Fraps Vs Mirillis Action Vs Bandicam Vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison

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Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
CPU Usage Fraps vs Bandicam vs Mirillis Action vs Dxtory Comparison
CPU Usage Fraps vs Bandicam vs Mirillis Action vs Dxtory Comparison
Fraps VS. Bandicam Comparison (HD Split Screen)
Fraps VS. Bandicam Comparison (HD Split Screen)
Bandicam vs Fraps (Split screen) HD!!!
Bandicam vs Fraps (Split screen) HD!!!
Best PC Gaming Recording Software 2013 - Mirillis Action
Best PC Gaming Recording Software 2013 - Mirillis Action

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Spadraig Gaming: For Bandicam and the lag, all you have to do is 1 change the settings on bandicam or 2 lower your graphics on the game.

Ricardo Esteves: I've experienced quite a few bugs with DxTory too, like the audio being out of sync or the recording having some lag spikes without me even noticing it. I'm going to purchase Action, which is actually quite affordable too.

Spetznaz: I like Fraps because it have a recording pause buffer system. and Action because it have multichannel sound recording.

Wolfy456games: You could change audio of your games recording with Sony Vegas pro if you are using dxtory and that's something fraps can't do

Bigglesworth Gaming: How do you not have that stupid watermark on Action!?

AnnoyingcyberGaming: I used Fraps, But I Use Dxtory Now, As It Small File size :)

Gummy Deer: Mirillis action doesnt record games with swiftfx on i dont know y any one knows how to fix it?

sackboy701: I Went And Tryed All 4 Of Them And I Think Mirillis Action Is The Best Out Of All Of Theses 

Swarth Gaming: Mirillis is really nice, I would highly recommend it, even though the cost is a bit higher, its worth it.

Tristan herle: im choosing mirillis

Swatchy: Fraps records the best looking videos, but that comes at the price of a big file size

henricksar: fraps records the best quality but action all the way

BlasianMane: Not Going to LIE: Mirillis Action is Great. I would Get Mirillis Action if there License to buy wasn't $50.00. TBH Fraps is Free only problem is the Huge file sizes. (Recommend at least a 2TB external harddrive) Also if your are running an i7 whether its mobile or desktop, fraps shouldn't affect it too much as you have 8 cores which most games don't even fully utilize leaving it open for FRAPS to use. GoodDay.

DUTCHunknowngamerHD: mirilis action is much better !!!

AserGaming: fraps make huge file sizes but after editing the files the size drop down so what's the problem?

XeroSkill: handbrake

TheDerpyDog: Fraps recording sizes are generally to big

NoobaGutt: fraps is pretty good. it isnt much of a big deal if you have 1 TB or more storage space.

Hitman RS: the best 2: action and dxtory

OneJacobOfMany: I had a really good experience with Bandicam in trialing it. I actually stumbled to here because I am considering Action as well. One thing to note, and that you may want to include in your description, is that if you monetize your videos then you need the $50 license of Action.

Enatias: there's something I came across to Mirillis Action recently, and that it started to get a little laggier on 1.17. mainly because I need 50fps and AVI inorder to run no lag gameplay video. and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting out. so I will only use 1.16 until they can fix the issue!

Mina Saw: Just got Mirillis Action, I have to say: 100% Worth the money.

xcazy: Mirillis best no lag at all just drop only 2fps 1fps ;)

SpyralMask: Fraps lags 10 times more than dxtory, how were you not lagging in fraps but in dxtory? Did you switch the codec or something?

harcibarack: Awermedia 4ever!!! Mirillis Action the best from these. Dxtory and Fraps both very good. Bandicam and camstudio also reliable, but these are not for gameing recording like the others, so it was a bit unfair for poor Bandicam. At least these all better than other p.o.s-s like camtasia.

Fanto speed: miliris want the action is in my channel the portable suvi

ZzLegendaryzZ: Is quick sync possible on an i5 4670k?

DanishARMA2: i see in this video he also has dark videos when using mirillis action this is a real problem for videos that have lowlight or night everything else is good but it darkens the videos

SniperElite999: The best one is Action Mirrils but for the best quality posible FRAPS is the best choise but is eat more fps in game.The move in FRAPS 60 fps is much better then dxtory and Action mirrils is very good but not that good as FRAPS.

Siyabend Durdu: Bandicam is no lagg ! Watch my channel !

Arghyadeep Chatterjee: Man with your system specs you can record any latest game on the highest fps on an a gameplay recorder released during what .... let's say the birth of christ

Vham O Pirata: Good analysis(=^-')v

MinecraftProzOne: Mirillis action is best! <3

Bowser Koopa: so i went to get mirllis action and i saw two versions home and commercial the later being $20 more. so i clicked "Which license type do i need?" and basically if you plan on making youtube videos you need to get the commercial version so your up to 50 bucks to make youtube videos

SapioiT: You could just like try to record with all at the same time, than just make a screen-split... all the recorders at the same time and edited to like have the upper-left quarter of the video with mirillis, upper-right with Bandicam, lower-left with dxtory and lower right with... maybe surprise us with another one... who knows what you could find? If you have a nVidia compatible GPU, you could use the ShadowPlay software...

mrcoolman529: i use fraps and bandicam but im thinking about going to mirllis action.

FTW_FreeWorld: Umm.. Action is best... whos with me?

AidonicGaming: You must have not set up dxtory properly. I use dxtory and I get no lag what so ever. I use the lagarith lossless codec which really doesn't make you lose many frames.

coreysalsomevideos18: I have Fraps and it eats space.

Vainhh: I have never heard of Mirillis Action before. I will have to buy it once I get done with the upgrades to my PC. One question though, do you think it is necessary to buy the $50 license when you are making revenue on videos, do they actually track it, or is it their way of trying to make a few more bucks? If it is necessary, I will pay the extra money though. I will have to do a test of it though before buying it. Either way, nice to see something decent to record with. 

Butterand E: Does bandicam record your voice automatically or is it just pure video?

Official Bibleebob: I, myself, love Dxtory. It works just great for me, for better frame rate simply install the Lagarith Loseless Codec, set up a few preferences and boom; you're done. Also, you seem to make out Bandicam is a bad screen recorder which totally isn't true, Bandicam's a great piece of software if you configure it right. As for FRAPS, it's also pretty cool, like you said, and although the file size can be annoying, just edit it, upload it, then delete it off your hard drive. As for Mirillis Action, I have never used it myself, but in your review you say it's great so I won't comment on that. I think that, as you said, it all comes down to personal preference. I think they can all be great if you use them right. :)

HeMec Clan: Note Bandicam full version is faster then the free version so yeah...

Ethan Keating: Fraps

mikethepenguinn: Already explained why dxtory has framelag.

1steVoNW: Well I have a alienware with i7 and gtx 760 so I can record at 120 fps. :p The game I play I have 200 fps, but when I record with fraps and bandicam it eats 100 fps and sometimes it lags. Dxtory has bad quality and action max 60 fps. >.< I need 120 fps so I can use 20% velocity slow motion without lag. :p

2ΣpicGamingHD: it dosnt record when i press the key :(

mikethepenguinn: -_- I see no one reads previous comment because I've explained this twice...

oztyle0: Tu parles Français ?

Pryzee Bonsoir: Mirilis action best :)
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison 4.8 out of 5

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Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison