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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Danielle Schaefer: I noticed your description box doesn't mention that all these locations are also correct on Xbox One. I've used at least 10 of your videos today to find treasure chest locations and they all work. 
Igor Augusto: Vish pra mim ta dando erro...
Horrorgoose LP: Deine Nachbarn sind zu laut? OH DIESE JUNGS! 
Bazooso il guerriero: Sta merdata può piacere solo ad un bimbominkia o ad un ritardato mentale Posso capire RE5 che NON è un RE ma almeno è un gioco abbastanza bello, RE6 è pura merda colata
D489 .: HOT! Love this video..this guy needs SO much more credit, he deserves it, he doesn't get enough exposure on "The 100" :( Don't know how I missed this video though, its awesome! :D
hcm145: amazing filming shots. one of the best lego videos ive seen :D
jonathan laures: drinking game: everytime he begins a sentence with "once", do a shot but thanks for the help i subbed

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