The Nintoaster -- NES In A Toaster

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Daniel 316: also would it be possible to make a Nintendo 64 out of a toaster

Daniel 316: does anyone know what ever happened to James's nintoster because after a certain number of episodes he stopped using it and went back to the top loader

Gravitation3Beatles3: Ummm where did you get that shirt with like the baby heads? 😂

Matty G: So you can make a fully functional NES from a toaster.....But you can't fix an Atari Jaguar?

SrSander [GD]: oh my god

Coil Archiver: I still do the same scatting you do at the beginning of the video to myself all the time, lol. "Doo doo doo doo doo..."

TheGoldminor: the origins behind the nintendo switch.

Ash: you should make a Genesis snes and nes all in one with one of those 4 slot combo toasters like what you did with the super genintari

game juice _: avgn were you at


christopher Moscrop: got all the bits to create this masterpiece anything to look out for or is it all just take you time and use my brain.

James Back: Do you Sell these????

ziljin: been rewatching agvn videos and seeing his nintoaster reminded me of your channel.

That Weird Guy You Know: You know what they say... All nintoasters toast toast

styxvile: You should mass-produce these, except I'm sure a lot of money is required.

Pink-Money: can you make a super nintoster

Grimmwood: first watched this on 2010 when AVGN mentioned the Nintoaster. 6 years later, here I am again

Logan Murray: And then I came back 7 years later. Last I saw this video I was I'm 20...Good god.

HarryIsTheGamingGeek: Followed instructions and got pickle stuck in a beautiful woman. Thanks.
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster 5 out of 5

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Daniel 316: also would it be possible to make a Nintendo 64 out of a toaster
android phone: Это не stick adwenture а копия red ball 4 только с изменёнными персами и сюжетом
Raul Hernandez: hug your teammate
Enigma: Great video! Sooo looking forward to winning something!
Renesmee Cullen: wil je die foto van ik en Emilie doorsturen aw op de grond die sudoku maken :p danku broertj x
Embu Tido: Hi There, is it possible to modify the actual vertical jump of the players? Say when dunking or trying to block the ball? I know you can change the rating to increase it but it limited. What I want is like Nba Jam style vertical jump.
Sanosuke Hitori | The True Aizenist: haha thanks man :)

The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster