Fraps Vs Mirillis Action Vs Bandicam Vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison

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Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison
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CPU Usage Fraps vs Bandicam vs Mirillis Action vs Dxtory Comparison
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Dxtory vs Action vs Fraps vs Bandicam - Side by side Quality - File Size and Performance
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Recording Software Comparison - FRAPS vs Dxtory vs Mirillis Action!
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ShadowPlay vs Fraps vs Action! vs Dxtory - Which is Best Screen Recorder?
Mirillis Action! VS Fraps VS Bandicam Comparison   Which is Best?
Mirillis Action! VS Fraps VS Bandicam Comparison Which is Best?
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Fraps VS. Bandicam Comparison (HD Split Screen)
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Elgato Game Capture HD vs Mirillis Action PC Recroding (Far Cry 3 Ultra)
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Best Game Recording Software Of 2014 [Mirrilis Action!]
Dxtory vs Bandicam (Side by Side comparison)
Dxtory vs Bandicam (Side by Side comparison)

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TehElectricGuy: Mirillis Action is the best one so far. I'm now using the trial I haven't tested it out much but with the right settings it worked just fine with my test recordings. I might start making Game play videos with this. :D

〇meed Zolᗩliツ™: Action is the best recording ever but the problem is the price if it was free it would easily be the most popular recording ever

Wazoa: I use Fraps, and I've never had any problems with it (aside from the HUGE filesizes)

Rinhard PlayZ: go watch my vid on my channel on how to get fraps and action for free 100% not a troll!

The Freegames Channle: i use fraps because with fraps you don't have to put it in windowd size because you just lunch fraps then lunch your game then click f9 to record 

Haiter: My pc With fraps: 60fps With action: 30fps

Marex: Is Mirillis Action! safe? My AVG says it's not but so there seems to be no complaints in the media Please help?

BMW M-POWER: 16 gb ram and fps 50 wtf? i am have GPU TURBO DDR3 2gb RAM 8 gb and farcry 3 ultra HD graphic dr11 fps have 85

Paradox: Very helpful, this has helped me to reach my decision 

jordanloves gaming: How did you record far cry with outa copy right please help i would like to know

boomninja1: i would use Action or fraps but i got Fraps

Hacking GAMERS!: how to hell did you record e'm make a tutorial on how to record far cry 3 with bandicam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls

Alice VonGothique: I mostly use fraps and then edit in avs which keeps quality, but gives a smaller file :) Downside with fraps is it does not record all games, like flash games, but it's absolutely reccomended from me If it lags, check fps, perhaps your system doesn't handle fraps as it's a heavy program. Personally I save fraps recording on external HDDs

SnowSlightlyTactical: Mirillis Action, OBS, Dxtory. Dxtory being third place because it sucks. OBS Being second because I use it a lot. Mirillis being first for great quality... 

Tom Power: I think I'll stick with fraps...and virtual dub for compression. 

mjbentley100: I've used fraps for a while, but i build a new computer recently, and now when i record with fraps, it either lags really bad or crashes the game :/

Canon1dsII: Really nice comparison! I'm surpriced you didn't say anything about actual color gamma. Mirills Action and Fraps have nice dark tones in water (when you were riding jet ski) but Dxtory and Bandicam seems to record video at different color tonality and all those nice shadows in water are lost. So thank you for putting all 4 videos together at the end!!! 

Youri HL: Nice comparison. I've got OBS and Mirillis Action, however I use OBS for streaming (actually everyone in Ramteam Gaming uses OBS). I didn't purchase the Action! streaming service yet, was looking for vids/stories about the streaming option. Ofcourse, the downside is that it's a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription, but the upside of Action!, to me, is that the overall video for me is way better than OBS, mainly because on my setup, it doesn't inflict with the PC in total, especially due to framelag during streaming/recording. I think I'll purchase the yearly subscription in January :) Thanks for the video, mike !

★ ww2sniper555 ★: i dont understand about fraps. is having big amounts of fraps good or bad?

oGReturn: Action is the best screen recorder but it cost SO Much money and fraps doesnt work as good as its shown if it wouldnt be so much money for action it would easily be the most popular recording software out there #ActionWon

Andre Camata: GOOD comparison. Now forget all. use the best, OBS broadcaster. record and stream. it is FREE.

Kapten Drag: My computer is not lag when i record using bandicam

Potato: Bullcrap!

Kasun Tharaka: Download FRAPs Registerd Version 

Vigor87: Just wondering, what do you use for recording your voice.

zippitey2: I like DXTory the most because of all the settings. There is an external codec you can download and use for DXTory that makes the video size shrink to 100-ish mb per minute and still have the high quality playback and high FPS. I also like the excessive amount of audio codecs, and the ability to make different profiles to record each game with different settings. Also the ability to make videos for different games save to different locations. DXTory has the most features, and the nicest looking overlay.

