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Need For Madness 2 Custom Track -- Highway 666 --
Need For Madness 2 Custom Track -- Highway 666 --
Need For Madness Racing Game Review
Need For Madness Racing Game Review

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Jorge Kbxas: You won the Mt.madness

Jorge Kbxas: Lightin rod is cool

brandon ballinger: -Good point. Make lights on roads!

brandon ballinger: Nighttime Confusion would be easy if the whole car pices was a light. :-D

Stephen mine: ;-; My java keeps blocking the game D: Can you please help?

george man: i cant play it

DubstarWorldwide: Anyone know where to find the soundtrack to Death Pit?

brandon ballinger: I thought the phantom was ment to be untouchable.

Tomas Sumerauer: what download music need for madness revised and recharged this track Madness of mars and deat pith plsss :/

Patrick Tran: I have this Java loading problem that won't let me play the game. I need help/

カズクリ: Java 7 update 51?

brandon ballinger: Oh. Lucky. Now The Phantom wouldn't be The Phantom if it wasn't untouchable!

Richard Xiong: 20 LAPS for the Warhead stages?! Would be harder than hell...

George Riley: don't you mean in danger

qsefthuko66: can I get it for mac? Please?

qwert45653: Pleeeeeeease!Music of stage 55?(in this vid)

Awesomebot4: Search up Netbeans 6.0 from the main website. -.-

Hamid Ali: GUYS IF YOU WANT AN UNATTRIBUTABLE Car watch this vid ti has a code.. Thumbs up if u like the car:)

MegaEmil9: He was telling it on the channel comments

MegaEmil9: Music and sounds will be in the next release.

David Knight: On my copy some of the tracks are duped from other tracks in the game. Like I have 2 Nuclear WASTElands.

hamza ashraf: yo nfme in our need for madness 2 revised and recharged has some stages which dont work like madness on the moon

Ryan Albano: You can win anything with the Warhead

Smack ed: Ryan, you just earned yourself a subscriber =)

needformadnesslover: download nfm2rar if u want revised and recharged 2 but if u got revised and recharged 1 then u downloaded the a different one

AudiR8King: When is the next release?

Azri965: Hey, NFME, I was wondering, how can I make the colour of a stage same as the snap in Stage Select? Instead of white only?

Abstrax: What is madness on mars song name?

gammine nemmine: ive seen all your vidios but never subd :3

MegaEmil9: Need For DUI - modified The Stretch from the Speed Edition Nighttime Confusion (already told but I repeat just in case anyone doesn't know) - Grapefruit Power in the dark with the moon and 3 laps Madness on Mars - Rainbow Road from the Speed Edition with a modified sky Madness on the Moon (same reason for Nighttime Confusion) - Confusion In An Illusion with 1/6th of normal level's gravity, in the dark and with 1 lap only.

Ryan Albano: Sounds cool, but the AI's might have some trouble with that!

MegaEmil9: Which trouble?

Smack ed: Ryan can you tell me how i can bring sound or music in NFM RAR 2

stef ross: Haven't downloaded

AClone135: How did you know?

SpeedyXNFM: So want to play :D:D:D

MegaEmil9: Yea, yea Nighttime Confusion is like In Danger too, but Nighttime Confusion and In Danger are the same, except the track darkening

Ryan Albano: Download RaR 2 second release on my channel (which has the sounds). Music will be in the next release (hopefully!)

Ryan Albano: I actually tracked that mod myself.

Gamerboy012: where can i get this version?

racingstripes103: just extract the folder it worked for me :)


racingstripes103: song for nighttime confusion???

MegaEmil9: That's cause NFME is actually improving the stages or he didn't start some.

MegaEmil9: With sounds or without? Cause I got it without sounds and music.

Julian song: 17:54 anyone noticed the Moon in Nighttime Confusion?

MegaEmil9: Is it on ModArchive or not? If yes then tell the name of it.

Dobai Norbert: I have downloaded it and then I run it and it says error and that the application is blocked by security settings, I have turned off my firewall, what do I do?

Jayden LeBlanc: Can i have the code for( Need for DUI) Please it's my favorite part of your whole thing for Revised and Recharged i already subscribed plz plz plz! an i have it plz message me back if yes put it into my inbox!

Julian song: Can you make a link for it?

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