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kevin cane: Is he actually the king of Sweden
bv anand: super........
C creator: Radeon xD
Christopher Butler: As usual, Red Letter Media nails it. One interesting thing: Plinkett has the same opinion of Shia LaBeouf's "Mutt" character that I did. Despite the (overdone) collective groaning online...."Mutt" wasn't really the problem. In fact, some of the very few scenes in Crystal Skull that actually work are a few fleeting moments of character work from Shia and Ford together....like the diner sequence when they are just talking. It was a great scene. That Indiana Jones would have a son that was a tough guy greaser made *perfect* sense....Indy had father issues, so of course he would have issues with his son. 
Mateus Avs: zé cu's 
tofik1994: Jeśli kogoś nie stać na normalną replikę to nie powinien w ogóle podchodzić do ASG. Nie każdy musi strzelać się kompozytem. Dla mnie to żadne wytłumaczenie.
jerhub31: Et saches que depuis la DS, personne n'a jamais égalé Citroen en terme de suspension (à part Rolls Royce qui utilise un systeme d'amortissement hydropneumatique). Mais bon, si tu aimes voyager assis sur une planche, tant mieux pour toi, tu as fait le bon choix avec BMW!!!

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