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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Vitor Hugo Moreira: Queria nem ver o Dudu com um negócio desse . kkkkkkkkk
Rafael Luna: this ROM have phone signal working?
Alex Lipinski: Good stuff :) On those blank sheets, do you use guidelines that are too faint to see in the video, or do you typically just eye it? My biggest trouble is determining how to size my lettering and keeping it all on the same base angle.
Cody y: WHAT FACEMASKS GO ON THIS HELMET pleassseee respondddd
SergioSource: yay some sekai hunter before sleep
blitzwing1985: this would go well with the new Generations Scourge I guess
dominique vandewijngaerden: oo la wea yo q llore con el puro final cuando yuki se queda solo wn y recién después de un año veo esto y ahora lloro de la pura emoción

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