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GuyNarnarian: Liked the insights man. I am thinking about getting an RDA but its like I've taken every step from the cig-a-likes to the eGo twist, to now the iStick and 5ml Nautilus which looks kinda funny. But I can't sub-ohm I found out on the iStick, at least not with the 20 watt, and is having a dripper really necessary? I won't be able to bring it with me to work, I would have to build, etc. Everyone says its so easy but I started out wanting the most convenience, and that is kinda inconvenient. So I'm not sure now. Plus I don't really want to put in hours learning how to build the perfect coil. One good cereal vape is 100 Grand from Gemini, you might have heard of it, also Looper by ANML
Jellybean: just got mogs stuff the pokemone i find are crap in the archaplie steppe or whatever i see a tree they say theres a pokemon in it sure all i get is figurines.
Chris Voss: Vs. comparison time of the latest phones
Maggie G.: Beautiful looks just like jade 
CPBlackopsMW3: They really ruin manual transmission by putting these dumb no-fun paddle shifters on it.
Kevin Chen: I wouldn't recommend learning martial arts at home without a real teacher, it would do no good. It's like learning to swim without water.
Justinn MC: should I use the SP or AF ones on my CPU cooler?

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