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Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 - Demo & Test. ausführlich
Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 - Demo & Test. ausführlich

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Sheldor der Eroberer: lpl

Janis Farhat: ...nichts angenehmeres, als... 

King Smith: Es gibt doch nichts angenehmeres, wie ein Video in 240p ! :D

SkillfullyEmily: aurgh I wish this video was in english!!

KawaKasper: hab die Kamera nun seit 2004 und bin immernoch zufrieden :)

Martin Heinz: Steht da RAW + L

Thalke-Photographie: @lepricoun bitte schreib mich an! Habe Interesse! oder Verkaufst du keine?= meine E-Mail : Danke Ich Freue mich! 

Noemi Mona: die hab ich ;D
Rating: - Canon EOS 300D 5 out of 5

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Sheldor der Eroberer: lpl
Elle Jay Gee: your accent is BADASS dude. also thanks for the tips :)
Thomas Pinto: Thanks very helpful!!
bushbaby 1: pigtails are the bomb ! I can't bbq without one.
Mika Vanderak: In titel you said 525 FPS. But whith what kind of weight of the BB ? Not with that .43gr that you use in that vid I suppose. Would be good if you cleared that out. And btw nice vid, keep it up
Benjamin Plays Stuff: do you think I could run it on an amdA8?
Demeka Clyde: can u play music in the background with the bloggie - Canon EOS 300D