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camwizardoz: @wierdosinc Its possible cipher himself may have fought in the Erusean-Usean war. Remember, Bartlett and pops fought in the Belkan war and became the protagonists for the Circum-Pacific war. The strangereal world aces tend to move around alot, in the final cutscene of ACZ, you see pixy holding an AK47, and on the base outside, you see the ISAF flag being flown, so its obvious they didnt stop fighting after their war. Its a highly interconnected storyline world, Ace Combat is.
XDDXLOLO: Primero ahuevo pito putona
oralherpes genitalherpes: Best 37 Critical Food Items | Sold After Crisis Review
ROxCRIMxPRODUCTS: desc faalt
Randal Schattenfalke: in maxis spielen sollst du doch selber ne story machen! (oder hast du in SimCity ne story gesehen?) und Spore muss man lernen... des is eben kein zocker game sonders ein "haste zu viel zeit?.. denk dir was aus!" spiel! wie eben alle maxis spiele...
Daniel Lim: Mine is set on 24hr clock, how to change it to 12hr?
Juan Camilo: hey gameriot grab as much clusters u can cause u just missed alot

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