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Vic Callaway: I put ap penny in the place where the caplet goes it looked like it would take up the space well all in did was puncture the co2 caplet and let out all the co2 in don't know what I did wrong I wanted to gave fun modify this gun but my disability working on small things is not helping thanks for all your help but I better stick to riffles I have crosman mtr77np .177 cal and UMAREx octane.22 call and crosman m4-177 .177 cal and a Winchester m14 .177cal and I can work on them a lot easier all my guns stay inside for target and other test I do my range is 35 feet and it gives me something to do i also just bought the Hatsan 125 sniper combo .25 cal i just liked all the reviews one day i will have someone figure out my 2240 thanks again

Vic Callaway: thanks man that just might be it i never over tighten it only put one co2 capsules in it but when I pull it out you can see where it Has tried to puncture it i think I got an idea so thanks for the help

Vic Callaway: no u just bought the gun I wasn't doing anything to it but take it apart and And putting a little grease on the contact points if the trigger and Sher I've had it apart half a dozen times and still it want puncture the c02 capsules it's only a week old i guess im not very good at working on Gun's I just started collecting them And thought I could upgrade or mod some but I don't think I can

Vic Callaway: I put my 2240 back to gather And it won't pierce the c02 capsule any I'd what I did wrong

Vic Callaway: how much fps do you get from à crosman custom shop gun with #14 barrel. compared to the 460 stock 2240

c bishop: You're a mad scientist.
gotta love it

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting I bought mine with the Hi-pac from Alex.I just checked his web site and he doesn't have them anymore, I guess. Google for (fill nipple protector) they are used on paintball gun tanks.... Cheers

AirGunHuntersTV: can you please tell me where you bought the hipac dust cap ? i cant find one anywhere for my hipac :(

Spookster Gaming: Yes They Are

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks fo commenting I posted a final up-date video, here is the specs. With a fill of 3200 psi using a spring from True Value( #44U it's 047 gauge wire. Cut down to about 1 and 7/8" long 5/16" dia. ) I get 10 shots 14.3 CPHP (Crosman Premier Hollow Points) +- 3fps as follows 791,790,795,800,805,803,805,800,797,793 Cheers

jrwill58: Can you tell me the pellet and weight of the one you used in your velocity testing ?

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for saying. It was kind of tricky but looked great. Cheers

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting Short answer I love it, I recommend it to everyone. I have dispatched tree rats.I also got a call to tend to an opossum under a deck. Loaded two pellets in the breech and a close rage head shot did the trick.. Cheers

Tony Aviles: Hey how is that HiPac rig working out for you?

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for commenting I have an update video about the valve. Check it out, if you need more info I'll be glad to help. Cheers

Tony Aviles: Hello, before you put the disco valve in did you put additional pins in it or did the advertised screw modification prove ample? Thank you.....Tony

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Thanks for saying To best of my knowledge the only parts that are not the same between the 2400kt ( which is the same as a 2250)and the 2240, is the tube that houses the valve and co2 powerlet and the end caps for securing the powerlet. Hope that helps, if there is anything else I can do let me know. Cheers

isofaster: are the parts interchangeable from the 2400kt to the 2240 ? love your vids , great information , presented in an easy to understand fashion =)

AIRGUNSNIRVANA: Sweet, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy .....

dtroy15: thanks! ordered one tonight :)
Crosman Custom Shop 2400KT 5 out of 5

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