The Nintoaster -- NES In A Toaster

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Nintoaster build part 1: prepping the 72pin and dis-assembling toaster

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HarryIsTheGamingGeek: Followed instructions and got pickle stuck in a beautiful woman. Thanks.

Professor Gutnacht: I would probably never own such a thing simply because I'm a lazy jackass.
Hope somebody sells one of those on e-bay or something.

DCMurphy: was this video filed with a camtaotser

Hyena: This

Fire In The Sky: You've made a Nintoaster and a Nintable. Now you need to build a Nintoilet.

Eğlenceli Öğrenme Merkezi - Efe: Now you're toasting with power.

mike conner: If I were to send you one of my nes cosoles could you make me a nintoaster with the led lights?


etr news: Still one of my all time favourite videos here on the tube haven't seen this vid ina few years now its still AWESOME!

Tenucha: How did this work when you only plugged in the audio jacks? The yellow cable is clearly not plugged in and there's only enough jacks in the back for the two.
Just curious for the video. Clearly you did it, and The freakin' Nerd uses one also so... Not at all calling it a "hoax" etc bull.

Kyle Doritos: If only you could cook bread and play games 

TrueKM FTW: This didn't help me build on at all.

Poyuma: Where can I buy one...

Adam Flowers: how did it go from black to white?

Devin Manning (RadDevVan): What an Moron would say "Thats just like the one the AVGN Has"

What I would say to them "The Nintoaster 2 is the one your looking for"

Aidan Halpin: What songs specifically were used for the backround, I am tired of listing to the video with the extra noise of hammers and rouge boards?

regina mara gonçalves zechetto: SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH MONEH

gonzogriff: Wow I wish I could get a game system to work only plugging in audio cables :/

Mr.Epictoaster: i want one 

Vkmies: No? Damn. Make that couch already! Is this that 5200 couch?
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster 5 out of 5

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tigertb65: another great video and a 5* keep it going.
Андрей Батрашов: спасибо за обзор, очень помогает в выборе!
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phxdrummer16: Actually used a Xbox Mobo.. Keep doing this please! It proves the machine works for what the majority of us want it to!
Sarai Soto: y. esas caras que son. caca
PrettyStyle byNatali: Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:
GPALL52: Hey that looks like a younger Rodney Dangerfield playing rythem guitar,LOL.Maybe Rodney had some girls in France you never now probably,LOLL. All kidding aside sounds so good great playing even outside with no microphones the way it used to be ........................ Glenn Pall

The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster