Building A Sandblasting Cabinet

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Building a Sandblasting Cabinet
Building a Sandblasting Cabinet
Review: Harbor Freight Blast Cabinet
Review: Harbor Freight Blast Cabinet
Homemade blast cabinet :)
Homemade blast cabinet :)
Build a sandblasting cabinet; remove wheel spokes and check rim offset
Build a sandblasting cabinet; remove wheel spokes and check rim offset
Homemade sandblasting cabinet
Homemade sandblasting cabinet

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nathan stiltner: And this one time,, at band camp,, lol

Wanda Torres: You guys are doing an amazing Job. I don't know if you did this without a sketch or drawing but this is pretty close to our commercial one I use at work... Good Job

FrustratedBaboon: I was going to order the harbor freight but thanks for this brillian idea. I have tank in the basement to convert !! Great project.

Helga Pataki: Hello Allen, i´m jade, i was thinking to make a sandblast for motors of cars, i don´t speak english so much, only spanish, but i love your idea, maybe you could me to make one this. thank you so much, for see my message. Hugs..

STEVE JONES: like omg an um, an umm this one time at band camp

Edward Magrill: I'm impressed. Ingenuity and simplicity as well as recycling and reusing good metal piece's. Great job boys!

AllenTrucks: @jefflori05 i have one other video that explains some stuff better about it, if you go to my channel and search my videos you can find it

melbournespeedbowl: Very nice job !!!!

AllenTrucks: @FINEDENTIST all we did was washing it out with some dawn dish soap when we pressure washed it

Phoenix Loiselle: How did you get furnace oil smell out.I find it quite nauseating and tenacious

AllenTrucks: @chevfj40 THANKS!!!

chevfj40: GREAT JOB
Building a Sandblasting Cabinet 5 out of 5

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Building a Sandblasting Cabinet