Ethurs: MikeTheVike did it better

Ibrahim Yetkin: i record with bandicam still im happy with it ^_^ no offense 

mcdirtking: ivr set up dxtory correctly, ive set a start stop recording key, and it doesnt want to record, or it doesnt seem ilke it, can you help

xgamerx du78: EN :(action is best to record) FR :(action est le meilleur pour filmer)

dannymaxable: Hello I need help with mirills action because whenever I record my gameplay the video starts going chipmunk style and then slo-mo in video and choppy video PLEASE REPLY I need help really bad

Felix Gamer: Dxtory definetely! It works perfectly for me and it does not lag at all on my PC. I do not why it lags on yours. O_O

SoniPlaysEverything: Hmm i got Action and for a 19 min video i got GB or 5 for fraps probably 10-15GB but im thinking to go back to bandicam cus the file size waca say guys

Socially Ahkward: you forgot to mention how bandicam and dxtory allow you to use external codecs to improve video quality and sometimes framerate. and the separate audio channels in all of them except fraps.

Gamerz Zone: Mirillis Action is the best check my channel all is recorded using Mirillis Action the best of the best i recommend it to everyone

Nathaniel Hamrick: I use FRAPS and I trust FRAPS. I found that the newest software to compress FRAPS videos causes bugs with some game cutscreens, which can completely ruin footage unless the backup, high-file AVI files are cut and pasted into the video itself. Higher file sizes means more data, and you should be able to tell by looking at the difference in quality of a game's special effects rather than general effects. thanks

FrankJP 02 - Minecraft: I think action is the best besides from the file sizes* but I just delete the video right after recording it and you can render and upload it straight to youtube from it so that's handy but I want to know how long it takes you guys to upload a video around 15mi s or so.

Swedguy220: Good video! I use Mirillis Action. Took some time to register and all that, but I'm glad I chose it.

Barack Obama: Fraps run a bit laggy and Mirillis not (full smooth, nothing drops). I recommend to you get Mirillis.

Spider Venom: I used to use fraps

DelightGaming: Action is the best!

dbrimm318: Thanks for the comparison. Very professional. I think I'm going to go with Mirillis. I liked & Subscribed. Denny

CactiSlam: Dxotry.....confusing for idiots.....simple for people who give a crap about how their recordings look!

BMW M-POWER: action the best

Frozen Florida Photography: I bought Action yesterday. It has so many uses for more than just gaming and runs great. You can even record Skype calls. The webcam option is sweet as well.

SOFTWARE CRACK: All to my channel I have action cracked inside my dropbox just go watch my chanel for link no ads no bs

EuphonicLeopard: I know it's a bit late to ask, but could you upload the source videos (or screenshots thereof)? On YouTube, it's a bit hard to see the difference.

zippitey2: I have found that Action has a ton of lag with all playback

buckycraftOgBirgerm: i`m use camtasia
Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison 4.8 out of 5

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kalim uddin: he is back
Jason Pon: hey nice job, but before 3 and 4, i noticed the movement of the screen
lucas silva: hardlevel comprei meu ps3 mas no gta v ta caindo muito fps quando to rapido de carro ou moto até sem carro e moto quando to correndo na cidade e normal? será q é pq meu cd tem 1 arranhão e no bf4 tmb ta caindo fps um poco menos no mortal kombat e ja levei na garantia eles me deram outro e ta do mesmo jeito será q tem solução tipo uns fala q e a tv minha tv e 42 full hd LG será que tem q por em outra resolução mas automaticamente vai para 720p se o jogo for hd e se for full hd fica 1080p o q eu faço com essas queda de fps e acontece sem eu ta jogando online pode ser online offiline que da isso mas eu nem jogo online gta e ta caindo muito fps e o bf4 um pouco menos mortal kombat o q eu faço?
Pao Bor: Qué me recomiendas para maquillar mis cejas? las tengo muy poquitas y no se cómo solucionar esto! Graciass!!
HazardSports: Rick, I couldn't reply to your question directly as your settings need to be adjusted to permit such. Hopefully you found this reply as I also pm'd you. When you format or "re-format" any memory devise it is totally wiped out. Even root folders are removed and your recording devise will reconfigure new folder hierarchy from scratch. Most devises warn you that "all data will be lost" and I have found that to be the case. I would recommend downloading your images prior to formatting. The essence of formatting is to remove all data - so to save data and format is something I couldn't see possible. However, there are many more tech davy then me so if it is possible then let me know what you find! Also, keep me up to date on how things work out for you!
Vyanne Cooper: I'm thinking about buying one 

Fraps vs Mirillis Action vs Bandicam vs Dxtory (Far Cry 3) Comparison