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Diego Alvarado: I want one tell me were to get one
Nemanja Nexe: Bravo dobio si like i sub. od mene
MyITRcom: Hey thanks Debjit for promoting my product, this is James George the guy who invented the ITR many years ago, and I am very appreciative that you are selling the Original from Sam Dalal at Funtyme Magic We gave him special pricing and permission for India through my close friend Uday Jadugar. Just wanted to say hi, hope you can come by some time if you are ever in Bangalore India.
babydancer07: You are so adorable in that costume!
EvangelistEvan: The SDA CULT believe that only those who are part of the end time "remnant church" will avoid the Mark of the Beast and be accepted by God and saved. In other words, the SDA CULT teach and believe that if a person does NOT become a member of the SDA in the end times, they will NOT be part of the saved end time "remnant church", so in other words, SDA CULT members believe the SABBATH and their own SDA Organisation is part of the end time SALVATION PROCESS, proving the SDA CULT members LOOK OUTSIDE OF Jesus and grace for salvation, hence their are a dangerous CULT because anyone who teaches to look outside of 100% Jesus to be saved IS A CULT, and I urge and plead with people to do as I did, COME OUT OF THE SDA CULT and enter into the truth, righteousness and grace of Jesus Christ and justification by FAITH ALONE! I can easily prove that you are a member of a dangerous CULT by asking you to answer this question: According to EGW and the SDA CULT, what must Sunday keeping Christians and everyone else, DO in the end times to avoid getting the "Sunday laws" Mark of the Beast and to be accepted by God and saved, and become part of the end time "remnant Church" and have the right to enter the gates of heaven? If you answer truthfully, your answer will expose your TRUST IN THE SABBATH to be part of your salvation process!
starwarsfigures: Sora Bulq
Julio Valette: buttons arent mapped out properly. im using the power a fus1on tournament controller for xbox 360.

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