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Silver Shimmer: I could not finish Deadman Wonderland. The violence and stuff didn't bother me, but I just really couldn't stand the main character Ganta. He was just really annoying to me. I dunno, that might change later in the anime, but I didn't get to the end. 
Hans Ramzan: do you not have the apk file for it? if you do, can you please upload it to a free filehoster such as mediafire. cheers
GhostWolf70792: Well looks like the feminists got there wish The Colbert Report has been cancelled. #cancelcolbert was a huge success.But the bad news is he just got offered an even bigger show. Lol looks like you took one step forward and three steps back.... Just like your movement. Yay equality 
nickjohndeere51: I really like your tractor and rake. Do you have any more hay making videos you could put up?
นฤพนธ์ สาดา: เอ่อๆๆๆๆ เสี่ยว คับ
mannydeguzmanjartist: I have recently acquired a Panasonic RR-DR60 (1998 japanese version) but I haven't recorded yet anything unusual with it, just random noises with the mic sensitivity set to full. They say the RR-DR60 models are very notorious in capturing EVP that's why the DR60 IC recorder were selling so high to as up to $2000 USD on Ebay.. Maybe there's something wrong with my procedure, but I would still love to keep trying. At the moment, I use this recorder for notes and lecture taking because of it's unusual sensitivity.
Rsatine1983: Me encantan tus vídeos tienes pocos pero me encanta como los explicas soy estudiante de peluquería y da gusto oír le

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