Coleman 1850 Watt Generator Noise Review

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Coleman 1850 watt generator Noise review
Coleman 1850 watt generator Noise review
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Luis Hernandez: Good job! More important-it works when you need it!

Blane Goodspeed: Thats a steel of a deal on the Honda EU1000. I gave this to my son and puchased a Honeywell 2000, I am pleased with it and is much more quiet. For 1/2 the price of a Honda 2000

vegasfordguy: I bought a nearly new Honda EU1000i for $350. I can't believe how quiet it is. That Powermate is very loud. Yes the Honda's & Yamaha's are expensive, they cost that much for a reason.

CritikylMass: F--- me that things loud! i can fix it with a hammer for ya


robshomeimprovements: This definitely one of the more quieter powermates. The newer green one is pretty quiet...

Blane Goodspeed: Might not be sorry but cant see paying $1000.00 bucks for three times a summer. Honda's are quite. I purchased a Honeywell and that is pretty quite, for half the price. Check out my Honeywell review!

Blane Goodspeed: Your right. But I have passed this gen along to my son for camping now. No longer have it. I purchased a Honeywell 2000 watt generator which is much quiter than the coleman.

Begbucks: I picked up mine for $30 see my vids runs like a champ (misses like yours too lol)

mik22pik: Sorry this is not much of a test, one 1000 or 1500w light. Should use a 10'' saw of 1800w heater to force the gen into labor.
Coleman 1850 watt generator Noise review 3.8 out of 5

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Coleman 1850 watt generator Noise review