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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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The Pink Envelope: I love this! Thanks for such a cool vids. I think I might have an addiction to sub boxes!
ensis ensis: @qeenform: The camouflage Porsche is here in Bielefeld/Germany and its for Sale!

Murat TV: 2016
dash8brj: When preparing to slide the flybar through the rotor assembly be sure to cup your hand under the area between the flybar cage and seesaw as you remove the screws. There is a pair of tiny washers/shims (one each side) which are indeed tiny and tend to drop out. It took me half an hour with a magnet trying to find mine - it rolled of the desk onto the carpet! The only reason i knew it had fallen out was that I discovered the other one on the opposite side.
ハク様と呼べ: Amazonで購入して配送中で性能不安だっだんです!ありがとう!おかげで安心して待てますw
Lance Dixon: @DW Red, I like your video , easy to follow. are all the Turbos from 98 to 05 basically the same turbo for the 1.8T ? I found an 05 Passat at the junk yard and the Turbo looks way better than mine, my turbo leaks from the front as well. I have an AEB engine and I think this 05 Passat is either ATW or another. My car still runs relatively good but not as awesome as when you could audibly hear the turbo spooling up.
Tina Meza: Ke bonitas cejas😍😍😍😍