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David Langston: This is a really great fix!! Thanks for sharing the video and the part#. I tried the GC style replacement stick first and that made aiming the hookshot and bow in OoT a huge pain. Then I ordered replacement gears from kitsch-bent and those were kind of off.
This fix has brought my original thumbstick back in almost perfect shape. If I compare a good stick to the fixed one I can tell the difference, but while playing a game I don't notice anything weird with it. This is really the easiest fix with great results.

Twiggyns _: Well... now I want ice-cream
ArcadeGamer UK: I know you drew it
Dawn H: Thanks Lynne- The small or medium cosmetics fit fine in the Petite Tote . You would need to use a slim wallet though. The iPad fits in a bit tight height wise. I was able to place it inside the tote and zip it up, but it was snug. The iPad was not in a case. Hope this helps. -Dawn
SSF2Zelda: @moviemowdown MMm. Make a BIONICLE video. I'd luv it!
Brandon Bourgeois: Toccata
amacm69: Thanks man subd, I'm smoke free 40 days rewarded myself with mvp2 wood type. Man is It good came with Itaste 16b vapes like a beast and battery lasts forever. So glad loving my MVP 2 woodgrain 

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