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AA99Fuck: Yong, stop. Your the MG fanboy of all MG fanboys, and im with you 99% of the time, when you talk about MG. That being said, DO NOT try to justify this demo.Yes it's true, After I completed my first playtrough, i only had 9% of the game completion. But you wanna know what the other 91% are? Play all the missions on Normal AND Hard and geth a S rank on BOTH. Plus collect all the hidden items, like the tapes and the XOF badges. So let's break this down. My first playtroguh I beat the game in 78 minutes. NOT 2 hours (Not even close). Those journalists that played it, either they suck at it, or they were trying to explore every ounce of the map. Either way, an average player does not play like that. An average player also doesnt care about what Rank he gets. Sure, I like to set some parameters to my game (like making my way through it with no alerts), but I never speedrun a game to get the best ranking ever. Also, the side missions cannot justify this game. This is the ONLY game in existence were people try to pass the side missions as an excuse for the price tag. Im gonna play them, sure, but again, Im not gonna speedrun it on Normal AND Hard to try and get an S rank. If you're a completionist, go ahead and pay 30 dollars for this game. But if your an average gamer who doesnt care about getting good ranks (95% of the gaming community) then rent it, or bether yet, borrrow it.
gorepit: yay now everyone knows you want them to think you suck pickle. piercing aint gon make you look any better. and will only degrade the quality of man you meet
Даниил Иванов: Очень часто теряю время на перекладывании вещей, как быстро из нижней панели в рюкзак вещи переложить?
Sherry Lin: Can you do an updated brush video?
Cole RedFlame: the only TRUE-JERK is tentaclear
VisualWarfareBros: whats a "squartle"?

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