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jim morgan: Oh rev as in revs. I er.. I see..
Thomas Kerr: Hey Mitchell,
Red Brick: wtf?! the mountain is so awesome! sub!
Rodrigo Rodrigues: Bom Dia Moacir, que marca e essa mascara...  desde já agradeço pela atenção.
Sir. Slaughter: How long ago was this comment? Do you just look through old comments and comment on them?
Terry Cave: Hey Gripps.
Do you know how to do a video ease in ease out effect in video studio? I'm trying to do an animated photo book in cinema 4d. I've completed the video of the turning pages with camera zoom. I then use the video on still effect then move on to the next page turn. The transition between pages always seems too harsh to me. Is there a solution to this problem?

Nathan Bellic: Vogliamo Agliens!