Whirlpool Washing Machine_ Lock Light Flashing_ Nothing Else

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Whirlpool washing machine_ lock light flashing_ nothing else
Whirlpool washing machine_ lock light flashing_ nothing else
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Peg B.: I hate this washer. I wish I had done more research before buying. It is the most ridiculous longest cycle machine I have ever seen. It is not even 6 months old. It starts with locking, and then sensing and sensing and sensing..until it eventually starts. Is this normal behavior for these annoying machines? And sometimes it gets stuck on the wash cycle and that is it. It stays there. 

Jake Cole: I have a similar problem with my 3 year old Kenmore (that is Whirlpool) washer. The machine won't start up and the lid red light flashes continuously until you unplug the machine. I don't see anything hanging down below like you saw. Is there any other possibility of what's wrong?

Paul DePaul: Peg B. The sensing cycle sounds normal. But if it stays in the wash cycle get it looked at. It is still under the manufacturers warranty and won't cost you anything.

Damien Filth: Have the same washer. always had problems with it. now its either the timer or agitator. Adds water to the clothes, then for some reason it drains the water and stay on wash..... just stays there

Paul DePaul: I just wanted to say thank you for the video. My Cabrio washer had the same problem. When I checked it underneath I discovered that the capacitor was totally blown. It looked like a black snake was coming out of it. Replacement part was $50. I saved a lot of money by not having to buy another washer. Thanks again.

Josh Halleron: Whirlpool Bought Maytag, but still uses the "Maytag" name for advertising purposes.

Sharon Sprague: diagnostic test on whirlpool cabrio washer

rolandvz71able: check lid switch

briantaylor62: I repaired the wire on the motor capacitor. When the wire broke off the start capacitor the motor wouldn't start. The machine wouldn't start a cycle because it sensed the motor wasn't running.

briantaylor62: I have recently learned that when one of these machine detects a fault with the motor circuit or the lid circuit, it will not allow you to operate the machine. Unplugging and plugging it back in is the only way to reset the controls. Brian

PALLADINARC: I bought one of these pieces of crap. It did the same thing one year TO THE DAY. I am about ready to put it in my truck, put a huge sign on it about how much of a piece crap it is and park it in front of the store

briantaylor62: Good call Aaron, your right, this is branded as a Maytag. My bad. I should have said it was a Whirlpool built Maytag washer. Its a habit of mine to reference the brand of a machine by the manufacturing company. Since this came out of the Whirlpool assembly plant in Clyde Ohio I called it a Whirlpool. Thanks for the correction, Brian

BroccoliBeefed: It shouldn't be handing loose like that. Thank god for in- house laundry rooms. They're are not subjected to debris and critters.

MrRed2683: Hi there brian my washer is doing exactly the same thing its the same model of washer also just probably a different year I wanted to ask if you could possibly show me which wires you replaced?? I looked under the washer and everything is in the proper place but the connector to motor is badly corroded. thanks

MrRed2683: yeah idk man i think im just gonna have someone come out i tried cleaning the connector and its still not working thanks though

dennischand1 adchandRBLX: Not Whirlpool, Maytag

LP: Mine does the same thing, i just leave it alone for a few minutes and it begins to fill with water and begins the cycle... just give it time its not going to start right away its sensing the load or whatever...have had it for six months and works fine.

curtisimo032: All of the part you look up for this model are also Whirlpool branded so there isn't really a point in calling it Maytag.

Dt Candia: I got similar problems with this Whirlpool Washer, just huum noise and lock light flashing! I find out that these machine will not start if your motor, capacitor, pump or other major parts are not working. Circuit in machine checks all major parts first, then if it's good then it will start. In my case, the Drive Belt was disconnected and Drive Belt pulley was loose. So folks if you got these problems check the following: 1. Drive Belt 2. Capacitor 3. Pump 4. Motor 5. others....

dholl270: i was having the same problem. changed $60 lid switch but still didnt work. checked under machine and noticed that the nut to the pulley had loosened causing the belt to come off. This video helped me alot. made me look further than the switch. thanks man.

TEARIZONE: nightmare washer wont drain the water...

Spencer Long: Did you ever figure out what was wrong with it?

briantaylor62: The wire came off the motor start capacitor. From what I learned of this washer is that when you push the start button the machine first test the movement of the main motor.If it can sense the motor is turning then it will lock and begin a cycle. If no motor movement has been detected then the lid lock light will flash indicating a fault has been detected within the machine. I was lucky enough to have a capacitor hanging in plain view so not much detective work involved on my part.
Whirlpool washing machine_ lock light flashing_ nothing else 3.9 out of 5

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Whirlpool washing machine_ lock light flashing_ nothing else