The Wolverine 2013 - After The Credits Scene Explained!

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The Wolverine movie review
The Wolverine movie review
The Wolverine Movie Review!
The Wolverine Movie Review!
The Wolverine (2013) Movie Review
The Wolverine (2013) Movie Review
IGN Reviews - The Wolverine - Review
IGN Reviews - The Wolverine - Review

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Lone Ranger236: i think its all an illusion

Thomas Baron: maybe Xavier didn't really go to Jeans house to physically visit her and he just projected himself outside of himself to see her and Jean only thought she killed him but Xavier was hidden away somewhere and maybe the projecting thing took too much energy out of Xavier and it nearly killed him in the ptocess and maybe that's why he was in the hospital at the end of X-3 after the credits so maybe he wasn't really dead after all ?

Celedon: Im still curious as to how Magneto still has his abilities after the "cure" took his powers away at the end of x3. It looked liked he was almost able to move a chess piece but it cut to credits very quickly, any thoughts on that? Im really curious!

kapxis: I feel like you really need to write out your thoughts and proof read beforehand..there's always a ton of runaway thoughts with very little cohesion or point made, not to mention rants about spoilers belittling the viewers common sense. I realize there's lots of idiots who post about spoilers, but pandering to them does nothing but annoy the common viewer.

hugh jass: why do you point at the camera in all of your videos? did you know if you didn't spend so much money on dolls you could afford to get an escort to help you with your virginity problem?

WolfySnackrib666: you don't have a girlfriend

BooBop1987: Nice Review Man!

Daniel Robert Levsen: the guy at the end of X3 The Last Stand is the Twin Brother of Prof X (Charles)

mayej: freak YOU IN YOUR NERD ASS.

justin vega: How come in last stand the blue girl her power go away but in days of future past she has them even tho thats the future?

NyName: Reply: On a scale 1-10, tell me how gross Angel is when he's cutting off his wings.

Thiago Ferreira: If you can, make subtitles in Portuguese Brazilians also very fond of TWD.

Thank you.

Errol Ellis: Why did your explanation receive so many dislikes? I am confused. Your interpretation is the very best, I have read anywhere. In fact, the writers in Days of Future Past did not explain this. I actually think your explanation brings a sound point of view. I was severely confused they mentioned they would explain Xavier, yet did not in the movie. I understand if they wanted to make up a twin brother for the film, but this brother was also bound to a wheelchair. Really?

Michael Pascua: So I professor X transferred his mind into someone else. Why does the guy look look like Professor X. Don't think they ever explained that in the movies. But I guess it doesn't matter anymore due to the reset/reboot of the franchise.

Nick Phan: good review but you should have seen the after credit scene of x-men: the last stand (X3) you'll see Professor X

Bobby michel: Lol Watch the ending credit scene of X3 it will explain it all

Mogar: You do realize that after the credits in The Last Stand, it showed Xavier in another body. He talked earlier in The Last Stand about a psychic being so powerful that they could transfer their mind to another body, and that's what he did. Don't rant about something you don't know about.

Wheston Strick: Just saying the whole x-men movie series confuses me cause they all don't tie together

Mariano Ojeda: Poneme las imágenes colorado yeta!

Rob Perez: freak off nerd
The Wolverine 2013 - After The Credits Scene Explained! 5 out of 5

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The Wolverine 2013 - After The Credits Scene Explained!