Ferrari 458 Italia Vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser)

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TheMechpro1: Que bella máquina!

audreybarker: OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING WOWOWOWOW

Evan Christenson: Ive climbed that canyon! Oh god what a fun climb! And the descent on the other side. Mmmagnificent! Not to mention the amazing views all the way up!

iDContentGroup: Latigo Canyon, Malibu California :)

musicman2990: フェラーリ458最高!

Alexander Lee: The bike is faster because the driver is a women, get the stig to drive instead.

Tom greenwood: that woman is sat in a strange looking kitchen

iDContentGroup: @aerospacepat 你清楚地不知道你談論的

bennyradikal: paseo del stelvio?

iDContentGroup: @musicman2990 you rock!!

dom ino: that's it. now cum slowly.
Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser) 4.3 out of 5

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LakiaStar: i can seriously listen to you talk all day!!!!!
TheMechpro1: Que bella máquina!
Sven Höltäs: How did you record this everything I tried came up black screen
Luis Mtz: donde esta virizion
LipeUSL: Bosta, num da pra ver porra nenhuma o cara treme mais que vara verde! ¬¬
Lucie Soulkova: I love this movie but is Very sad!!!:( I love Emma!! 
tomb374: there's one in every

Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Colnago C59 Italia (Teaser)