Fraps Vs Mirillis Action Vs Bandicam Vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison

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Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
CPU Usage Fraps vs Bandicam vs Mirillis Action vs Dxtory Comparison
CPU Usage Fraps vs Bandicam vs Mirillis Action vs Dxtory Comparison
Fraps VS. Bandicam Comparison (HD Split Screen)
Fraps VS. Bandicam Comparison (HD Split Screen)
Bandicam vs Fraps (Split screen) HD!!!
Bandicam vs Fraps (Split screen) HD!!!
Best PC Gaming Recording Software 2013 - Mirillis Action
Best PC Gaming Recording Software 2013 - Mirillis Action

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Wazoa: I use Fraps, and I've never had any problems with it (aside from the HUGE filesizes)

Omeed Zolali: Action is the best recording ever but the problem is the price if it was free it would easily be the most popular recording ever

Bigglesworth Gaming: How do you not have that stupid watermark on Action!?

Mrchili: In mirillis action, it only records for 5-10 seconds for me, do you know why?

Pickle Grawey: You also have to pay for fraps.... 

Swarth Gaming: Mirillis is really nice, I would highly recommend it, even though the cost is a bit higher, its worth it.

AserGaming: fraps make huge file sizes but after editing the files the size drop down so what's the problem?

xcazy: Mirillis best no lag at all just drop only 2fps 1fps ;)

HitZ Gamer: the best 2: action and dxtory

OneJacobOfMany: I had a really good experience with Bandicam in trialing it. I actually stumbled to here because I am considering Action as well. One thing to note, and that you may want to include in your description, is that if you monetize your videos then you need the $50 license of Action.

Spetzy: I like Fraps because it have a recording pause buffer system. and Action because it have multichannel sound recording.

SpyralMask: Fraps lags 10 times more than dxtory, how were you not lagging in fraps but in dxtory? Did you switch the codec or something?

AnnoyingcyberGaming: I used Fraps, But I Use Dxtory Now, As It Small File size :)

MsBlackOps: I'm not sure if i want to get Mirillis because i don't know how long it would record if i got it for free. 

Socially Ahkward: you forgot to mention how bandicam and dxtory allow you to use external codecs to improve video quality and sometimes framerate. and the separate audio channels in all of them except fraps.

DanishARMA2: i see in this video he also has dark videos when using mirillis action this is a real problem for videos that have lowlight or night everything else is good but it darkens the videos

Tristan herle: I don't know what to choose! mirillis or fraps?

Wolfy456games: You could change audio of your games recording with Sony Vegas pro if you are using dxtory and that's something fraps can't do

aXBlackDeathXa: First - good job OP thanks for taking the time and sharing. I have used all of these programs and would like to chime in here. The thing you need to bear in mind here FRAPS is recording RAW (aka lossless) AVI's that is why the files are so huge (in upwards of 100mbps). All the other programs compared here are encoding (compressing) on the fly (10 to 30mbps) which requires more CPU and sometimes may cause performance issues or poor output quality (depending on settings). If you want a simple interface - don't mind working with large files sizes - or require high quality / lossless files use FRAPS. If you are highly experienced and understand video compression, codecs, etc. Dxtory can be a great choice. It is extremely powerful but at the cost of complexity in terms of setup. If you are any range from beginner to experienced and want a good solid middle of the road solution Action is the way to go. It does a good job overall and is simple and easy to use however at the lack of advanced or custom encoding features / settings. I would only recommend bandicam for instances where you don't require high frame rate / excessive quality (like tutorial videos / screen recording). I would not recommend it for fast paced high fps games. If your PC isn't that powerful and you're experiencing frame drops / recording lag with any of these solutions your best alternative is to purchase a dedicated recording device (internal card or external USB). Something like the Black Magic Intensity Pro, Elgato Game Capture HD, etc.. These devices offload all the work of encoding (compression) from your system.

BlasianMane: Not Going to LIE: Mirillis Action is Great. I would Get Mirillis Action if there License to buy wasn't $50.00. TBH Fraps is Free only problem is the Huge file sizes. (Recommend at least a 2TB external harddrive) Also if your are running an i7 whether its mobile or desktop, fraps shouldn't affect it too much as you have 8 cores which most games don't even fully utilize leaving it open for FRAPS to use. GoodDay.

ZzLegendaryzZ: Is quick sync possible on an i5 4670k?

joaososa2008: Action IS BETTER!

EnergY | PC Gaming: Dxtory is so laggy.

Ricardo Esteves: I've experienced quite a few bugs with DxTory too, like the audio being out of sync or the recording having some lag spikes without me even noticing it. I'm going to purchase Action, which is actually quite affordable too.

AbstractWolf: The only problem I think with Fraps is that the file size is way too big. I can't pre-record anything because it takes up all the hard drive space. One World of Warcraft video was 94GB and another was 102GB

TheUmbreon_Gamer: I Went And Tryed All 4 Of Them And I Think Mirillis Action Is The Best Out Of All Of Theses 

SynisterFour: Im gonna stick with bandicam ...... i can just use the quick sync feature so bandicam will comprese it to H.264

ChinoRicco: Action #1

Proscent: Thanks! this video is really good and helpful :)

Ibrahim Yetkin: i record with bandicam still im happy with it ^_^ no offense 

TeK RaVeN: So far this software is better than Fraps & Dxtory. 

BlueCreeperGaming: I tried bandicam and fraps and fraps stood out to be the best for me. I'll go ahead and try distory or some crap and see if it is better 

BonnyChief: Fraps is the best

Junvrak: dxtory i get small file sizes and still get hd gameplay and don't any lag...

Slize N. Dize: fraps records the best quality but action all the way

EWOK :): mirilis action is much better !!!

TheDerpyDog: Fraps recording sizes are generally to big

Gummy Deer: 1.Mirillis action 2. Dxtory 3.Fraps. 4 Bandicam

NoobaGutt: fraps is pretty good. it isnt much of a big deal if you have 1 TB or more storage space.

Kakarot The Saiyan: handbrake

Mina Plays: Just got Mirillis Action, I have to say: 100% Worth the money.

EonGuardians | Enatias: there's something I came across to Mirillis Action recently, and that it started to get a little laggier on 1.17. mainly because I need 50fps and AVI inorder to run no lag gameplay video. and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting out. so I will only use 1.16 until they can fix the issue!

Spadraig Gaming: For Bandicam and the lag, all you have to do is 1 change the settings on bandicam or 2 lower your graphics on the game.

harcibarack: Awermedia 4ever!!! Mirillis Action the best from these. Dxtory and Fraps both very good. Bandicam and camstudio also reliable, but these are not for gameing recording like the others, so it was a bit unfair for poor Bandicam. At least these all better than other p.o.s-s like camtasia.

Fanto speed: miliris want the action is in my channel the portable suvi

Tristan herle: im choosing mirillis

Gummy Deer: Mirillis action doesnt record games with swiftfx on i dont know y any one knows how to fix it?

Pickle Grawey: Actually CaptainSpaklez is using Dxtory and he has 7mill subs, also their is only about 1 video with frame lag and that is because his computer lagged a bit not the actually program itself. 

Pushaty Bruno: If you want to download Miriliss from the original website, which one do you choose Home use or commercial use ?

Bowser Koopa: so i went to get mirllis action and i saw two versions home and commercial the later being $20 more. so i clicked "Which license type do i need?" and basically if you plan on making youtube videos you need to get the commercial version so your up to 50 bucks to make youtube videos
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison 4.8 out of 5

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Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison