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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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reignick1133: heh sadly I had to miss this as I just started working on my DPMS m-4 ( no you don't need a DPMS to shoot there , but it helps! ) Hopefully I will be able to make the next one , to all that showed up , keep on rocking , hopefully I'll be there!
johnny albit: Beretta M9/92, the greatest semi auto pistol ever created. 
Pilot Blake: Misread :p
Hamza Stitan: I'm sure the Pasternoster gang won't be bad in series 8 especially with their new sonic gadgets... It will be funny seeing Strax wave his about wanting to use it 24/7
MrFoxisChannel: 9:14 :D
Epic duck sauce: Ivy was cool but the boy looked like he was getting ran over
Parradox6a: Wszystko fajne , szkoda że tekst wykuty. Powinien być spontan, wtedy reklama byłaby bardziej wiarygodna.

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