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nalsur ruslan: я сделал по такому принципу из половины газового баллона.из опыта перегородка не нужна,все и так отлично трет.яблоки.буряки.твердые гарбузы
Anthony Ricci: i subbed
Ame3thyst3: Thank you missing sky for uploading this video. My heart goes out to each and every one of these sailors and their families too. It is shameful that the Navy allowed these sailors to be anywhere near this deadly radioactivity. It is also shameful that the Japanese leaders did not inform the Navy about the radioactivity present from Fukushima. What a horrific life-changing event to put our sailors in such jeopardy. It seems you cannot trust anyone anymore. Now we also have the deadly WIPP "truck fire" (cough cough) and the deadly Hanford Washington "burial site" which is also a huge disaster. I am happy that you don't live in the States. No angel should have nuclear fallout on their wings! Much love to you sweet angel :)))
Jiog99: Are you selling the cleats?
Danray Dan: I was unsure if this was the one you had the plans for.  Can you point me in right direction to the video with the plans?  Save me from guessing.  I messaged you here because in the forum it kept saying my msg to you was in outbox, as opposed to sent box, so I was not sure you got it.  Thanks so much for all the information and the work you have done.  I wish I had the time to do the research and experimentation, but it is a blessing that people like you will share your experiences.
Rexx Havoc: The Mirage's are self-bilging. What's the bilge pump for?
Edit: I saw your other videos, great electric bilge and understand offshore worst case possibility. Great work!

Mario Borg: i just got 2015 yz85 plastics for my 2003 yz85 they fit no need to by a later yz85 its sick

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