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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jason Clark: I have the #10 in Carbon, and the #12 in Stainless. I should probably get some more of them, including the #13 which is probably the largest folding knife available today.
grimfandango1: thanks, just tested it in virtual machine, works great!
Wickerrman: also, that's a pretty crazy thing to happen, good to know you're ok, i had that happen once before too, it's pretty scary
OmegaSconer: Seriously.......the american dude will not shut the freak up in any of these videos. Yeah he can talk as much as he wants about the product and his experiences.....but freak me he keeps saying childish things and tries be funny and comes across so annoying. I know even the irish guy is grinding his teeth. Cant blame him. 
seatpando: andro4all queremos una review de las tetas de las chicas!!!! LIKE PARA QUE LO VEA!!
Sydney Grant: Was it sore
steve martinez: as the song is called or who is

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