Ferrari 458 Italia Vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser)

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TheMechpro1: Que bella máquina!

audreybarker: OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING WOWOWOWOW

Evan Christenson: Ive climbed that canyon! Oh god what a fun climb! And the descent on the other side. Mmmagnificent! Not to mention the amazing views all the way up!

iDContentGroup: Latigo Canyon, Malibu California :)

musicman2990: フェラーリ458最高!

Alexander Lee: The bike is faster because the driver is a women, get the stig to drive instead.

Tom greenwood: that woman is sat in a strange looking kitchen

iDContentGroup: @aerospacepat 你清楚地不知道你談論的

bennyradikal: paseo del stelvio?

iDContentGroup: @musicman2990 you rock!!

egyptiangoddess0808: Das Auto und Fahrrad sind sehr schnell!!!! Prima!!

dom ino: that's it. now cum slowly.
Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser) 4.3 out of 5

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TheMechpro1: Que bella máquina!
hi: no with a toaster..
Michael McNinch: YankeeMarshal, riddle me this... If you were in my shoes and purchasing your first firearm and had to decide between this gun (Sig p250c) and the Walther PPQ, which would you choose? I have seen your review of both guns and lean slightly towards the Walther PPQ mainly because of its trigger, but the cost of the p250c is not ignorable.
CPIHayden22102CP: Buy 1 of the newest games & complete 1 of the games objectives (Ex: Conquer a Country, find the iron trunk, etc.) Then you will get a Plaza Ticket then after that it'll be unlocked. Hope This Helps.
종훈 김: 개미친
expensivetaste1000: mejor prendo el pinche cuete con el puto serillo
Alistair Von Zanzibar: OMFG it's like the car is NEVER going straight, constantly sideways.

Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser)