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Ervis Kuci: ha ha american muscle jeep forever
WintyVisualz: Song Name: Robot Race - Senbei and Versus
Finn Zigich: Basicly, Immortal versus Mortal
Naadan Nelo: I understand Hira character and I think uska anjam ehi tha, It was fair ending. I think Nadia should've just seprated him and went to her parents house meanwhile he marries Hira and find out the truth. That would've been a satisfied ending.
Lea Probst: HEUL DOCH!!!!!!!!
CptJG: JadisOne, look at the video, "V12 biturbo" badge...the S55 has a V8 engine, the S65 has a V12.
Jason Sowell: For any LoL players out there, this song is the tune for the theme of the Thresh release.

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