The Nintoaster -- NES In A Toaster

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Nintoaster build part 1: prepping the 72pin and dis-assembling toaster

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game juice _: avgn were you at


christopher Moscrop: got all the bits to create this masterpiece anything to look out for or is it all just take you time and use my brain.

James Back: Do you Sell these????

ziljin: been rewatching agvn videos and seeing his nintoaster reminded me of your channel.

That Weird Guy You Know: You know what they say... All nintoasters toast toast

KEIJI: You should mass-produce these, except I'm sure a lot of money is required.

Pink-Money: can you make a super nintoster

Grimmwood: first watched this on 2010 when AVGN mentioned the Nintoaster. 6 years later, here I am again

Logan Murray: And then I came back 7 years later. Last I saw this video I was I'm 20...Good god.

HarryIsTheGamingGeek: Followed instructions and got pickle stuck in a beautiful woman. Thanks.

Professor Gutnacht: I would probably never own such a thing simply because I'm a lazy jackass.
Hope somebody sells one of those on e-bay or something.

DCMurphy: was this video filed with a camtaotser

The Hyena Goes HA: This

Fire In The Sky: You've made a Nintoaster and a Nintable. Now you need to build a Nintoilet.

Yusuf Demirkaya: Now you're toasting with power.

mike conner: If I were to send you one of my nes cosoles could you make me a nintoaster with the led lights?


etr news: Still one of my all time favourite videos here on the tube haven't seen this vid ina few years now its still AWESOME!

Tenucha: How did this work when you only plugged in the audio jacks? The yellow cable is clearly not plugged in and there's only enough jacks in the back for the two.
Just curious for the video. Clearly you did it, and The freakin' Nerd uses one also so... Not at all calling it a "hoax" etc bull.
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster 5 out of 5

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game juice _: avgn were you at
Crystal The Blaziken: okay frens, here's my epic theory:
Grubbin evolves into another bug type, but that bug type can either evolve into a bug/electric or pinsir
epic theory

moustafa shafie: Lumia 950 XL is the best cam
BotZFounder: When I start out I first get "shiny boy" temp armor, it's on map, easy, praxis, war. It makes farm too lvl 15 easy and fast. Maby you could show it?
Andy Galarza: thx man
Michael Theuy: Did you review SRC Might gaine?
David Potts: paid to fix myself, no help from Kubota.

The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster