Detail Strip Of My Colt Government .380 Pt1

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Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1
Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1
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Colt Mustang .380 acp Auto Pistol - Disassembly & Reassembly
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Rodolfo De Los Santos: Thank you for posting, I just purchased one and striped it, but noticed the ejector sticking out and didn't know where it went or how to put it back.

warhwkbkb: Dblgonzo, Thanks for making this video. In spite of not being clear on proper sear position and a few other details, I managed to successfully replace the plastic trigger with an aluminum trigger from C&S. I can't thank you enough!!!

Alex Alexandra: I still can't do it... very hard and difficult. I want to clean my gun... please help me...

dblgonzo: I ordered some parts from Brownel's also you can try coltparts

dblgonzo: I was an 1st Class Petty Officer (E6)

dblgonzo: It is my Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II and I have his big brother the Custom Crimson Carry II. Just below that is my Sig Sauer P238.

joe saunders: I just noticed the big muzzle. And 10yrs in the navy, that's a long time. What was your highest rank in the navy?

joe saunders: E6, nice. So are you a weapon collector now?

Pr3lude9: Hey Bill thanks for posting this video. I certainly appreciate it, as do others I'm sure. My only question was at 6:05, you called it "interruption #3", I have to ask - was that the wife yellin for you? lol

dblgonzo: @medcoxo Glad it helped.

sailwed1: I like your video. I had one of these guns when I was younger. I t is the most accurate 380s I have ever seen. Foolishily I sold it. I will buy one of these again. Thanks for the video.

xluckyxmotelx: Great vid. Do you know any good online shops for replacement parts for this gun? Im looking for a complete spring set, but I mainly need a slide stop spring I believe its called.

dblgonzo: dot com

MUSICALGUNNUT45: @dblgonzo Yeah I know there bringing back the mustang but not the government 380 unfortunatly

giz5000: Thanks brother, because of you can completely clean my colt

joe saunders: What caliber is that Kimber? And the P238, that's one hell of a sidearm, very reliable. Did you spend some time in the military or did you buy that yourself?

dblgonzo: your welcome, I guess I assume a little bit too much. But when I take something apart I always check each parts position so I can get it back together. But if you look at the sear and how the trigger bow has to rest against it will only go one way. Glad I could help.

Doctorchops: Hey, I just got one of these but it didn't have the guiderod or recoil spring.. any idea where I can pick those up cheap?

dblgonzo: The Kimber is 45acp and the Sig is a .380. I did spend 10yrs in the Navy got out in 1990. I bought all of these after I got out.

MUSICALGUNNUT45: colt needs to start making these again.

dblgonzo: @zoggy2 you will have to do a complete strip down. The disconnector uses a spring in the trigger to function properly. There is a spring that is in a groove in the back side of the trigger and a protrusion on the trigger bar that goes on top of the spring and a roll pin that holds it in place. Everything will have to come out of the frame to remove and install the new trigger. And remember the trigger pin only comes out one way and you need a cup end punch to keep from scratching the frame.

dblgonzo: No the model I have does not have that clip. The mustang has it. The notch in the frame is deep enough to prevent the leaf spring from coming out. The spring would have to break to come loose.

dblgonzo: @giz5000 Thanks, glad it helped.

slowhand11: The sear spring clip was part of a safety recall by Colt's for certain Government model serial #s. Mine is an early production, and Colt's mailed me the clip for free. I don't know this bears on Mustangs. I'm pretty sure Colt's can still provide any info on this retrofit.

joe saunders: What is that silver and black sidearm with the brown grip?

dblgonzo: @MUSICALGUNNUT45 Colt is bringing back the Mustang for 2012.

Jester7Guns: This is an awesome video man... my wife's gov380 had a product and I was able to break it down and put it back together (the important part) using your vid... rock on.

medcoxo: GREAT VIDEO, exactly what I was needing. Fantastic detail.

dblgonzo: The trigger is aluminum. I do not know of anyone making a skeltonized trigger for this handgun. Sorry for the late reply my email has been messed up and I had not checked my channel as often as I should.

zoggy2: Excellent vid, when you replace the trigger do you have to completely strip it or just push the trigger pin out?
Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1 4.9 out of 5

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Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1