Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT

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Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT
Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT
Crosman Custom Shop 2400kt carbine
Crosman Custom Shop 2400kt carbine
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Crosman 2400 2300 Gmac custom parts
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Crosman 2250b Ratcatcher Carbine Co2 Air Rifle Review
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Convert a Crosman 2240 2300 2250b 2400 pistol carbine to High Pressure Air
crosman ratcatcher 2250b custom
crosman ratcatcher 2250b custom
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Crossman 2250b CO2 Rifle Full Review Alloutdoor1

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mju141: That carbon fibre wrap looks great

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for saying. The disco bolt is mainly for looks, there may be a small fps gain since the bolt does push the pellet a little further in the breech. I cant say for sure.....

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for asking. I just don't have the time in my schedule to build anything new. The parts I used are in the description. except for the fact that disco valve stem dose not hold air for more than 24 hours.Inside the co2 valve. So I bought a complete disco valve and put the front half of the co2 valve on it. It holds air just fine now. I will gladly walk you through the process, let me know if I can help..

AirGunHuntersTV: can you please tell me where you bought the hipac dust cap ? i cant find one anywhere for my hipac :(

isofaster: are the parts interchangeable from the 2400kt to the 2240 ? love your vids , great information , presented in an easy to understand fashion =)

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Sweet, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy .....

Countryboyhad: so...If i get a custom shop rifle, can i send it to you to make it into a pcp gun? :D

jrwill58: Can you tell me the pellet and weight of the one you used in your velocity testing ?

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: @JohnnyNhat73 Thanks for the comments... sense the 2400KT is the same as the old 2250/Rat Catcher the C2250bfa Hi-Pac fits... Cheers

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks fo commenting I posted a final up-date video, here is the specs. With a fill of 3200 psi using a spring from True Value( #44U it's 047 gauge wire. Cut down to about 1 and 7/8" long 5/16" dia. ) I get 10 shots 14.3 CPHP (Crosman Premier Hollow Points) +- 3fps as follows 791,790,795,800,805,803,805,800,797,793 Cheers

dtroy15: Was the original 2400kt already grooved for mounts?

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting Short answer I love it, I recommend it to everyone. I have dispatched tree rats.I also got a call to tend to an opossum under a deck. Loaded two pellets in the breech and a close rage head shot did the trick.. Cheers

Spookster kster: Yes They Are

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for saying. It was kind of tricky but looked great. Cheers

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for saying To best of my knowledge the only parts that are not the same between the 2400kt ( which is the same as a 2250)and the 2240, is the tube that houses the valve and co2 powerlet and the end caps for securing the powerlet. Hope that helps, if there is anything else I can do let me know. Cheers

Thuy Phan: Nice mods. Very impressed! I am wondering which HIPAC will fit in 2400KT?

dtroy15: thanks! ordered one tonight :)

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Yes the steel breech that came on the gun has a 3/8 dove tail groove Cheers....

Tony Aviles: Hey how is that HiPac rig working out for you?

solutionnegative: looks good. what is the advantage of the disco bolt? didnt know if its just for looks or if there is a gain.

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting I have an update video about the valve. Check it out, if you need more info I'll be glad to help. Cheers

Tony Aviles: Hello, before you put the disco valve in did you put additional pins in it or did the advertised screw modification prove ample? Thank you.....Tony

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting I bought mine with the Hi-pac from Alex.I just checked his web site and he doesn't have them anymore, I guess. Google for (fill nipple protector) they are used on paintball gun tanks.... Cheers
Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT 5 out of 5

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Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT