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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Sydney Hartfield: I might recommend O' Keefe's Working Hands cream. It comes in a little green jar. My bestie works on a ranch and he used to get the worst cracked hands. I bought it as a sort of last-minute birthday present and now his hands are SO soft. Jack Black's comes in at close second. Qtica is in third. I think the packaging is pretty unisexy.
Jacob Horrell: Didn't expect much from this video, but turns out I learned a ton. Thanks!
Alessia Micallef: what does the magnifying glass underneath the monitor do please?
Caio Almeida: Rapha, vou comprar o meu em fev desse ano, o que acha?
idham m.haedar: #COYS
DarkAbyssLogic: i changed the battery for my smart key (2002 q45) and now my car won't register the key to start up.
Lennie Kogut: Sold, Great review and it is exactly what I am looking for.