not have this sound. I am happy with mine.
Charles Walker: Love the cigarette burns

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