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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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janice battick: Did she die
souln: omg midnight
Joan Gonzalez: Buenas amigo!! tengo un sony experia L, podrias ayudarme?
imtherealcaveman: Is there a difference between "burst" and "continuous shoot" on the Hero 3+ silver?  When I want to set to continuous shoot it will only take 10 photos while holding the button down.  When I research it says this happens because I'm in "burst" not "continuous shoot" and I have to take it out of "burst".  I can't find anything in settings to change from burst to continuous. 
Robson Leandro Rosa: Very nice keyboard and awesome playing. Congrats!
Максим Щерюаков: Я 2 кто оставил камент.
Renata Nunes: How do you know that? Did you talk to him?

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