Plastic Radiator Repair - Cracked Radiator

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Plastic Radiator Repair - Cracked Radiator
Plastic Radiator Repair - Cracked Radiator
Plastic Radiator Repair - Fix Radiator Leak
Plastic Radiator Repair - Fix Radiator Leak
Repair Cracked Plastic Radiator
Repair Cracked Plastic Radiator
Repair Cracked Plastic Radiator
Repair Cracked Plastic Radiator
How to repair cracked plastic car radiator with J-B weld epoxy and Kevlar
How to repair cracked plastic car radiator with J-B weld epoxy and Kevlar

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Poona69a: Good job mate, it doesn't have to look pretty as long as it works. It's a bloody radiator repair not a panel repair. I've been plastic welding things for years from broken toys, fridge & motorcycle parts but I didn't know there was a specific tool for it. I've just used my soldering iron & similar materials as fillers. Practice is the key, have a play around on some scrap first before tackling the actual job. Cheers mate, that feeder system is a good idea.

DoubleEdgedSword3: sloppy job.

Urethane Supply Company: This argument against radiator repair doesn't hold water. If the steam were hot enough to melt the weld, it would also be hot enough to melt the tank itself, they are the same material if you chose the correct filler rod. Poor reliability is more likely caused by using the wrong filler rod, poor surface prep and cleaning, or poor technique.

dirtTdude: If the coolant level is low and there is a leak, escaping steam gets plenty hot to melt the weld.... I've never had a successful rad repair but I've welded hundreds of bumpers

kepemrunning: if you really dont care we used a fridge coil and just strapped it to the front of the car for a radiator and it ran fine!

Adrian K: all that?? it took less than 2 minutes..what kinda of an excuse for a human are you lol lazy prick

Urethane Supply Company: Right, but it has nothing to do with the weldability of the upper tank. The maximum temperature of the hot water is less than half that of the melting temp of the plastic, so it is still not hot enough to damage a good weld no matter what....even in an overheat situation.

Corolla Toyota: because the hot water comes from the motor direct to the top plastic tank then goes down & cooling . then the cold water goes back to the engine from the bottom tank .

dcbourbonireland: Thanks for prompt reply .Your reply was what i expected top or bottom isn't the issue. My crack is on the 90 degree bend knuckle so it will require further analysis if there is enough material so i will come back on that issue in few days

Urethane Supply Company: Corolla Toyota is not correct. If the split is accessible, regardless of its location, the tank is weldable. The pressure at the top or bottom of the tank is the same, The temperature may be different, but if the weld is done correctly, the additional stress caused by higher temps is easily handled by the weld. So the real question is, is there enough material on the side of the crack to weld the filler rod to?

dcbourbonireland: I have a 4 inch long split in my radiator in the top box just at the bend where it is crimped onto the metal parts with the fins .Its a large radiator for diesel 2000cc Toyota Carina 1993 automatic .Can this weld system work on there .Is it easy to remove the crimp system to fix the top box on the inside to put a plastic plate inside to spread the load .Why do you think the top box cant be fixed i thought the bottom is where the engine hot water comes in rises to top where it will be coolest

Duane Christofferson: All that just to repair a crack? just buy a new radiator.

Urethane Supply Company: It doesn't met for the same reason the plastic parts on the radiator don't melt...the temperature of the liquid coolant in contact with the plastic is at a much lower temperature than the melting point of the plastic.

Corolla Toyota: its fine .. I agree with you with a point that the cover not Plastic made , we replace it with plastic one , but how come it does not melt later after you fix it , since the water comes so hot from the Engine ?

NORMAN WELCH: If you want your repair to look "elegant", that's totally up to you and your patience. You can keep smoothing the repair with a hot paddle tip. I found through experience, that the ugly welds usually hold better. Personally, I like to go overboard on my repairs too. If the part ever fails, I want it to be somewhere else.

Urethane Supply Company: You can melt the stainless reinforcing mesh into the repair, but in this case it is not required. I usually do it myself just to help prevent pinholes and because I tend to over-kill on repairs.

Urethane Supply Company: You are wrong. The filler material is Nylon, the same material the tank is made from and it melts over 300 degC. I'm not sure where you are getting 70 deg C. You must be confusing welding with an adhesive repair, which this is not! This is a TRUE WELD, making the base material and filler rod into one! It is not a glue or other adhesive bond, it is a true weld...just like you'd weld metal except the filler rod and substrate in this case are nylon.

Corolla Toyota: My friend, when the factory made the plastic tank they melt it on 300 C , but when you add your material it comes melt on 70 c , so the old plastic & the new material you add won`t be one unit , I deal with this business & we tired many things to fix the plastic as you did . so in the end we found the replacing is the best , your idea might helps for 2 or 3 weeks , then the leak will comes back ...... thank you

Urethane Supply Company: Polish it with progressively finer grits of sandpaper if looks under the hood are important to you. With sandpaper and polish, you could buff it to a high shine if you were really question would be...Why? Closing the hood hides the weld pretty nicely! ;-)

Urethane Supply Company: not true. The material you are adding is the same material the tank is made from. It will not melt with hot water flowing through it. It makes a true fusion weld and if done correctly, will hold up as well as a new tank WITHOUT replacing it!
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Plastic Radiator Repair - Cracked Radiator