Metal Ring Puzzle With Rings Intra-locked Within A Principle Frame Part 1 Of 2

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Billybob JoJo: jiulianhuan I have seen many of these types of videos and I've become interested in them, are they really called Metal ring Puzzles or is there a different  name for them?

jiulianhuan: @katiekawaii According to the Cambridge dictionary online, the definition of "mesmerizing" is as follows: very attractive, in a mysterious way, making you want to keep looking Thanks for your nice comments!

katie kawaii: I could seriously sit here and listen to you explain ring puzzles for hours. It's mesmerizing.

Brettbren: Your videos are like your puzzles, Very high quality.

Rubenick: Thank you! I've searched everywhere for a solution on the A puzzle :D I thank you very much! great video!

jiulianhuan: @PaintBallerNation13 Thanks for your nice comments! I would like to recommend my other video like this as follows: Metal ring and wire puzzle elementary to basic level part 1 of 2

PaintBallerNation13: Very Nice video! Much appreciated.

jiulianhuan: @phant0 ...If you do not like to play or you hate the mechanical puzzle. you need not even mention any of them. As a saying go, "each person has his or her own purpose and distinct path, unique and separate from anyone else's" You can just leave the puzzles alone and you can spend your time playing others. Cutting a wire, or the string requires no skills, and I think anyone can do it well. Thank you for your comments!

jiulianhuan: @phant0 Re:I can beat any of these puzzles with a pair of bolt cutters Your meaning is to destroy things, which is nothing to do with solving them. With the use of the following tools gas-operated welding blowpipe, spray welding unit, then you can recover them to their original shape. If so, why bother touching the puzzles? To study(with the practice of going back and forth) the mechanism of the puzzle is one of the main aims of playing mechanical puzzle....

jiulianhuan: From phant0(through Personal Messages, 23 Sept2010) Phant0 said, “You are the most boring person that I've ever talked to. How much time can you waste stating the obvious?”

jiulianhuan: @phant0 In fact I should thank you to give me the chance to explain anyone who takes the mechanical puzzle as nothing but just having only one way thinking. Up to now, it is the first time I've received such statement of absurdity(I've lent this term from phant0) in the comments of YoutubeThey mistakenly think that the sole aim of solving a puzzle is to open it or take sth away from sth. Any puzzle of human world is not for any easy way to solve, otherwise it does not deserve the name, puzzle...

jiulianhuan: ...For example, one day you find that you forget to bring your keys and no one inside home, you will either break into the flat, which you lived, or you should try to solve the problem without using force.In my daily lives, I often come across such persons who choose to solve problem in a very straightforward way like using a bolt cutter to solve a wire puzzle. I should thank you again! Because I have blogged(written down all the details into an article) the above true story.

jiulianhuan: From phant0 (through Personal Messages, 24 Sept) I guess too much is being lost in translation for us to be able to communicate properly. It is pretty clear that you've never really understood the meaning of my original comment the same way I can't understand the meaning of what you're trying to say in your messages. To me it all sounds like a bunch of unnecessarily overexplained randomness. That was interesting but I'm done with all this madness. Nothing good can come out of pursuing this. Bye

jiulianhuan: Re: "You are the most boring person that I've ever talked to. How much time can you waste stating the obvious?" Thank you for your praise and your patience of correcting my foolishness over and over again ! There're FIVE reasons that I should thank you. First, you've taken it so serious to have corrected me at least twice, and I think you are a really good person, otherwise you would have just left me alone and would not bother having told me so much …

jiulianhuan: much thing about how you thought. Second, whether one(or which one) is right or wrong, or what you say boring or the like does not matter. Most important to we human being is that there are always dialogues (sometimes spelled dialog in North American English). Thirdly, anything with the beginning of the most ... would have some implication with the other or even just the opposite meaning otherwise, may be something very special. For me, if you tell me somebody is a boring person, …

jiulianhuan: …I will get(or automatically transform it into) the meaning of that person being the most interesting or intelligent, Monk(the ex-detective) is one of the typical example. Fourthly, I think you have contributed a lot to my article to be written, which I'm going to write down all the dialogues(but I would like to ask your permission at the moment), I think all the dialogues become more and more interesting. I will post themif you don't mind. If you like, …

jiulianhuan: ….which becomes the very contribution to my article appearing in my blog. I think you're the most interesting(neither boring nor bored) person to whom I've ever talked. By the way. one thing I do not understand If you say this is a waste of time stating the obvious(matter or stuff), why do you bother writing me again and again? It proves that you've thought(you think) the otherwise. Mechanical puzzle addict and Math of primary school learning mania jiulianhuan

jiulianhuan: …after I finish and post the article, I'll send you the link. Finally, I should thank you one more thing , which is very interesting, and also has arisen my curiosity. Because I am still wondering how much time you can spend teaching me the obvious?(The term "obvious" is the one you first used.) I would not mind your continuous teaching, which I consider VERY meaningful to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!... Thanks for the inspiration and interesting ideas you have given me,

jiulianhuan: @phant0 Re: To me it all sounds like a bunch of unnecessarily overexplained randomness. It is OK. Whenever you like to end or how you like to end, it is just up to you. In fact, you need not have to tell me However to me it all sounds like a bunch of meaningful interpretation(s) of regularity. ...

jiulianhuan: @phant0 …Why not just stop replying me! Because you have said this is unnecessary. I'm happy to hear from you that you did not advanced your comments by any bad language. You just want to imply that there is always a person of boredom or a person of ignorance. Maybe you want to imply that you phant0 are superior to a person, who always tries to communicate with you but it seems that it has already worked. Or in other words, …
Metal ring puzzle with rings intra-locked within a principle frame Part 1 of 2 5 out of 5

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Metal ring puzzle with rings intra-locked within a principle frame Part 1 of 2