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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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mojotheaverage: Hey Prime, just to let you know the Sinanju was based off of both the Sazabi and the Nu Gundam, sort of to make the ultimate MS that borrowed from both Zeon and Feddie designs. Great review by the way!
DIANA PATRICIA RUA GIRALDO: Por obligación cuando se ponen por encima debo hechar el rímel o delineador para cubrir la pega?
Rockin' Ron: I own a PP, a PPK and a PPK/S. I love em.
reachlol1: This song sounds tooo familiar to The Police - Every Breath You Take. I think a bit of plagiarism's going on here.
Profoster1: Hhmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmm.....lol
FabiosoftTv: @DavidGoldGta vero... XD
Brett Gilmour: You seriously call it an "American Press". Why would you do that? Are you afraid of the French? Do you also eat "Freedom Fries"? What do you call French bread? 

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