The Nintoaster -- NES In A Toaster

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The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster
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Nintoaster Instructional Video
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luigistar11: Is this seriously possible?...

MrNinjapony: I followed along exactly and it works perfectly thanks

thefunnyguy41: i want one 

Anthony Tilleman: I'm thinking of being a game designer for consoles games and modding

Vkmies: No? Damn. Make that couch already! Is this that 5200 couch?

Nadexiko Tatsu: Wanna :'(

Slasher KZ: Seems legit

thevisualboy37: Question: How did you get video when you only plugged in the audio?

dagelijksgaming HD: How not to make a nintoaster

hassan palomo: Who needs an iron man suit anyways

cutemimi25: No really have you been watching AVGN videos?

PerryMason123: Nice use of Fear Factory's Genetic Blueprint there.

kidsaredazed: Is it possible if I got a 4 slot toaster that I can have a nintoaster and make toast at the same time?

Cyberw4y: Nintendo Toaster System

PieFireGames: Yes, Yes He Does

Headphonex Rotmg: GUYS do not use the hammer for the nes the part he was smashing was just the toaster heater circuit board

Gig Box: Don't worry if you break it! Just go out and buy a new o- oh, right. crap.

knightmare8642: :U I'll pay you money to make me one!!

Richard DaLuz: Possible? Yes. Recommended? No. Of course it can be done, but proper workmanship becomes absolutely critical if you're going to attempt something like that. In fact, I think I've actually seen this done. It was a while back. Internet points for him.

Jerred Zoll: I can see that. Also, it sure has been a year since you posted any videos, hasn't it? Once I get enough money, I'm thinking of making a custom Super Nintendo 64, which consists of an NES, SNES, & N64 in one unit. For my NES, I already disabled the lockout chip and restored the Famicom's extra sound channels. Do you have any advice on what would be the best power transformer to use for said project?

Skylar Neville: can you send me one

CANNONisMAHname: and that son is how babys are made.

mac51100: Can you tell me what's the camera you used in this video ? Thx

Whitefox789: About to do this project myself soon, and ironically enough I found that exact same toaster you showed at a garage sale (are you aware thrift stores sell toasters with broken levers for $10 that kind of thing makes it difficult).

sortaAWSOMEish: keep pressing 9 O_O

Evan Sullinger: Now turn a Nintendo into a toaster.

Slain087: Look in the related videos - there's a Gamecube Portable 2 video right there.

akumatiti: it looked like jason segel in the thumbnail

aquapendulum: All Nintoasters toast toast!

Charles Hogan: Yes, I certainly understand that but if a cable has s video, and coaxial cables with the color codes most of the time people at least try to plug them into the proper spots on the back of the TV so if that was true then when you plugged the console in it shouldn't have worked but it did. Of course you may be one of the oddballs that plugs it in an odd way and therefore red white is your video and mono audio but that just seems unlikely...

Viktor Murtola: OH, the wine.

luvwrapper: what was the music called in the begining of the video!!!

TheBoomerangBro: what if we want breakfast =(

Oliver Fyffe: you should make a nintable for your office hope the gamers like a nintable since you made a super nintable

Finalflash50: *You're

Julian Aguilar: Thats the Nintoaster II. Its in the Suggestions of the Video.

MrRickles2pointO: I wish the guy in the video was as funny as he thinks he is so I didn't have to jump around the video hoping for a decent look at the final product.

Finalflash50: You do know that was a joke right? It's just supposed to be funny. Relax.

Finalflash50: dude for real dont joke around about can like this.

Angel Bello: jajajajaja cool

Abisheik Singh: The toaster went from black to white... Just like Micheal Jackson.

Katet57: Now you're toasting with power!

Max LimbThrasher: You had an extra NES laying around?

Jonas3279: i was playing "toast"

pwwnd123: 1000065000 people failed building their Nintoaster.

Jacob Lake: do you sell these?

Kitteh Ellis: Yep.

Gamerlives 64-bit Reviews: i know he does, that's what im sayin

MegaSonicdude10: This puts the classical "toaster" NES into a new light... Quite literally in this case...

ninesixfourc2: "NOW WAIT JUST A DARN MINUTE!!!"
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster 4.9 out of 5

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The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster