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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jozef Reuser: Nice review, bit old but nice!
Thomas Bastien: How do you call the trick at 1:29?
우봉주: I think this is at the top of the list for my replacement car I need to buy by summer next year... Unless there are any better alternatives. Small/well-made/not-too-expensive plug-in hybrid that will give me HOV lane sticker and driving fun at the same time. The question is will they sell it in North America as well...
mmarcacci: I'm smitten with the girl in this commercial. Anybody know her name?
Ambrosia Malbrough: BDaily is live this morning! What's the difference between Burro and Burrito? BDaily | Burrito or Burro
Greek aust: this reviewer guy looks like a man version of scarlett johansson...
Chris Miller: wuts the gun at 0:52 down 4 to the left???

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