Detail Strip Of My Colt Government .380 Pt1

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Bob Barber: Excellent video. I use a Q-Tip when installing the sear. Seems to work pretty well.

Ernesto Valdés: The ejector goes down in my pistol. How can I fix it?

Dodge Mustang: You start a vid and you are not ready. Why not have all the right tools set out BEFORE you start?

Dave Garcia: Thanks a lot for doing this video! It was extremely helpful! I have actually watched it on a couple of different occasions and this video has always saved the day!

Stephen Whatley: I'm super glad I didn't tear my colt down, I would have been F$$ked!!!! Anyway thank you for keeping it real

Liem Doan: can you do a video on how to replace the firing pin?

shifu shifu: HI  i been trying to find out  how to clean  a . trejo .380 modelo 3 with out any luck . can you  tell me how to pull it a part

DICKW33D: excellent vid. love the part @ 6:15.. "daddy.."

justliketolook: At 4;29 the metal split flat bar(SEAR SPRING)   that your pushing  up to get past the slots on the frame . There was a recall or a fix it your self  add on to the gun that stops it from firing when its dropped . Its a small brass clip that fits over the sear spring   just above the  slots on the frame where you pushed it over and between the other metal wings on the sear spring . What that clip does is stops the sear spring  from being able to raise up over the slots you lifted it over. So with the new add on clip in place you can't raise the bar up . you have to remove the clip spacer first then you can do what you did . Its very dangerous to use the gun like it is . Once you see how the clip snaps in place over the sear spring  you will see how it holds the bar in and keeps it from being able to raise up . It should only be a few dollars or they might even send it to you for free since it something that should have been there in the first place .If you look at the picture you can see #31  the sear spring  but not the clip in the picture . but there is 2 # 31's listed  the other #31 is the clip thats what you want to add    here  is a pic of the clip on ebay

Pr3lude9: Hey Bill thanks for posting this video. I certainly appreciate it, as do others I'm sure. My only question was at 6:05, you called it "interruption #3", I have to ask - was that the wife yellin for you? lol

slowhand11: The sear spring clip was part of a safety recall by Colt's for certain Government model serial #s. Mine is an early production, and Colt's mailed me the clip for free. I don't know this bears on Mustangs. I'm pretty sure Colt's can still provide any info on this retrofit.

dblgonzo: No the model I have does not have that clip. The mustang has it. The notch in the frame is deep enough to prevent the leaf spring from coming out. The spring would have to break to come loose.

dblgonzo: The trigger is aluminum. I do not know of anyone making a skeltonized trigger for this handgun. Sorry for the late reply my email has been messed up and I had not checked my channel as often as I should.

Jester7: This is an awesome video man... my wife's gov380 had a product and I was able to break it down and put it back together (the important part) using your vid... rock on.

dblgonzo: dot com

dblgonzo: I ordered some parts from Brownel's also you can try coltparts

Doctorchops: Hey, I just got one of these but it didn't have the guiderod or recoil spring.. any idea where I can pick those up cheap?

Alex Alexandra: I still can't do it... very hard and difficult. I want to clean my gun... please help me...

joe saunders: E6, nice. So are you a weapon collector now?

dblgonzo: I was an 1st Class Petty Officer (E6)
Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1 5 out of 5

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Bob Barber: Excellent video. I use a Q-Tip when installing the sear. Seems to work pretty well.
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Detail Strip of my Colt Government .380 Pt1