Best Wireless Headphones- Noise Cancelling Headphone Review For Bluedio R

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Angel Carrasco: I want to know if the headphone can be used without batteries and how?

VIPERWOK: Had them for 2 years, still works great!

Ray Watson: Are these over the ear or on the ear headphones? The on the ear kind hurt my earlobes so I need over the ear style

Miguel Rosales: amazon 99 bucks

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Daymond ' Chief ' Jones: thank you for your time and your explanation.

David Fonseca: I just bought them a few hours ago (same color black)i paid 67.99€ over here in Germany Ebay I've watched about 5 or 6 reviews and all of them said Bluedio is great I had a pair the Turbine for 2 years great sound in my opinion better then Beats i never expected them to be so good for so cheap price cant wait for them tomorrow they arrive

parkwaydrive59x: Question for anyone? I have been using these for my xbox one and they work great. But cant seem to get my mic to work. any suggestions?

Bluedio: Hey,guys,good news.We are Bluedio Global Offical Flagship Store.If you have any problem you meet when you using,or want to share your using experience,or you want to buy a Bluedio Product,you can add up our Facebook account:Bluedio for Aliexpress,we will help you to solve the problem,or you also can share your purchasing experience to others at there.In addition,if you add up our Facebook,you can know our promotion information in advance,we usually will do some promotion activities.Come on!Unique Facebook account:Bluedio for Aliexpress.Welcome you to join in.

ElbowZone: Noise cancelling headphones are not safe

Gabriel repetto: not impressed and my search goes on

pettyofficershu: they cost $79 on amazon right now  the r+ legends cost $112   I'm actually lookin at these since my bluedio H2 turbines broke....they sounded great but they were ear crushers after 2 or so hours!!! then the right arm snapped on my H2's (plastic)  are these ear crushers after an hour or so of music?

Mat cool: I got them for £49.99

Mat cool: These are not Noise cancelling

sam3d: You lost credibility when you said "OMG."

cptpopyface: sd card is for mp3 player

fady263: I'm looking to buy one of those, only question i have is : does the headset itself have a mic?

kurt floyd: can anyone explain the process of how to use the sd card function and how to listen to the songs from sd,ive put couple hundred tracks on but cant seem to switch from bluetooth to sd...

Markus van Riessen: Don't buy this product, After 8 months some black plastic corners broken inside the head band, and some weeks later one of the plastic conductors on the right side broken. And belive me, I was realy carefully with my headphone. The warranty was only 6 months. It's suck's! They must produce this headphone with metal conductors!!!

CGrish Reviews: They are $66 on DealsMachine dot com!!!!!!!! buy it when you can, I'm buying them in a week or two. (they are around $80 with shipping tho)
Best Wireless Headphones- Noise cancelling headphone review for Bluedio R 5 out of 5

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Stubbsy: i have one which is weathered and sound too!
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Vedant Devhare: When will this product be launched in india plzzz tell me im getting crazy since ive seen this video....plzzz lauch in india...
Palo Kan: Holy crap the hype back then was haaaard.
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Best Wireless Headphones- Noise cancelling headphone review for Bluedio R