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Miguel Arredondo: One thing I love about older M cars is that they only had a couple of M badges not like the new ones M badges everywhere it's so tacky keep it like tiff said subtle a wolf in sheep clothing:) 
paijan saja: asiiiiiieeeek asiiieeekkk , , , , ,
Mike Wilson: I need help whif my hdd password
Андрей Докучаев: Rob Legato рассказывает о том, как создавались спецэффекты для Apollo 13, Titanic and Hugo.
Gianluca Tk: Ad oggi consiglieresti di comprarlo?
Mathias Deceuninck: Man your physique is sooo awesome bby gurl! And your skin really really is clearing up totally now isn't it? I'd say another month max on accutane and you'll be completely acne and scar free! 
thung22: Best line you gave was "great alternative to the flashy Italian frame or BORING american box bike". The box bike is very true.

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