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parra .,.: gracias amigo lo estaba buscando
CRISS ANGEL: " you are not in control " :D
Jennifer Rodriguez: Thank you for making this tutorial, I love the Rockabilly look and use to have long hair until I went in for a trim and the girl took my ponytail and cut it off and I walked out looking like a boy. Trying to accomplish this style with short hair is hard but im gonna try this.
CaseIH232: @TINGShappen no you can't your just il informed
bui son: mấy bác cứ chém . mak mua con này ở đâu nhỉ . mình ở qiangr nam hội an lận
epalmaa: I have jeans that aren't as skinny ankled as I wanted. how do I fix this?
AdrianSparkle TheImitadors: jaja ah si? que raro jaja

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